Quality vs. Quantity

WOW, what a weekend of sex! We only got in 2 sessions, Saturday and Sunday morning, but HOT DAMN, they were great sessions! Quality, not quantity, is my motto.

Saturday morning’s session was an all out fucking frenzy. We hit every position we could and TW came like crazy. She even coaxed me into coming by arching her back and shaking those marvelous hips of hers while she was riding me cowgirl style. God, I love when she does that! I told her I was going to come and she immediately jumped off of me and took me in her mouth. I had a very intense orgasm and I filled her mouth to overflowing. She ate all my come and then we both feel back asleep. That’s all I can remember from Saturday morning.

Yesterday’s session is much fresher in my mind. It started off with a hot and heavy makeout session. TW was topless and I was naked as we started out by deep tongue kissing one another. I worked my way down her face, over her neck and down to her sweet, tasty titties. I suckled on her nipples for a while. As I was slathering over her tits, my left hand was busy rubbing her pussy through her panties. This drives TW crazy. I’ll rub with the palm of my hand over her mound and across her clit. Then, I’ll zero in on her clit with one of my fingers, not pushing against it, but just rubbing it with the fabric of her panties. By the time I got my hand into her panties, she was absolutely soaked.

I continued to kiss her lips as my fingers worked their magic in her pussy. I was alternating finger fucking her and massaging her clit. TW was very hot and horny and was coming continuously. She was moaning into my mouth as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her. I finally pulled her panties off and entered her from behind. She was so wet and slippery that I met no resistance as I entered her.

TW let out a contented sigh as I began to fuck her sloppy pussy. She had another two or three quick orgasms before she finally calmed down enough that I could obtain a steady rhythm. I fucked her from behind for a while and then had her mount me cowgirl style.

Her pussy was still very warm and wet when she settled down on my cock. I let her set the pace and she quickly worked up to a nice medium, cock swallowing bounce. I reached behind me and got the paddle out and my love came again. I rubbed the paddle over her tits, making her nipples nice and hard. She moaned her approval and sat down on my cock.

Her head was thrown back as another orgasm overwhelmed her. I slowly started pumping her. She ground her pussy on my cock and when I finally brought the paddle down on her ass, she was beside herself with pleasure.

I paddled her ass with quick, stinging strokes. Her pussy got warmer as I spanked her sexy ass. I began to use both the paddle and my free hand so I could warm her cheeks up nicely. TW was in a constant state of arousal. Her pussy was warm and slippery and her nipples very hard as my spanking continued. She cramped up at one point so she had to get off of my so I could massage it out. Once I got the cramp out of her thigh, I continued where I left off.

TW was laying face down on the bed and I took the opportunity to spank her some more. She rolled on to her side and brought her knees up to her chest. I spanked that ass and pussy until my love came again. She told me later that when she was sitting in church, her ass was still stinging. I guess I’m getting better at it.

I stopped spanking TW and inserted my cock in her well lubed cunt. Once again, she came violently as I pumped her pussy. I then slowed the tempo down and teased her with my cock. I gave her just the head for a few strokes, then went deep, then shallow again, then deep for several more strokes until I finally pulled out and rubbed her sensitive clit with the head of my dick.

She went wild. She screamed into her pillow and almost shook stuff off of the headboard. It was all I could do to hold on. I reached around with the paddle and rubbed her nips with it. TW rolled onto her back and, as I fucked her, I spanked her sweet titties with the paddle. My baby just came and came. All the while she was coming, she kept telling me how bad she was and how she felt like such a dirty bitch. Naturally, I told her how dirty she was and that I love it when she’s a hot, sexy, dirty bitch. As I finished the word bitch, I slapped her tits with the paddle. TW had her most violent orgasm of the morning and went limp.

I stroked her body as she rested. I put the paddle away and then moved between her legs. I love eating TW’s pussy and I went at it whole-heartedly. I feasted on that pussy like I was a dying man. Her legs quickly squeezed my head, as she came forcefully. I continued to suck on her clit as she came on my face. I reached up and tugged and pulled on her nipples causing her to moan loudly. She then pulled a pillow over her face and screamed as I jammed two fingers into her. Her legs shook, her breasts bounced and her pussy squirted as she came on the combination of my fingers in her pussy and my tongue on her clit.

She was soon arching her back in orgasm as I continued to suck and lick her clit. I then moved down to her opening and licked and sucked at my fingers as they moved in and out. I ate her for a good half an hour before she said enough. I tenderly kissed her pussy one last time before we cuddled up and got some more sleep.

Yes, I’ll take quality over quantity any time.

