Yeah, About That….

Well, as usual, life has thrown us a curve in our search for HMS.

TW and I are alone tonight. Unfortunately, TW dislocated her shoulder yesterday in a fall and is currently in a sling. Her right hand and left boob are becoming the breast of friends since her right arm is tightly strapped across her body.

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Oh, we’ll still have sex, just not as rough as we like it. Gonna make it hard to spank her or fuck her hard from behind. Pulling her hair is out of the question.  No bondage, and titty fucking is impossible. Looks like it might be missionary and pussy licking for the near future. That’s okay, I LOVE licking pussy. :)

Thankfully, TW didn’t hit her head or break anything. We’re both hoping her back is also unscathed. We’ll see what happens after the most excellent drugs she’s on wear off. She was extremely lucky.


20 Questions

Hidee Ho Dear Readers,

Things are quiet around the MD house. Spring break is over and CG is off to finish her senior year. No spring travel for us this year, CG was too busy with classes to play her sport, so it’s just us and YS hanging around the house.

Life has really been kicking our asses lately. Most of the time we’re asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Even with a couple of home alone weekends, we’re failing to have that crazy, balls out, loud orgasmic sex we used too. FUCK! It’s a bitch getting old. We are getting in some nice oral sessions though. TW loves to suck my cock and I sure as hell love to eat her cunt.

Anyway, since things are quiet, TW and I thought we’d open up the comments section for any questions you might have for us. Hell, I know this will probably kill us, but we’re even letting anonymous comments. God help us!

Anyway, feel free to ask anything you’d like. Hopefully, someone, ANYONE, will actually take us up on the offer and we’ll have something to talk about.

Here’s hoping.

Have a great weekend!


Still Rockin’ The Little Black Dress

So, the other day, I came home to this…

PS 8-2006 062


Pretty fucking spectacular, right? The photo above is several years old, from a vacation trip we took to Palm Springs. The dress fits a bit snugger but TW still rocks it to the fullest. The fact she wasn’t wearing panties with it only made it that much hotter. You can be sure I was ass grabbing, A LOT.

I’d like to tell you we had wild HMS, but, unfortunately, YS was due home in an hour or so and TW was cooking dinner, so, no HMS. BUTT, we did get in a nice oral session that left TW gasping for air. We’re gonna be home alone for most of the night tonight, so we should be able to get to the HMS right away. I’ve got my fingers crossed. :D

Good News For A Change!

We got our first good great news of the year yesterday.  My brother’s scans and mri all came back negative. There is NO SPREAD of the cancer! WOO HOO! Thank you God for answering our prayers! He was wiped out emotionally, so I didn’t get to talk to him about his treatment options, maybe later on today.

Other than that, there’s more SNOW on the way! OH JOY! :P Probably a good half foot or so. DOUBLE JOY! :P :P You know how when you talk to people about moving to a tropical region and they tell you they’d miss the seasons? Well, not me, not any more! FUCK WINTER!

TW and I have been having some awesome, if infrequent, sex sessions lately. TW is left wet and sobbing from the intensity of the orgasms. It’s been a LOT of fun!