Fun Weekend

TW’s period has ended and we are back to full sexual functionality. I’ve been getting a daily dose of pussy and we had an awesome session Saturday morning. We hit everything except for missionary as TW rode me to completion. It twas the RCG that did me in. Watching her ass shake as she came pushed me over the edge. We finished in 69 as I ate her to orgasm and she swallowed mine.

Things are looking up!


Alright, Which One Of You Cut One?

What!? It was me? HOLY SHIT!

This getting old(er) things is ridiculous. I have become and Old Fart, literally. I’m farting like a MoFo lately. Luckily, not during sex. I haven’t changed much in my diet, other than not drinking as much soda as I used to, yet, I’m blowing air out of my ass like a safety release valve. WTF?

Oh, and they are God awful smelling as well. What the hell? Definitely won’t be having group sex any time soon. Well, not that we would anyway, (see previous 10 years of posts on that one.) I can see it now, room full of naked bodies, getting all hot and sweaty, and then the sound come out, pffffffffft.


Alright, which one of you cut one?

And that will be that.


Almost Time

TW got an actual period this time around, as opposed to the spot a day here and there she’s been through the past few months. It’s almost over, which means we should be getting back to the dirty deed in a few days.

TW has been extra horny lately, probably due to my touching the hell out of her body. Every time I pass her by, I lay my hands someplace on her sexy bod. Usually her tits and ass. I’ve been planting lots of kisses on her as well, so she’s primed to fuck me silly when she gets off her period. Well, maybe not so much fucking me, but planting her sweet cunt all over my face, and then wiggling her sexy ass.

That’s fine by me.😀


Work Is FUN!

Well, when you and your co-worker have a conference call in her office and you sit across from her and she’s wearing a scoop top and knows you’re looking and takes the time to give you nice DB shots and cleavage galore, work is fun.

Even better? When she squeezes her B-cups together and gives you masturbatory fuel. Oh to titty fuck those beauties. Yes, I kept my cool. I HOPE I was discrete enough to keep my job, although I think the ladies around here know be well enough to feel safe and secure, even though I DO look down their tops. I’ve learned to keep my horn-dog thoughts to myself. Not every one is as open, or receptive of my comments, as TW, when it comes to showing off the goods.

Have I mentioned I love that woman?