Saw the SILs over the weekend. Nothing good to report on that front. They were all dressed frumpily. Sigh, I hate this part of the season for just that reason. The SILs dress warmly instead of showing off their goods, although, Y did try on a bridesmaid dress that really shows off her rack. I may have to upgrade her again to a large C, small D. Z looked okay in a tight top but I want to see skin baby!

OMG, OMG, OMG. You really, really like me!

I must get out more.

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Our first penetration three-way

I know I posted about our first, oral only, three-way from many years ago. Since I really don’t have any sex to report on today, I thought I’d fill you in on our first full on penetration three-way and introduce you to Mr. Creepy. D, in the story, will become Mr. Creepy over time. I’ll post about that later. Enjoy this totally true story about our first “real” three way.

I’ve been trying to get my wife, TW, into a three-way for more years than I want to say. I’ve always been a horn dog (thank you all-boys Catholic High School) and that carried on into my married life. TW and I married young, 20 and 21 respectively. We dated about four years before marrying and looking back on it, I was a jealous dick head. Not when we got married mind you, but before that. I guess getting married made me realize she does love me and isn’t in it for my super large cock. BWahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, sorry, bad joke. Anyway, the thought of watching another man fuck her has preoccupied my mind for a long time. The thought had crossed TW’s mind too, since we often fantasized about her making it with some of our friends. However, she’s always been afraid to take that next step. Until now.

You have no idea how I’ve pleaded, begged, cajoled, whined, cried, pouted, beseeched,
implored; anything you want to call it, just to let another person into our bed. My original thoughts were a female partner. More specifically, one of her sisters. They’re all hot. Naturally, she resisted that request. I tried to think of co-workers, friends and, if my luck would hold out, joining the swinging lifestyle.
None of them panned out. As time went on, I started to think about TW with another guy. When we were first married, she worked at a law firm. I would tell her fantasies about her being taken on the conference table. She’d get really hot when I told her
these tales, so I knew, if I found the right person, she’d go for it. We did have an all oral three-way before we were married. She sucked me and a buddy of mine off one night. Unfortunately, we drank at the time and she doesn’t remember much of it. Too bad. So, as the years went by, I became more and more frustrated. I’d given up all hope until about 4 years ago, when a former neighbor became a focal point.

D was going through a divorce and was relocating to the west coast. We had always got along with him and his wife and we were saddened when we found out about the divorce. He was making trip to his hold house to get his belongings and would stop by to say hi to my wife. At this time, I had at least got TW to flash truckers. She was very excited about it and I always got a hard on when we did it. The truckers sure appreciated it too. Anyway, one day, D stopped by and TW, out of the blue, just lifted her top for him. “Are these what you wanted to see?” she asked him. He just groaned and started to fondle and suck her titties. Since the kids were home, these sessions were short. I think she flashed him a total of 3 or 4 times. The last time, he was moving out to the coast and the movers were taking his stuff out of the old house.

He called TW over to the house and led her to the basement. He asked to see her tits again and she showed him. He was wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts. As he fondled and kissed her breasts, he unzipped and then unbuttoned her shorts. He was pleasantly surprised to find her wet. He wanted to fuck her right there, but, we had an agreement that if someone wanted to sleep with one of us, they’d have to sleep with both of us. He said he understood and they got themselves together and went back outside. I came home early that day and talked with him and TW. I had a tingling
sensation going through my body realizing that this friend had his hand down my wife’s pants. We talked a bit and he had to leave. We tried to get him to come back to the house later that night (after the kids were asleep) but he had a going away party he had to attend and didn’t think he’d make it back. He didn’t.

Flash forward a few years. After numerous attempts to get together (which failed for a variety of reasons), D was back in town. He’d been reassigned back into the Chicago area and would be visiting regularly. We set up a date for him to come and see us and the kids. TW kept asking me if I wanted it to develop into sex. I tried to act calmly but told her, “Yes, I hope it does.” She was nervous to say the least. She kept trying to figure out what to wear. I told her, just wear something comfortable. The kids will be awake anyway and we don’t want to raise suspicions. Sweats and a tight top would be fine. So, D shows up. He looks good. He’s lost weight and quit smoking (a definite plus in TW’s eyes. She hates cigarette smoke and was worried about kissing him). We hugged and visited for a couple of hours. The kids really didn’t want to go to bed and TW and I were trying not to seem overly eager to get them
out of our hair. It didn’t work. My daughter got upset and ran to her room crying. I had to go upstairs and clam her down. I explained that it was a school night and she needed her sleep. She didn’t say anything but soon feel asleep. D and TW continued talking while I was away. I came back down and we headed to the basement.

