Shhhh, be vewy, vewy qwiet, we’re hunting sex…

It’s been an almost sex free weekend at the M-D household. Between work, kid’s activites, TW getting ready for a party next weekend and more kid’s activities, TW and I haven’t had the time nor the desire to “get it on!”

TW’s been in a lot of pain lately. It’s her sciatic nerve band that’s causing the trouble. It’s painful for me to watch her walk around. Her leg muscles are just so tight it’s unbelievable. I do what I can by massaging her, but so far, I’ve been pretty much of no help for her. Damn it!

We did get in some lovin’ on Friday night and Saturday morning, but they were quiet sessions, mostly spoon style. My poor baby. Hopefully, we’ll get in some sex tonight.

“Sad eyes, turn the other way…..”

I got some bad news over the past couple of days. W, the bubble butt from the other department is going part time. Two days a week. Damn, I’m gonna miss that ass of her’s. T, (from my department) the hot, little latina that likes to wear loose tops, is transferring to another department and won’t be in the office as much. At least G, from down the hall is still sticking around. She had on a pair of dress slacks that are so tight, it’s hard to figure out if she has underwear on. I’m sure she does, she doesn’t seem like the type that would go commando, but one never knows. I’ve enjoyed following her down the hall several times today. As for S, well, she’s out of commission. Her face was so swollen today, she had oral surgery two days ago, she looked pitiful. At least she was smart enough to take a half day and go home. Poor thing, not that I care about her anymore, but still, I know what it’s like to deal with bad teeth issues. Plus, the eye candy factor from her has been nill lately.

I swear I’m NOT sleep deprived….

So yesterday I was in bed by 7:30. Real Romeo ain’t I? I was just so damned spent from the day at work that I didn’t have the energy to stay awake. TW tucked me into bed by doing a little happy dance in her panties “don’t you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me….” and then sitting on my face. Now, THAT’S getting tucked in for the night my friends! I was able to eat her to a couple of quick orgasms and then I was off to dreamland. I had this real funky dream that my mustache got cut off in the night. I mean in one scene, I had it and then, zip, it was gone. That was freaky. When I woke up this morning I tugged on it just to make sure it was still there.

This morning, after almost 11 hours of sleep, I was more than ready to get into TW’s panties. Of course, she wasn’t wearing any, but I was ready! We started off with TW sucking on my cock. Damn, that ALWAYS feels good. We soon moved to spoon style where I was able to get my baby off a few times.

TW then wanted to ride me so, I rolled on to my back and my hot, sexy honey mounted me and rode me like the horse I am. Of course, not too many saddles come equipped with a flesh like dildo, but mine does. ;D TW rode me for a while as I busied myself by licking her nipples and slapping her ass. I guess I wasn’t quick enough on the ass end of things because TW had to tell me it was okay to “tap her ass a bit” I like a girl who takes charge so, I tapped her ass a bit. Nothing too heavy, just some nice stinging slaps to the ass. Man, did her pussy get H O T and W E T!

She rode me to a few more small orgasms then asked me to take her from behind again. I fucked her spoon style for a short time but then we had to get our days going so we stopped. I’m looking forward to tonight. I think the paddle is gonna get a good workout this evening. Hope TW’s ready for it!

Holy cramping hamstrings, Batman!

Oh what a glorious, hot, sexy, fucking awesome session we had last night! Jesus Fucking Christ! It was absolutely the best sex we’ve had in about a month, and the session really didn’t last all that long.

TW and I both had pretty tough days yesterday, so it was doubtful we’d get any lovin’ in. Boy, were we WRONG! It started off slowly enough but built into quite the quality session that ended with a cumshot to the titties and cramping hammies. Let me tell you about it….

Like I said, we were both pretty tired. My cock really didn’t want to respond to TW’s ministrations and when we first started fucking, spoon style, it was more like a wet noodle than the thunder god it is (okay, you can stop laughing now) However, it did start to respond when I turned TW over on her back and started to eat her. When she asked me to spank her, SCHWING!

I had TW get on all fours. I didn’t waste any time getting down to business. I spanked her hard and I spanked her often. Every now and then I’d slip my fingers into her pussy and get her off that way. The spanking was well distributed, ass, thighs, and pussy. Oh, did TW get hot when I spent time slapping her pussy. Christ, she was HOT. She was moaning and thrashing about. She had to reposition herself a few times, so I could get back to a proper spanking.

From the spanking, we moved back to spooning, however, I was so excited by the thought of spanking her that I almost came too quickly. I did fuck her to a couple of strong orgasms this way, but, like I said, was too excited to continue. So, we did the next best thing. I let my fingers do the walking all over her pussy.

