Come on the dirty slut…..

OMG, TW and I had two of the most intense sessions we’ve ever had in the past 12 hours! Damn did we have a great time!

Last night, TW fell asleep on the couch. As we headed off to bed, I was kidding her that maybe she was too tired to fuck. Boy, was I EVER wrong.

Things started off with some hot and heavy kissing. I was erect within seconds of our first kiss.

“Oh, what do we have here?” TW asked.

I didn’t say anything and just let her play with my cock as we kissed. Pretty soon, TW had mounted me CG style and we were off to the races. TW came several times while riding me. I was slapping her ass and pinching and tugging and sucking on her marvelous nipples. She ground herself to a couple more orgasms before she got off of me and assumed the 69 position.

“I wouldn’t want you to miss out on some excellent pussy” she moaned, as she lowered her pussy over my face. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, she came. When I started to spank her ass, she went ballistic!

Her orgasms rolled into one another as I heated up her buns good. I was spanking her hard, harder than I usually do, and she was loving every last smack of my hands. She ground her pussy on my face and sucked at my cock. I was focused on giving her pleasure, so I was no where near coming myself.

I continued my assault on her pussy and ass while she continued trying to suck my cock. Her orgasms were very powerful. Her whole body shook with pleasure as I sucked at her clit. We must have 69’d for 10-15 minutes before she finally rolled off. TW was panting heavily as she tried to catch her breath. She reached over to get something to drink and then positioned herself spoon style.

I pushed my cock against her pussy and slid in on the first stroke. TW moaned in pleasure and was soon orgasming again. I really fucked her hard from behind, and, at one point, had her face down on the bed while I roughly fucked her.

She was totally out of it at this point. Her body was one big orgasmic spasm. Her arms and legs thrashed about and her whole body shook with pleasure. I continued to fuck her spoon style until we both decided to call it a night.

This morning, I called in and used some comp time. It was well worth it. TW came back to bed and woke me up. Looking at her sexy, naked body got me hard quickly. TW wasted no time and mounted me CG style. I spanked her ass lightly this time and paid much more attention to her breasts. I love sucking on her nipples and tugging on them. I could feel her pussy get hotter when I did so. We fucked that way for a while and then moved to spoon style.

Once again, I really pounded her from behind. My cock felt like a steel rod, ramming in and out of her cunt. Her orgasms were frequent and intense. I moved her face down on the bed and fucked her hard that way. Her arms and legs shot out like she was electrified and she screamed out her orgasms into the pillow. I had to slow down at this point since I felt the urge to come.

I moved back behind her and fucked her spoon style for a while more. When I would build up speed, she would moan, “No, no, no….” This ALWAYS sets me off and I had to pull out in fear of coming inside of her. So, I did pull out and did the next best thing. I came on the sluts face.

TW scooted over to the edge of the bed and I offered my cock to her mouth. She licked and sucked on the underside of the head and shaft as I pinched her nipples. One of her hands was busy teasing her pussy and clit while the other gripped my shaft. I pulled away from her and started to jerk off. I told her to imagine we were in the woods and she was servicing a couple of guys in addition to me.

She moaned loudly and really started to work her pussy hard. She was moaning and groaning and when she told me to come on the dirty slut, I did. I shot a pretty big load considering I had come a couple of days before. I shot it in her mouth, on her lips, her neck, and, of course, all over her sexy titties. As soon as my come hit her skin, TW went off like a rocket. She kept telling me to come on the dirty slut. I complied with her demands telling her to imagine it was two or three guys shooting off on her. She screamed out her final orgasm and lay on the bed, tired but satisfied. I got back in bed, after cleaning us both up, and got another hour of sleep or so.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

What the hell is that buzzing noise? Oh, it’s just TW..

I just got off the phone with TW. It seems she spent the last hour pleasuring herself at home. What a gal! She was using a dildo in the shower, kept it in as she moved to the bed and then worked herself over with the Magic Wand. Hopefully, she hasn’t melted the power cord to the thing. ;D

She was also reading Penthouse Letters. As Billy Squier once said, “She’s my kinda lover” 😀 She usually reads the stories to get going but switches over to fantasies about us. Her favorite is being in the woods. It’s my favorite too. We enjoy being outside, enjoying the beauty of nature while we rut like animals in heat. Then there’s the possibility of us being caught and her being “forced” to service whomever catches us. It’s my biggest fantasy too. We have been followed before, as we took walks in the woods, but have always been able to lose our pursuers. Maybe one day we’ll be brave enough to let them watch or perhaps join in a bit. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Oh, one more thing, she told me she missed me. She needed someone to spank her ass as she came. Did I mention that I LOVE this woman?


Oh, I got some last night. Yeah baby! TW’s period is over TW and I had a nice, quick but hot session before heading off to dreamland. TW did some CG riding and I finished her off from behind. Well, she finished me off when I took her from behind would be more accurate. Once she started rocking those hips, it was O V E R.