I headed for the bathroom, (I hate drinking water, I have to go to the bathroom like every 15 mins.) and let D and TW maybe get things started. I really wasn’t sure if TW was going to go through with it. D wasn’t making a move and TW and I really didn’t
know how to start. When I came back out, TW lifted her top and said, “I was just telling D that they’re still here if he wants them.” I think D was a little taken
aback. I think he wanted to do TW without my being there.

“What is it that you guys want?” he asked.

“A three-way” we both replied.

He then went on to explain a situation he was in with a friend of his. How he and his friend did his friend’s girlfriend. I moved us over to the couch and put on some soft music. TW excused herself and went to the bathroom. She was still dressed in her sweatpants and sports bra. He and I talked a bit about it. How nervous we both were and how much I had wanted this. TW came out of the bathroom looking sexy. She had changed into a black cocktail dress, cut mid-thigh. No shoes or stockings, just her
gorgeous legs. She came over and asked, “You like?”

D and I just smiled and said, “Hell yes!” “Why don’t the two of you get started and I’ll watch a while” D said.

TW moved over to me and kissed me. I kissed her back and stroked her ass through the skirt. “Can you believe this? I can’t believe we’re finally going to do it!” she said excitedly between kisses. I told her I loved her and couldn’t wait to see D’s cock in her mouth and pussy. She groaned a little and moved away from me over to D.

“Hi there,” she smiled, as she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. I watch D move his hands to her face and then he kissed TW deeply. TW knelt on the couch and leaned over D. They kissed again. My cock was rock hard watching them kiss. I saw D
move his hands down to TW’s ass and start to rub it. He moved her dress higher and higher, exposing more of her cheeks. She was wearing a black thong. My favorite! They continued to kiss as TW then sat up and lowered the top of her dress.

D wasted no time in going for her tits. He pinched each of her nipples and then bent forward to suck. TW just leaned her head back and cradled D’s head as he sucked and kissed her breasts. I removed my cock from my pants and stroked it. It’s finally happening I thought to myself. Is this a dream? No, can’t be. I’m watching my wife let another man kiss and fondle and suck her tits. Holy Shit! It’s really happening!

I watched D move his hands farther up her skirt. He started to play with her ass and pussy. He played with her lips a bit and then pushed a finger inside of her. I heard her groan and then they kissed again. I moved over to her and began to kiss her ass while D played some more with her pussy. She was soaked, as usual. She stopped us both and stood up. “Let’s get these out of the way,” she said, as she bent over at the waist and pulled her panties off. Her sexy ass was turned in our direction and both of us reached out to touch her.

TW moved back into position and resumed kissing D. I moved over to her and knelt down to kiss her ass and pussy from behind. D went back to fondling her tits and I proceeded to lick my way down to her pussy. I love eating her pussy. I get more satisfaction out of that than fucking her. I love to feel her cream on my face when I eat her to orgasm. I love the feel of her thighs as she wraps them around my head as she cums. And she cums a lot! I’m very lucky to have someone who loves sex and cums
multiple times. When we were younger, she’d come so often and so hard that she’d pass out for a bit. I loved it! She still cums just as hard but she doesn’t pass out anymore. I kind of miss it. 😀

After her first orgasm, TW stopped us. “Okay guys, you’re turn. Off with the pants.” D and I quickly undressed and sat back on the couch. “Oh how much fun this is going to be! Two cocks, just for me!” TW said as she knelt before us. “I think I’ll try
yours first D.” She moved over to him and dropped her mouth onto his cock. She slowly licked up his shaft and then lowered her lips over the head. I looked over at D and he just had this smile on his face. “Okay, my love. Here I come” She moved over to me and ran her tongue over my head and down my shaft to my balls. I love when she licks my balls. Her hands were busy stroking the two of us as she worked her mouth over our cocks. “This is fun,” she exclaimed as she continued to suck on us.

Soon, she moved up and allowed us to suckle her tits. One for each of us. She gets so hot when I suck on her tits, I couldn’t imagine what this was doing to her. She continued to stroke the two of us while we feasted on her breasts. I had to move her hand off of my cock. It felt so good, I was ready to cum. “Okay, I’ll watch a bit now,” I said, as I moved over a bit to allow her to sit on him. She straddled D and
lowered herself onto his cock. I moved up behind her and stroked her back and shoulders as she rode him to orgasm.

After cumming on his cock (rubber encased for safety), she knelt down in front of him to suck him. I moved under her to eat her pussy. She came as soon as my tongue hit her lips. Bucking wildy on my face, she tried hard not to bite D’s dick off. I played
with my cock a bit as TW came again. I moved up behind her and fucked her from behind while she sucked on D. Fulfillment! Our first three-way!

