More Yummy Pussy And A Sleepy Spooning

Hidee Ho Good Readers,

The pussy is still flowing nightly, as TW takes advantage of my ALWAYS erect tongue. We’re even getting some tongue sessions in the family room when the mood strikes us. Of course, the kids must be away for the parents to play and, luckily, that has been the case lately. They’re both coaching at their high school alma mater and games are during the week, so, when I get home, TW gets the tongue. ;)

This morning we got in a nice, if sleepy, Spoon session. TW had come back to bed after seeing the kids off to coaching for some much needed sleep. We both slept for a couple more hours before TW reached around and found out Mr. Happy was wide awake and ready for action. She turned her back to me so I could slip in Spoon style and we fucked for 15 minutes or so before we got out of bed to start our day. TW had several strong orgasms and I was able to hold off coming so she can wear a load later today.

Nice start to the weekend.


I Recommend The Pussy, It’s Fantastic!

TW got herself a very intense pussy licking last night. It was a head slappin’, legs squeezing my head like a pimple, screaming into the pillow, session. TW’s pussy was absolutely soaked after I was finished. I licked, lapped,  nipped, sucked and just basically rubbed my face all over her cunt.

TW, for her part, was trying desperately not to pass out. Her orgasms were quite intense, but then they always are when I tease and please her pussy. I just love putting my face between her thighs. She tastes so good. You know, when I was growing up, my friends always called me a pussy. I guess the old saying is true, ‘You ARE what you eat.’

Sorry, couldn’t resist that. ;)


Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned

Yes, our bodies failed us last night. Neither one of us could stay awake long enough to even get some pussy licking in. This does happen to us, from time to time, especially after a wild weekend of sex.

Oh well, there’s always tonight!



Man, what a hot weekend of sex! After Saturday’s finger session, TW and I found ourselves alone on Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much sexin’ done during the day, but bedtime provided an opportunity for some spanking and yell out loud fun!

It started out with TW sucking on my cock. I was halfway hard before she started. I love watching her undress! It didn’t take her long to get me to full staff and she mounted up CG style. While she was working on my cock, I had hidden the ping pong paddle beneath my head. She’s been practically begging for a spanking lately, so I thought I’d give her one to remember.

While she rode me, I had my hands behind my head, hiding the paddle. TW would let me suckle on her tits from time to time, as she rode me to orgasm. When I pulled the paddle from behind my head, her eyes lit up and her pussy got hot.

Oh, you are sooooooo tricky. Is that for me?” She asked.

Of course it is!” I replied.

Well, I’ve been a very bad girl lately so I deserve it.” She softly moaned in my ear.

At the first swat, TW jumped. I gave her no quarter and I really don’t think she expected any, as I reddened her ass with the paddle. Her orgasms were frequent and powerful. She arched her back as she came. I switched hands so that I could get a nice even coverage of her ass. I pinched, twisted and pulled on her nipples with my free hand. Her screams were probably heard by the neighbors, but, as I’ve said before, it only gives me more “street” cred when the neighbors hear her scream. ;)

After a while, I abandoned the paddle and just used my hands to finish up her discipline. She rolled off to her side and I took her from behind for a while, before she got back up on top and I got cum down her throat. We finished up in 69 with me eating and hand spanking her to several more strong orgasms.

This morning, before I got into the shower, TW wanted to suck my cock. Well, I certainly am NOT going to turn down putting my cock in her mouth. Well, what started out as a doggy session morphed into a missionary session and then finally some nice face on pussy oral. TW had several strong orgasms while I fucked her and I got to watch those big titties of hers bounce around. Great way to start the day, I highly recommend it!

Can’t wait to see what we get into tonight when I get home. We’ll be alone again, at least for a while. Maybe she’ll wind up wearing my cum. It’s certainly a possibility with my cum hungry honey.


Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb

It’s the way I make my honey cum! Well, minus the thumb anyway.

We’ve had a couple of awesome sessions lately. Last night, instead of eating my honey to sleep, I used my tit sucking and finger playing abilities to make her cum so hard she had tears in her eyes. It was fucking awesome!

This morning we had a nice CG and Spoon session. While TW was riding me I spanked her ass nice and hard. Her pussy responded by getting nice and hot and slippery. We switched over to Spoon and I fucked her hard from behind. I pulled her hair and she came violently.

After she showered, I was eating breakfast and she came down in her robe. While sitting in a chair, she opened her robe and flashed her pussy to me. I quickly got down on my hands and knees and ate her to a few more orgasms before she headed out for the day. And no, she didn’t go out in her robe, she got dressed. ;)

I did get a lesson today though. Even after you’ve sexed a lady for two days in a row, she doesn’t like you looking at another woman. I thought she was past that but I guess not. I had finished cutting the grass and went to see TW. I mentioned, as a joke, that I had to get back outside. I told her that one of the neighbors was out in short shorts. I leaned in to kiss her and she backed off from me. OH MY! The green eyed monster AWAKES! It was all good by the time she left though so more sex is on the horizon.

Guess I’ll have to keep my thoughts to myself from now on. :D