Ooo, Ooo that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?

With major apologies to Lynrd Skynrd….

I was thinking of virginity last night. Specifically if it has a certain smell. Now, I’ve only slept with two virgins, (Well, two former virgins,) and I noticed that when they still had their virginity, they had this smell. It was quite intoxicating and arousing. I can’t describe it and I’m not trying to be funny or cute. It’s just something that pops into my head from time to time (thank you mis-wired brain, thank you very much) when I have time on my hands. Driving home every day, I have plenty of time on my hands.

Anyway, the smell was NOT unpleasant. Smells, especially sexual smells, are one of my major turnons. I love being between TW’s legs and just taking in her smell. It’s wonderful! (Maybe I was a dog in a previous life. The four legged variety.) After we started having sex, the smell changed. Again, I’ve only had experience with two women so it’s not like it’s true for everyone. If I could get Y (middle SIL) to let me smell her, I could add a third virgin to the test group. Not gonna happen, NEVER. (Well, never say never, that’s my motto.) Of course, if there are any female virgins out there reading this and you’re of legal age (21 and over only, please. (Anything younger (18-20) and I’d die of a heart attack from the excitement) and you’d like to help contribute to scientific research, drop me a line. I promise to only sniff around. Promise!

Am I crazy? Well, I KNOW I am, but you know what I mean. Is it a fundemental change in body chemistry or something? Ladies, if you could help out with this question, I’d appreciate it.

Shutting down

So, getting a handle on my Manic-Depression is getting harder and harder to do. Yesterday, I killed two journals, one here on Blogger and another one at another board. They were basically the same journal but I just got tired of writing in them. I’ll stick with this one, it’s much easier to write and closer to what I’m thinking at the moment. I’ll stray, from time to time, away from over 40 married sex, but I’ll try to keep in on topic as much as possible. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of sex, haven’t had any since two days ago. TW and I have been really wiped lately. Her from her allergies and me from the drive to and from work. It just saps all my energies. I have all these marvelous plans for her sexy bod, but by the time I get home, I’m totally pooped out. Damn it! Even caffeine doesn’t work anymore. Must get exercising again. MUST!

Another factor contributing to no sex was the fact that TW and I sort of had a fight last night. It wasn’t really a fight, more of an observation that didn’t go over too well. TW is a stay at home mom. We really can’t afford it but I’d rather have her home (and it was HER choice, not mine) so the kids have some supervision when they get home from school. So, last night, she was complaining that she didn’t have time “to do it all” in regards to the housework. I’m not a neat freak. My house is to be lived in, not showcased, so, I really don’t care if dishes are in the sink, laundry piles up, etc. I really, Really, REALLY don’t care about it. It doesn’t phase me.

Well, I’m tired of her whining all the time about not having time to get stuff done. She needs to drop some of the other stuff she does during the day like being on the computer, penpal-ing, etc and concentrate on the housework if it really bothers her that much. Can’t tell her that though. Oh NO, I did last night and she immediately gave me “The Face” (trademark and patent pending) If you’ve been married long enough, you KNOW which one I speak of. So, last night, no sex because she was mad at me for stating the obvious. The truth REALLY does hurt I guess. We’ll get back to it this weekend.

Photos Part Duex

Good morning everyone. How’s things going by you? The day started off right this morning with some slow, sleepy ms. TW was wiped out by her allergies I think. We had the windows on the house open for most of the day yesterday (it finally cooled off around here) and her allergies are acting up. Hey, she still came though! Several times. Have I ever mentioned that she swallows?

Good news on the photos. On MSN, in the Soccer Mom Heaven group, we’ve created a Shy but HOT Moms folder. Enjoy. I promise I won’t be in any of them, for now.


I know a few of you have requested to see the photos we’ve taken. Well, I have some bad news. The MSN group Soccer Mom Heaven seems to have deleted our folder there, so, we need to find another group to post the photos. Give us some time, although, here’s one to keep you abreast (get it? A Breast?!?!?!) of the situation.


The debauchery continues after our weekend of lovin’ This morning we had ms-MS (that’s morning sex-Monkey Sex) I kept hitting the snooze button and figured what the hell, might as well get some quick loving in. Well, the quicky turned into a half hour of fucking, sucking and spanking. I love morning sex. My hardon stays strong, I don’t feel the need to come and TW is the beneficiary. She came like crazy this morning.

We started fucking in the spoon position. I pounded her from behind and she came several times. We then switched positions and she got on top. She drove herself down on my cock over and over coming the whole time. When I started to slap her ass, she really went over the edge. I think my little submissive honey is hot for being disciplined.

After some more orgasms, TW fell off of me and rolled over on her side. Who am I to miss out on an opportunity? I mounted her from behind and rolled over her. This position really hits her G-spot and she went off like fireworks. Luckily, she buried her face in the pillow as she screamed out her orgasms.

By this time, she was pretty spent, but I had to have breakfast. Before I headed into the shower to get ready for work, I got between her legs and ate her to several more orgasms. I let her suck my cock after I finished eating her. I gave her a good spanking while she sucked on me. She loves sucking cock. I’m happy to oblige her whenever I can.

Looks like we’ll be on a sex every day streak for a while. I’m not going to complain!