I couldn’t fuck her for long. I was too damned excited. I didn’t want to cum in her with a rubber on, so I moved off of her. D then stood her up and fucked her from behind. She was leaning forward, hands on the couch as he pumped her. I watched her tits sway in time to his pumping. She came again and was soon followed by D. I heard him groan and watched him tense up as he emptied his balls into her. It was so fucking exciting! He pumped her a few more times and then pulled out. Another man had cum in my wife’s pussy! Of course, it was in a rubber, but, it was in her pussy!
He took the rubber off and went to the bathroom to clean his cock off. TW and I hugged. We couldn’t believe it! We had done our first three-way! How AWESOME!

When D got back from the bathroom, we sat around and chatted. He complimented TW on her cock sucking skills. TW blushed a little and said thank you. We all expressed surprise that this had happened without the aid of alcohol to loosen us up. D just had this smile on his face and I was still hard as a rock. He was too, thanks to that little blue pill. TW then expressed a desire for us to cum on her. D said it would take a couple of hours for him to recharge and we really didn’t have that kind of time. So, we decided I would cum on her and he would watch.

TW positioned herself on the coffee table and I began to stroke my cock. Her pussy was facing D, so he got an excellent view of her playing with herself. I talked to her about how sexy she was and how much I enjoyed watching her with D. I stroked my cock faster while her fingers did a dance on her pussy and clit. “I’m gonna cum on you baby,” I said, as I stroked faster and faster. TW began to cum and I let go. The cum splashed on her tits (which she loves) and then on her face (which she really loves!) She moaned quite loudly as her orgasm took hold. Her legs were up in the air and I’m sure D loved the view, as she came again. I pushed my cock into her mouth and let her suck the last of my cum out of it. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she lay back on the table.

“Wow, that was hot!” she said as I got a towel and cleaned her up. I looked over at D and he just had this big grin on his face. TW licked the tip of my cock and said, “Thanks for the cum shot. Hopefully, both of you can cum on me next time” I agreed as
this is one of our biggest fantasies, although, it usually involves more than just two guys.

We all got dressed and talked a bit more. Once again, each of us expressed surprise that this was done alcohol free. With the nervous tension to start, it was quite amazing that we did it at all. TW and I told D that he was welcome anytime he was in town, even if we didn’t have sex. He thanked us and assured us the sex was just a bonus. He told us he’s always felt comfortable with us and enjoyed our company. We told him we felt the same way. We headed back upstairs and D had to take his leave.
We saw him out to his car and then headed for bed.

TW and I lay in bed discussing our first three-way. “So, was it what you expected?” she asked me.

“All that and more. I only wish we had more time to play.” I responded. I had wanted to watch her suck both of us at the same time. While TW was riding me at one point, D had started to play with her asshole. I would have loved to double fuck her, but, I
know I would have cum too soon.

“Maybe next time. I sure as hell enjoyed it and I’m sure D did too” TW said.

We both drifted off to sleep. I was praying that this wouldn’t be the last time this happened. I guess we’ll see.

Well, there you have it. Our first three-way. We were lucky that it worked out so well. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Yesterday’s Lunchtime Fun

Shit, I’ve been so busy today that I forgot to tell you about lunch yesterday.

TW came out to meet me for lunch yesterday. She was wearing a mid-thigh length skirt, thigh highs and a low scooped white bra-top. No panties. What a woman!

She pulled up and I went over to the driver’s side and got in. I got a nice view of her pantiless ass and pussy, as she moved over to the passenger seat. We headed off to a restaurant nearby and had lunch.

It was wonderful. It was all I could do to keep my hands out of her shirt.

After lunch we headed back to my office. She was asking me how to get back on the expressway when I didn’t stop where I normally do to get out.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to have some dessert.” I replied.

I pulled into the parking deck and headed for the third floor. I parked on the up ramp between 2 and 3 and got out. TW moved over to the driver’s seat and spread her sexy legs. I dove in right away and TW came quickly.

“Oh shit, that was good. I love the way you eat me,” she moaned between orgasms.

I continued to focus on her clit in order to get the most orgasms out of her before someone walked by the car. I licked her slit up and down and swirled my tongue around her clit. The driver’s side door was open and the car was running but I didn’t give a fuck. If someone came up and wanted to watch, or join in, I didn’t care.

TW then moved back to the passenger seat, since getting poked in the back by the console wasn’t much fun. I followed her forward, and, just to be safe, put the parking brake on. No need to accidentally shift the car into gear and cause an accident.

I moved back down between her stocking covered legs and ate her to several more orgasms before she had to head home. She told me that on the drive home, she masturbated to a couple more orgasms, including one where a truck driver rode along side of her. I have mentioned that I love this woman, right? 😀 😀 😀