Damn You Viruses, Damn You To HELL!

So, just after we get in a nice, period ending, CG session before work, both TW and I get blasted by the flu bug. FUCKING VIRUSES!

Needless to say, other than trying to get a decent night’s sleep, nothing’s been going on around here. Oh sure, we’re still playing touchie-feelie, but there’s been no lip to genital action going on at all. Hell, I’ve been too sick to even suck on a nipple. FUCKING VIRUSES!

Luckily, we’re both on the rebound back to being healthy. At least Christmas won’t be fucked up by us being sick. We’re pretty sure CG started it and the others haven’t been around us so we should be good to go.

Speaking of Christmas, are you ready for it? We’re pretty close. I still have to get something additional for my brother in law but otherwise, we’re cool. Naturally, I won’t be getting the lifetime of flashes I REALLY want, from the SILs. Damn it Santa, I’ve been a good boy. It’s all I really want in my stocking this year. Well, SILs in stockings would be cool too Santa. Just sayin. ;)

Hopefully TW and I will be able to resume fucking and sucking ourselves silly. I know I’m getting better, I’m starting to fantasize about my co-workers again. It’ll be just our luck though, her period will arrive again. Damn you pre-menopausal cycle shifts! DAMN YOU TO HELL!


So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Hidee Hi Everyone,

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Ours was nice. Nothing special. The SILs were up to their necks in clothing so no DB or cleavage for me. And after all I do for them year round too. Bad SILs, bad, bad, bad SILs.

Other than TW, the only other one worth mentioning is Z, the youngest. Like I said, no cleavage but a nice tight, tit hugging top and tight, ass hugging jeans. She has a very spankable ass and the jeans she had on presented it very nicely. If she’d only give me the chance.

TW and I had our consecutive fucking/oral streak broken by her period, but, it’s almost over so we can start anew.

It’s what we do. :)




Sure has been quiet around here lately.

Oh, make no mistake, TW and I are on a 10 day sex streak. It started on our trip to Florida and has continued until today. Most of it has been oral based, except for us fucking on the beach at night (I didn’t last more than 5-10 seconds) and TW swallowing my load right after. I just haven’t had the desire to write about it. We rarely get feedback on the posts, and to me, that’s way more important than stats.

So, gonna take an extended break for a while.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. TW and I hope you have a joyous, safe and family friendly holiday. Me? I’m for the “stuffing something other than the turkey” kind of holiday. Like TW and the SILs or the MIL. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving folks. Catch you on the other side…







TW and I would like to thank all of our veterans, and their families, for their service to our country. Without your sacrifice, there is no land of the free and home of the brave. Thank you and God bless you and your families.