I’m so proud!

I am now the proud husband of a 38-D! YEAH BABY!

TW went to VS today to use a couple of gift certificates she’s received over the past couple of months. She got herself measured and she’s now a 38-D. That sure brings a smile to my face. And to think, it was only a few short years ago that she was a B-Cup. Well, okay, it was BK (Before Kids) My, how they’ve grown (the breasts, oh, and the kids too I guess)

“It Feels Like The First Time….”

Period Sex

Yes folks, believe it or else, TW and I had period sex last night. Other than the shock factor, it went pretty damn sweetly.

TW wore one of her Instead period cups to see if they really did let you have sex while on your period without the mess. Well it worked, sort of. I think if she had not rode me CG style it might have worked. As it was, the combination of my ginormous cock (hey, quit rolling your eyes!) and her awesome orgasms, there was blood to be seen. TW kept apologizing but I told her not to worry, it’s part of life. Hell, the most important thing was she got off in a BIG way.

TW was horny all night. She was touchie-feelie all night and wanted to try out the Instead cup. I had no problem with it, since I could use a good fucking too. As we prepared for bed, TW brought out a towel.

“I need you and I need to be fucked tonight,” she explained.

“No problem”

As soon as I got in bed, TW was all over me; rubbing her tits on my cock and licking and fondling my balls. She then began to suck me to hardness. It didn’t take very long.

TW then mounted me CG style and off we went. I could feel the head of my cock bumping into the cup. Evidently, I tilted it a bit since when we were done, my cock and stomach were covered in blood. No, I did NOT freak out worrying about Mr. Happy. I’m a gore loving type of guy so the blood was more fascinating than horrifying. Plus, TW had some MAJOR orgasms. They were so intense, she was left crying afterwards. Now, THAT’S good sex!

We both agreed that this is definitely something we’re going to continue to do. Other than the mess, it’s fucking fantastic! Guess we’ll be getting in more shower sessions during her period. I can’t wait!

“We’re gonna get this place, Hotter Than Hell!”

The brainiac building management turned off the air this weekend. So what if it hit close to 90 all three days? My poor computer room was 83 degrees and rising when I got in today. Fuckers!

I’d suggest all the ladies take their tops off to cool off but my brain is too fried to formulate the words. So, instead, I’m listening to the Beach Boys and imagining myself on the beach with all the ladies in bikinis. It’s the only thing I can do in this heat. Oh, and TW and all three of her sisters are here on the beach too. Let me tell you, they’re VERY HOT!

Out, out damned spot…..

Hey, if you’re reading this and are in the Armed Forces, Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for serving the country. Stay safe and come home soon. God bless.

In a cruel twist of fate, TW’s period arrived 3 days early! FUCK, FUCKITY, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! Luckily, we did get in a nice session yesterday morning before it arrived. We even got some nice 69 in. After all, fate has been calling us to do it. 😀 Now, it’s quiet time for a few days before we can get back into it. Damn, and it was a three day weekend too! Oh well, we will survive. Have a great weekend everyone!

Okay, it wasn’t all bad news this weekend. There was a family party Friday night and X and Z were wearing some very nice clothing. X had on a low cut top and a short skirt. Whenever she sat down I was able to get some nice panty shots. It was all I could do to keep from burying my face between her tits and going bwub, bwub, bwub, bwub, bwub. As for Z, DAMN! She wore a very revealing top. It was VERY nice. I must have been staring too much though because every time I’d walk by her, she’d cover her chest up with a magazine or her hands. Must learn to be more discreet. TW thinks she wears her tops for me, since her husband doesn’t pay any attention to her. If she does, THANK YOU Z! Feel free to wear that top any time I’m around! TW, not to be outdone, had a wonderfully low cut top that was sheer enough to see her bra. That’s my girl! When we got home from the party, I was able to get some quick feels in and lick her cleavage. It was titty heaven on Friday. Now, if I can just convince them to have a MDD, TW, X & Z party where the girls would all be topless. Ain’t gonna happen, but I can dream can’t I? I’d ask Y, but she was up to her neck in blouse on Friday.

Everything’s Coming Up….


69 has been the number of choice lately. Temperature, number at the deli counter, total at the grocery store, mileage on one of the cars (69,000), it’s been really freaky. Is someone trying to tell us something? We think so! Honey, guess what we’re doing tonight!