You can’t have it both ways…..

And here’s the reason I reject religious ideals about a “kind, loving God, who ALWAYS watches over and protects us”

I’m sorry, if there is a God, he/she/it is totally fucked up. No wonder I’m always depressed, there’s no magical friend, up in the sky, to help me out. I’ve wasted all those years of prayer for absolutely fucking nothing!

On a related note, no sex again last night, nor this morning (stop snickering DH ;D )TW worked out in the garden yesterday, even though she did a weightlifting workout Sunday, even though she has a bad back, even though the wind would have blown the leaves away. As a result, she was in a lot of pain. I did what I could (massage) and even rubbed evil, stinky pain relief gel on her, but, the mood was LOOOOOOOONG gone. Ugh, I’m just in a foul mood lately.

Weekend Washout

Well, the rest of the weekend was crapola. No sex Saturday night, or Sunday. Sunday was really frustrating since TW didn’t come back to bed after she got up to take care of the kids. She chose housework over orgasms! (Yeah, I’m quite shocked myself) So last night, I returned the favor and chose sleep over sex. (Yeah, I’m getting even with her, boy-o!) Of course, she ALSO chose sleep over sex, so it wasn’t much of a victory for me. To top things off, the new e-mail server is still dysfunctional (read – not up and running yet) and my daughter is home from school today due to illness. Sigh.

I’m in a bit of a funk right now. I really don’t want to work anymore, which is not good for the only bread winner in the family. Hopefully, this bout will only last a few days or so. I’m just not interested in sex or work or play. Like I said, hopefully it won’t last too long. TW did flash me her sexy titties this morning before left. Well, I guess that’s not too odd, she does it every day before I leave. Did I mention I love this woman?

Hello Sydney!

Wow! I got mentioned in an article all the way down under! Check it out here:

Sydney Morning Herald

Of course, I’m not the only one. There are far more interesting and better written journals mentioned, but it’s still nice to be quoted. It’s a good article too. Check it out if you get the chance.