Calm Before The Storm

Things were relatively quiet last night. TW and I got in our pre-dinner snack. She even rode me for a couple of quick orgasms. We didn’t do anything last night in order to save up my load for her pretty face and tits tonight. I was able to get her off this moring.

We were kissing by the counter before I left. I was playing grab ass with her. She mentioned something about it reminding her of when we would say good night in her backyard after a date. I took this as my que and snuck my hand down the front of her pants.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She asked.

“Using the ‘Wayback Machine’ (bonus points to you if you know where that’s from) to take us back in time” I replied with a smile.

Her pussy was already wet and I was able to slip inside her with ease. She started bucking her hips and my finger brushed against her slick lips. When I touched her clit, she climaxed with a shudder and weak knees. I fingered her to two more quick orgasms before saying goodbye and heading off to work.

I can’t wait for tonight! We are gonna have us one hell of a sex party! I’ll fill you in on it tomorrow. I’ll be at work, completing the final phase of the change over to the new server. It’ll be an all day affair so I’ll have plenty of time to fill you in.

Photo Ops

Since I no longer majorly lust after S, I’ve decided to get used to my digital camera again. Today, I took a walk around the parking lot and came up with these. The first two are of an old, rusted out boiler that someone threw out.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was part of a jet engine or something. Upon closer inspection I found it was an old boiler. Was it part of the old building that was here? Or was it just tossed out. The area that it’s in is more of a drainage ditch than anything else.

Speaking of the ditch, here’s a nice photo of some of the scenery. Things will be greening up soon.

And here’s the photo of the ubiquitous staircase attached to every multi-level parking lot.

Morning Drive Time Fun

You know, I think the FCC should relax their ban on sexual talk in the mornings and late afternoons. TW put me in a great mood this morning by calling me and masturbating to my morning drive time.

I spent a good 15 – 20 minutes listening to her come. I was telling her a fantasy about us being in the woods, naked of course. I described how the sun felt hot on our naked skin and the breeze was cooling our flesh as it blew softly across us. Of course, I HAD to tell her how her nipples were perking up in the soft, cool breeze.

I told her how I had her spread across a picnic table, her hands tied together over her head to the legs of the table. I was describing how I was feasting on her pussy, driving my tongue in and out. I had her imagine that people were walking by so she had to be quiet. She wasn’t quiet on the other end of the phone, that’s for sure. She moaned out her orgasm into my ear, causing me to have a nice morning hardon.

I told her I was taking her legs and putting them over my shoulders. I told her to imagine me rubbing my cock over her pussy lips, bumping into her clit. She came again. I then told her about the two guys who were watching us.

I explained that they had their cocks out and were stroking two nice, thick and extrememly hard cocks. She moaned again and I told her that I was now fucking her, very hard and very deep. The head of my cock bumping into her cervix. She must have covered her mouth with a pillow because her screaming orgasm was muffled a bit.

I continued to tell her about our little love session in the woods, how the breeze was rustling the leaves in the trees, how good the sunlight looked on her breasts, how the guys were getting closer and closer to us. When I told her about the guys getting closer, her breathing quickened quite a bit. I told her that now I was back to eating her pussy and the guys were almost upon us. I told her how they rubbed their cocks across her face and how they took turns grabbing her head and feeding their cocks to her.

She babbled incoherently as she came. I then told her that they were coming all over her face and tits. Their come forming little pools between her tits and at the base of her neck. She screamed again in orgasm as I told her how hot and sticky all that come looked dripping down her face. Her hands were still tied I explained, so the guys took turns feeding her their come with their cocks.

I was rubbing my cock through my pants, trying hard not to make it too obvious. TW was totally out of it. She mumbled into the phone that she loved me and was going to get some more sleep. I told her I loved her and looked forward to fucking her in the woods, with, or without our audience.

See, wouldn’t that be much better than all the crap that’s on the radio now? Maybe the satellite radio companies need to create sexy, story time radio during the morning and evening rush hours. I know I’d be a subscriber then! Are you listening Sirius and XM?

I know it made my drive in 1000% better this morning!

Spank you very much.

Day 2 of TW’s orgasmic haze. I came home to my pretty, sexy, hot baby lying down, under the covers, in bed. I thought she was asleep, but, as I was getting undressed, she threw off the covers revealing that she was bottomless.

I wasted no time in shedding my clothes and proceeded to do what I do best; get down between my honey’s legs and eat that sweet pussy of her’s. I laid the flat of my tongue against her slit, feeling the heat radiate from her pussy. I started to slowly lap at her clit. She moaned and ground her pussy against my face. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and her hips rotated faster. She came a few pussy licks later.

I continued to suck on her tasty pussy. As I was busy down below, I let my hands and fingers do some walking over her breasts. I was pinching and pulling on her nipples. As usual, this set TW off on a series of strong orgasms. She humped my face as I twisted her nipples and groped her tits. We had a nice 25 minute, please the pussy session. I love eating her out. I told her we need to do this every day. It’s a great tension reliever. She whole heartedly agreed, so it looks like I’ll have a pre-dinner feast of pussy for the forseeable future. YEAH BABY!

Last night’s session turned unexpectedly hot. We were both pretty tired and neither one of us anticipated actually having sex, but, TW played with Mr. Happy and Mr. Happy returned the favor by getting pretty damn hard. TW rolled on her side and told me to fuck her. OK, no problem. I can do that.

