Does she or doesn’t she?

Speaking of “S” today, I don’t think she’s wearing panties today. I had to go over to her desk to check her computer out and while she was bending forward, I got a nice down pants shot of her ass crack. No panties to be seen! That should help out tremendously with my masturbation provocation. I could just see the beginning of her crack at the top. She looks very sexy in her jeans, tight top and white bra. Yeah, the top is translucent. Nice.

Down time

Damn it! The stoopid period arrived right on time yesterday. Oh well, at least TW is gonna be very horny coming off this time. She was horny last night and said she wished her period hadn’t come so we could have wildly fucked. It’s gonna be a tough 5 days. Guess I can start my masturbation therapy. Must think happy, sexy thoughts, must think happy, sexy thoughts. Gee, doesn’t “S” look exceptionally hot today. Must think happy, sexy thoughts……

Pre-period sex a go-go

Well, we did manage to get in a nice, hot session of MS last night. There was ass biting, titty twisting, spanking fun to be had by all. Oh, and let’s not forget the orgasms, for both of us.

The evening started out with both of us sacked out in bed. She was topless, I was nekkid. I rubbed her body a bit as she’s been in some pain lately. She was telling me how good it felt and I, well, I just love touching her body.

I continued to massage her a bit until she rolled on to her back. I rolled on to my back and she cuddled up next to me. She asked me if I wanted to make love and I just told her, “HELL YES!” She laughed a bit and said it might not be ready. When she said this she was holding on to my cock and I told her well, just take some time, I’m sure it’ll rise to the occasion. She laughed again and said no you, me. Yeah, like that would EVER happen, her not being ready!

I rolled toward her and latched onto a nipple. She squealed that it tickled and tried to get me to relase. No fucking way! I latched onto that sweet nipple and held on with my teeth. She finally relaxed a bit and I let go. My cock, by this time, was starting to respond.

“Oh, what do we have here?” She whispered. “I like it, whatever it is.”

She pushed me back and mounted me Cowgirl style. YES! My favorite!

I reached up and started to fondle her breasts. She came immediately. I pinched and twisted her nipples, all the while pumping my cock into her pussy. She ground herself down on my cock while I moved my hands from her breasts to her face. I pulled her down for a kiss and grabbed a handful of her hair.

She moaned a little and I reached down with my other hand to stroke her ass. I massaged her ass with my one hand, held her hair with the other and continued to stroke my cock in and out of her pussy. She came again with a squeal. I slapped her ass with my hand and she jumped a bit.

I then proceeded to spank her ass, warming it nicely to the touch. She tried to sush me a bit since I was making a lot of noise with my hand to ass contact.

“You’ll wake the kids,” she moaned.

“I doubt it.” I replied.

I spanked her a bit more and then pushed her upright, driving her down fully onto my cock. She thrashed about and then rolled off of me. I quickly moved in behind her and pushed my cock into her.

I then proceeded to pound her good. I was grabbing tit, hair, ass, arm, whatever I could reach. All the time she was moaning, “No, no, no” This really set me off and I pumped her even harder. She thrust back at me and I pushed forward into her, making her come over and over.

Finally, I asked her if she had had enough.

“I guess so”

“Would you like to suck?”

“Are you ready to come?

“Yes I am baby”

I rolled onto my back and she sucked me into her mouth. It didn’t take long and I was coming like crazy into her hot, wet mouth. Damn, the woman certainly can suck cock! We both cuddled up and drifted off to sleep. I hope her period holds off another day or two. I certainly want to get some more of that!

Masturbation and Getting Caught

Since I failed in my mission to make TW walk funny by today, I’m now looking forward to about 5-6 days with no sex. Sigh, I had the chance and let it slip through my hands. Her period is due tomorrow so maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to get in a session tonight. I’m hoping so. Her pre-period, pounding headache arrived last night, so I’m NOT very hopeful. Still, there’s always the chance it may hold off until tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking of getting back in to the masturbation game. I’ve been lax in getting myself off for the past few years. One, because I’m getting sex at a regular interval, and two because I’m worried it will affect my performance in bed. I don’t believe I have any physical problems that would prevent a hardon, but, I do have a mental block that says because I’m 43, overweight and drink too much pop, if I come I won’t be able to get it up again. Now, I have to say I have NO proof that this would happen. Of course, I haven’t tried it really. I also worry about the fact that when I come, I go into that dreamy, “Oh, I’m so tired let’s just fall asleep” mode. I HATE that mode. Anyway, I’ve decided to start masturbating on a more regular basis. Hell, it IS a good photo opportunity. I don’t have enough photos of me in action. 😉

Speaking of masturbation, what’s your most embarrassing moment getting caught? Mine was being caught by my brother. I used to use a hand-held shoe polisher to get myself off (this was the early 70’s) It had this one attachment, the buffer, that was a soft, cottony ball. It felt really good on the underside of my shaft. REALLY GOOD!

Anyway, he was home listening to music and I was going at it in the bathroom. Naturally, this mother was electric. It had a couple of different speeds and I was working it good. The damn thing was hot in my hand. So, I’m sitting there naked, on a bathroom stool, getting myself off. Well, I must have been fluctuating the electric circuit too much because next thing I know, the door’s opening.

I quickly bent down and grabbed one of my shoes (yeah, I was prepared boyo, you better believe it) and pretended I was polishing it. I don’t think my brother bought it for a minute. He said he was wondering what I was doing in here, causing all the static on his radio. “Just polishing my shoes” I calmly replied. Well, calmly probably wasn’t the right word. I was naked, flustered, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. I was just about there when he opened the door. Damn it!

He just smiled and closed the door and I got back to business. I LOCKED the door this time. I really miss that shoe polisher. These days, you’re hard pressed to find the handheld ones. They have the floor models but that would look WAY TOO strange.

“Honey, what are you doing on the floor on top of the shoe polisher?”

“Nothing, just polishing my shoes”

“Uh-huh, right. When was the last time your cock wore shoes?”

I got caught by my aunt (who lived with us) once when I was in the laundry tub, spraying water onto the top of my cock. I held my fingers under the nozzle and let it spray right behind the top of the head. I don’t know how long she was watching me, but I quickly got out of the tub and made like I was washing my hair. Granted, I had to dry off some and put some shorts on, but at least I made it before she walked in on me (I think) I was sick at the time and she said it was a stupid idea to wash my hair if I was going out later that night. I still believe to this day she watched me for a while, or, if not that, she KNEW what I was doing. She never said a thing.


I failed, miserably, to uphold my “TW Walks Funny on Monday” ideal. Oh, we had some really good sex both Saturday morning and Saturday night, but I failed on Sunday and Friday night. Not too unusual really. I fail at most things I try.