Kitty Licker, Kitty Licker, Lick Me Right There!

TW had a great night of sleep, courtesy of my pussy licking skills. Period is done, so we can get back to having fun. Had to work my way through a sensitive pair of titties and a ticklish clit, but, in the end, TW was panting and exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately.

Too bad we can’t rent me out, we might make some good money.😀



Busy Weekend

This past weekend was Memorial Day here in the states. As time goes by, people seem to be losing the meaning of the holiday. It’s not for sales, or for living vets, nor is it just a day off to barbecue. It’s a day for remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. People seem to be forgetting that as the years go by.

Okay, off my soap box.

It was a busy weekend around the MD house. With the upcoming nuptials for son #2, the house is being meticulously cleaned. It bothers me some since all this work is being done for maybe an hour or two of actual use (photos, etc.) Don’t know why the WHOLE house has to be cleaned but, whatever.

Only good thing to come of it has been the visits by the SILs and MIL. Saturday was spent with Y, the ultra right wing SIL. She tried on some of TW’s old dresses for the wedding and chose a rather risque (for her) one. TW tells me she has BIG titties, which I’ve told TW in the past. Guess she got to see for herself. They make me wish my SILs were more receptive to the idea of flashing me or hanging out topless. They make Y uncomfortable, and TW said she was wondering why the ladies in the family all have big boobs. NOT ME! I’m just glad they all do.

Sunday, Z and my MIL were over to help organize the first floor. Z had on a than top that showed her breasts to my advantage. She had to know I was looking but it didn’t seem to bother her all that much. She did pull it up a couple of times but generally let me get my looks in. It was all I could do to keep myself from cupping those beauties, like I do with TW. She spoils me by letting me cop a feel whenever I want. Now, if the SILs and MIL would allow that, my life would be complete.

The only one missing was X. She was out of town but I suspect she’ll drop by sometime to lend a hand. If she’d only let me lend a hand.😛

While Z, my MIL and TW were talking on Sunday, the topic of big boobs in the family came up. TW brought up Y’s being uncomfortable with being too top heavy and they talked about how the ladies in the family all had big boobs. I chimed in with a, “WOO HOO!” and they all laughed. Now, if I could just get them to show me theirs.

Yesterday, TW got in a quick CG session. She still has her period but we used a soft cup and she was able to mount up and fuck me. It went slowly, as she’s been in a lot of pain lately. At least when she orgasms, the pain gets washed away for a bit.


Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday, TW and I celebrated the 36th Anniversary of her Senior Prom. If you do the math, that would be 1980. For the anniversary, I made her cry.

And by making her cry I mean, I feasted on her cunt until she screamed out her orgasms and sobbed in relief. She even wore the dress from 36 years ago. Doesn’t close in the back, and her tits fill it out quite nicely without a bra, but it’s still the same dress from long ago. Brought back the memory of her riding me CG style in her parent’s living room while they slept above us on the second floor. My cock is tingling as I type this.

Here’s what she looked like back then…

Kelly Sr Prom 5-23-80 (7) cropped  Kelly Sr Prom garter1 5-23-80 cropped

Yeah, good times, good times indeed!

In a couple more days, we’ll be celebrating the day we got together. Can’t wait!