I fucked her from behind for a while to several strong orgasms. She then pushed me onto my back and mounted me Cow Girl style. I fucked her to a few more orgasms while my hands played butt bongo on her. As I spanked her, I was also busy licking and kissing her tits, once again, making TW come hard. TW finally rolled off of me and spread herself out face down on the bed. “Spank me” she moaned. I told her to hang on while I got the paddle.

As I reached for the paddle, I heard TW moan a little more loudly. I rubbed the paddle over her ass and TW responded by arching her back, making her ass available for a full bore paddling. I brought the paddle down lightly at first, just laying the groundwork for a more intense spanking.

I began with light smacks all over her ass cheeks, making sure to cover her entire ass. TW’s face was buried in her pillow and I saw that she was making herself busy by fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. I increased the tempo and strength of my swats, making sure to evenly distribute the stings. TW’s hips started rocking and I knew she was coming. Her whole body went rigid as I continued to spank her ass a nice, bright red.

Slowly, TW spread her legs. I took this to mean she wanted her pussy paddled, so, I paddled her pussy. She screamed out her orgasm as I gently paddled her pussy. I could hear wet, sloshing sounds as she worked herself over with her fingers. I alternated my strokes now, a couple on her ass and a couple on her pussy. I was spanking the inside of her thighs as well. She thrashed about on the bed and was sobbing quietly. I slowed my strokes and began to rub the paddle over her ass. A few minutes later, I put the paddle away and she tucked into my shoulder.

We stayed in that position for a while, TW gently stroking my cock, my fingers lazily playing with her pussy lips. “Hey, what are you trying to do?” She asked me.

“Who me?” I feigned innocence.

“Yeah you!” She shot back.

“Oh, just reliving the old days. You remember, don’t you? Kissing good night in your back yard. My hand down the front of your jean shorts, playing with your pussy.”

TW moaned quietly and I felt her pussy throb.

“Hmm, I guess you DO remember!”

“How the hell could I EVER forget that!” She whispered. “I loved it, hell, I STILL love it when you play with my pussy.”

I continued to stroke her lips, every once in a while bumping her clit. She started to rotate her hips and I just followed along. Pretty soon she was working on a very intense, very violent orgasm. She spread her legs wide and let me stroke and finger her to another orgasm. When I latched onto her breast, she lost it. Her legs shot up into the air. She grabbed the back of my head and crushed my mouth against her breast. I sucked at her nipple for all I was worth, still working her clit and pussy with my fingers. Finally, she pushed me away, her clit over sensitive by now. I positioned myself on my back and she cuddled up next to me and drifted off to sleep.

I just lay there, thinking about how lucky I was to have found her.

I can’t wait to see what tonight brings!

Ya Wanna?

Damn, is TW hot for it. Yesterday, after I got home, I was treated to a wonderful sight. My sweet, sexy baby spread out on the bed, fingering her pussy. Needless to say, I didn’t waste any time getting between her sexy thighs and eating her to several mind blowing orgasms. She spent the rest of the night in a kind of orgasmic haze. She said every time I looked at her or she heard my voice, her pussy would throb with desire. YEAH BABY! She was all over me most of the night. Lucky me!

We had a nice slow session last night. Just some quick fucking from behind to take the edge off before bed. TW sucked me off too. I finished my orgasm, with my hands in her hair and my cock deep in her mouth. I was imagining it was Z who was blowing me. Fuck, it was HOT!

We had to get up early this morning and take SC to school. He and his teammates were heading off for a spring break lacrosse tournament. Early, as in meet @ 5:00 A.M. and be gone by 5:30 A.M. Which meant we had to be up by 4:00 – 4:30. UGH. They’re playing five games in four days. Good luck to them! Well, you can guess what happened when I got home from dropping him off, right? Yeah, my baby was waiting naked for me. Hot damn! Three times in less than 12 hours! WOOT!

We got right down to it. I quickly stripped off my clothes and hopped into bed (let me tell you, a 270 lb. man hopping is NOT a pretty sight) I kissed TW passionately and she grabbed my cock. I got hard pretty fast again so TW pushed me onto my back and mounted me CG style. She rubbed her clit over my cock and then reached down to position me for entry. I slid in with ease and we were off to the races.

TW gently fucked me with her pussy. I was busy sucking and pinching and pulling on her breasts. Her breathing increased and soon she was having her first orgasm. I continued my assault on her nipples. This absolutely drives TW crazy with desire. I could feel her pussy get hotter and wetter and I alternated sucking her nipples into my mouth. She started to hump me faster and soon was arching her back in orgasm.

We fucked like that for a while and then moved into the spoon style position. I quickly entered TW from behind and fucked her hard. She came again, screaming her orgasm into her pillow. I continued to fuck her hard from behind, driving her into one orgasm after another. I love morning wood. I stay hard forever, it seems. I’m also able to try different positions without fear of coming too soon. I’ve found myself in the past few days, in a pushup position, balanced on my hands and feet, fucking TW from behind. This angle really gets TW off. I’m sure she’s fantasizing about laying face down in the woods, being taken from behind by several lovers. Don’t I wish!

Pretty soon though, we were both tired, so we stopped and got some more sleep. This is VERY cool!

See, there is PLENTY of married sex after 40!