When TW and I first started getting into sexual play, we limited ourselves to heavy foreplay and oral. The first time I put my hands down her pants was quite surprising and thrilling. I’d never felt such a wet, sloppy pussy. To think I could turn her on so much that she was absolutely soaking wet just blew my mind. I love playing with her pussy. I always have and I always will. Last night was one of the best finger play sessions we’ve ever had, well, at least in my opinion. It doesn’t beat the times at her backdoor when we were saying goodnight and I got my hands into her tight, jean shorts, but it came pretty close.

After pulling out of TW, I started to touch and massage her body. I suckled on her breasts and started to lightly stroke her clit. I ran my fingers across her pussy lips and could feel the wetness building. As I played, TW’s breathing became ragged and short. When the orgasms started, it was pure delight.

TW had several, very strong, very violent orgasms. Her whole body went rigid and her pussy just gushed. I worked all around her clit and pussy, sometimes just barely entering her with a finger, other times trying to get my whole hand into her. But, it was the clit rubbing that really set her off. She was speaking in tongues, moaning and thrashing about, legs and arms flailing all over. She was whipping her head back and forth and babbling non-sense. I continued to stroke her clit until she finally pulled my hand away and said, “Enough

Oh my baby was hot and sweaty. We did some more spooning until I asked her if she wanted me to come on her. She quickly replied, “Yes. I want to feel your come on my tits” I went to the bathroom to get a towel. TW was spread out on the bed and finding it difficult to move. When I got back to the bed, TW shifted over toward the edge and I knelt on the bed right by her tits.

I stroked my cock and slapped her tits with it. She licked the head and was telling me to imagine us in the woods, her spread out on a picnic table, me stroking my cock along with the four or five other guys who were stroking their cocks. Well, that did it for me. I moaned out my orgasm and with the first spurt of my cock, my damn hamstrings locked up. HOLY SHIT! CRAMP! OW! FUCK! OH THE PAIN! WAIT, I ‘M STILL COMING, OKAY, THAT’S ALRIGHT. NO, WAIT, IT FUCKING HURTS! I straightened out one leg but the other one kept cramping. Sperm was flying everywhere, on TW’s tits, on the blanket, on her face and the damn hamstrings were still cramping. I stood up at the edge of the bed, my cock still firing away, when TW finally grabbed my shaft and pulled me into her mouth. My legs loosened up a bit, but were still cramping. I really didn’t know I could come in that condition. I guess you learn something new every day! After laughing about it, we cleaned up and headed off to sleep.

So, a warning to all you gentlemen out there, make sure you’re well stretched out before embarking on the kneeling on the bed come shot.

I don’t know, what do you think?

TW and I have frequently talked about getting involved in the swinging lifestyle. However, there is one MAJOR issue that prevents us from doing so, TW and I hate people.

Well, hate is a pretty strong word, let’s say we’re both majorly disappointed in people. This didn’t just happen overnight, it’s been a long process, just about 27 years worth of processing in fact. First, we watched our friends drift away. We tried to keep them as long as possible but it wasn’t to be. We’d call, invite them over, have parties, but they just didn’t give a damn about us.

For a long time, TW was hesitant about getting involved with swinging. Oh, I tried, but I never forced her into doing something she didn’t want to do. Then, after a period of 10 – 15 years or so, she became interested again. We talked about it and decided to join a couple of swingers boards. The first one, CEBBS, was a lot of fun. I went to a couple of lunches with some of the members when I worked downtown and we attended one picnic, but TW and I felt out of place. The group was either older with no kids or younger with no kids. We were one of the few couples on board who had kids so it wasn’t as easy for us to get out and go. I’m not saying older or younger was a turnoff, it was “the kids, Marty, something has to be done about your kids!

The second board we joined, and are still non-participating members of, is LL. Another nice place where the folks are friendly. Unfortunately, we just don’t seem to click with anyone on there either. It always goes wrong with the pics. We’ll talk with folks, get to know them and then, when we send the pics (although, EVERYONE claims looks aren’t important) we never hear from them again. Maybe TW and I are just destined to be friendless. We don’t know.

All we do know is we’re tired of trying to be nice, trying to be friendly, doing the right thing. We watch all the people who aren’t nice, who fuck people over get the better end of the deal. Maybe we’re too damn nice for our own good. We’re trying very hard NOT to pass that on to our kids, but they’re seeing it in their own lives as well. Maybe it’s just the way of the world these days: screw your neighbor, fuck over your employees, grab the money and run, treat your family like shit. It’s deeply disturbing and deeply depressing. Guess we’re just not cut out for this way of life. We both grew up in families that encouraged helping one another out. It’s not that way with our generation any more.