I was able to hold off but decided to let her suck me off. She needed no invitation and quickly got down between my legs. I think it only took 10 seconds or so before I was coming. Damn, it was way too long before sessions for us I guess. She gave me a toe curler. My hips, legs and arms were spasming, it felt so good. TW, like the good come slut she is, swallowed it all. What a gal! I’m going to give her what she craves, sometime this week, by covering her face and tits with my come. I can hardly wait!

Surprise! Guess what I got?

Yes, after our quick morning session the other day, TW’s period arrived. Oh joy! (why yes, that is heavy sarcasm you’re reading into that) Unfortunately, this one is very heavy, clots and all (sorry ladies and gents). I told her she should just buy Depends and be done with it, but, she doesn’t appreciate my humor sometimes and this was one of those times. Anyway, hopefully her heavy days are almost done. Oh, and whoever suggested that cup like device, THANK YOU! It really has made a difference.

So, my trip yesterday was nice. Beautiful day to drive. I overestimated the drive time by an hour, it only took a little under four hours each way. Of course, when you’re doing 75-80 M.P.H. it usually doesn’t take long at all. Traffice was comparatively light so that helped too.

I got to meet the new woman in the office while I was there. She’s “quiet” sexy but wears a bit too much makeup for my taste, but, again, that’s my taste and everyone knows I’m tasteless. She was wearing a nice tight pair of jeans and a button down shirt that showed off some nice cleavage. She also doesn’t like come. No, I didn’t do a drive-by and cover her in sperm. We were discussing SPAM e-mails and she finds the adult ones perverted and sick. WTF?

I told her she’d have to define perverted for me because I’ve seen it all. She then started into this conversation about how come is gross and sick and she can’t see how anyone would want it on their face or in their mouth. I was a good boy and didn’t say a damn thing. I let the other people in the office have their say. Besides, TW LOVES the taste and feel of my come. The really sad part is, she’d look VERY HOT covered in come. She’s also the type of woman who can keep up with you. She don’t take shit from anybody as far as I can tell.

Thankfully, we can have these discussions in the office and no one get offended. My department has 7 females and 1 male, me. We kid one another but it’s all good natured fun. No one gets offended or runs to the boss screaming sexual harrassment. How typical is that these days? Our downstate office is like that too. The men and women give as well as take and no one gets offended. As much as I hate the drive, I love the atmosphere and my co-workers ; especially “S”, I’d LOVE to love her! 😉

Hmm, something is definitely missing….

Since we’ve been missing sexually for the past few days and since I’ll be MIA tomorrow, due to a business trip, and since of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most, here’s a list of things I miss out on:

I miss seeing TW in heels. Ever since her first pregnancy, TW has been unable to wear “fuck me” heels. Her back just won’t allow it. Even a short heel, for a long period of time, is painful to her, but she does wear them on special occasions. I miss the days when she could wear that 70’s staple “Candies” and push that sexy butt of her’s up. She still has great legs. I think that’s one of the main reasons I lust after X so much. She can and still does wear high heels. Can you say Amazon? Sure, I KNEW you could!

I miss the ability to talk with our friends about sex and other “adult” talk. Heck, they don’t even have to be friends. The number of people we can really talk to about our sex lives is very limited, as in 0. Oh sure, TW can talk to her friend about bjs and stuff, but that’s about it. Don’t even bring up swapping with them, they don’t want to hear it. As for me, well, I’ve never been one to kiss and tell, so no bragging to my buddies about sex; but, I do miss the chance to do it with several close friends I’ve lost over the years. The closest I get to this would be my journal entries here.

I miss my tight, hard body. TW was going through some pics the other day and we had a great time laughing at our 70’s and 80’s hairstyles. We both had perms at one time. Talk about your ugly poodles. Damn! In one of my pics, I actually look like Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch. There are also a couple of pics where I appear to have mushroom head. God, was I thin and sexy back then. What the hell happened? Oh wait, now I remember, I got lazy.

I miss that sense of excitement I got when I first kissed a girl. Not that kissing or fucking TW has become boring and tedious, FAR FROM IT. It’s just I miss that “tingle” you get when that first kiss happens. I really wish “S” from work, would let me make out with her. No sex, just lots of kissing. Or maybe one of the SILs.

I miss the opportunities we had to have multiple partner sex. This goes hand in hand with the no friends to talk sex with paragraph up above. TW and I, early on in our relationship, had several opportunities to bring another person into our bed. Unfortunately, TW wasn’t ready at that time to go forward and we had to let those opportunities drop. It’s too bad really, because now TW is ready but the opportunities are gone and I don’t believe we’ll get as many (or any) opportunities in the near future. (As a side note, I’ve ALWAYS been ready to bring someone else into bed with us, male or female.) It’s really too bad, I think TW would really enjoy being serviced by two or more partners. I know I would!