Questions? Anybody have any questions? Anyone?

T-minus 48 hours and counting. TW and I leave for our week away from the kids this Sunday morning. Neither one of us can wait! TW was out buying all kids of tops (that will show off her sexy titties) yesterday and modeled a few of them for me last night. Very nice! I can hardly wait to go out in public with her! That’s if we ever leave the hotel room though. We’re thinking of each and every part of the room that we’re going to fuck on. Right now, the patio and the kitchen counter/table are very high on the list. We can’t wait!

We got in a quick session this morning that almost made me late for work. It was worth it. TW reached over to find me and my morning hard on ready to go. I lay on my back and she quickly mounted me and rode me CG style to a couple of quick orgasms. She then rolled off and we continued our humping session in the Spoon position. It lasted maybe a total of 10 minutes but it was definitely worth it!

Since we’re going to be incommunicado for the next week, TW and I thought we’d open the question box. If you have any questions for us regarding our sex life, relationship or anything like that, please e-mail us and we’ll answer you, here on the blog, when we get back. We’ve seen other bloggers do it and I’ve always found it interesting.

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead. We’ll be back on the 8th. Talk with you then.

Vacation Preview

Yesterday, TW and I had a preview of what our week is gonna be like on vacation.

When I got home, TW was spread out on the kitchen table, naked and ready. I immediately got down and ate her to several strong orgasms before helping her off the table. We headed off to the bedroom where we would be more comfortable.

I immediately got down between her legs and ate her again. She thrashed about on the bed and humped my face like mad. We repositioned ourselves so I could enter her from behind. I quickly fucked her to another orgasm or two before she pushed me onto my back and mounted me CG style.

Oh, did I ever fuck her good. She ground herself down on my cock and I pumped her hard as she rode me. When I reached into the headboard for the paddle, it was missing! TW got off me and started a frantic search for it. I told her not to worry, my hands would work just as well but she wouldn’t hear it.

We finally located the paddle and TW mounted me again. From the first swat until the last, TW was in a constant, frantic state. It was either a series of short orgasms or one long drawn out one. She was moaning and crying and whimpering and coming. God, did she come. Her pussy got hotter with each impact of paddle on ass. She would cry out from time to time, but otherwise she was in deep concentration and focused on her orgasms.

In fact, she was so focused on her orgasms, she missed it when I told her she needed to get off of me. She just looked at me confused and I repeated she needed to get off me. Again with the blank stare. Suddenly though, the meaning hit her. I was going to come, inside her! Um, no, definitely cannot have that! I managed to hold it and TW was able to successfully dismount before disaster happened.

She quickly took me into her mouth and I filled her hot, wet mouth with my come. TW took the opportunity to get in a little 69. While I was tickling her clit with my tongue, I reddened her ass with my hands. Some well placed smacks to the ass and TW was off and running. Her hips moved like lightning and she rubbed her cunt across my face. Damn, do I love eating her cunt.

She finally rolled off me and we lay side-by-side, panting and catching our breath. Needless to say, the paddle is going with us on vacation, along with some bondage ties. The dildos are staying at home this time. Next driving vacation we’ll take them, maybe, if they’re good. ;D

Morning Fun

TW and I had another wonderful morning session this morning. We actually were able to wake up after the alarm went off. Soon after, TW went off too. ;D

Oh the fun we had this morning, there was plenty of sex. We pretty much did everything a couple could do with the exception of Missionary and Anal. Other than that, it was a free for all. There was CG, Spoon, 69, Spanking, Nipple Twisting, Oral, RCG, and some finger action at the end. All in all a wonderful morning. We wish you were there to share it with us. Well, okay, I wish you were there. The more the merrier!

Great Loving on the Road

TH & I don’t feel the need to exchange gifts for our anniversary. He showers me with love and attention all year long…what more a gift could a wife want from her loving husband. I hope that the love and attention that I shower on him lets him know just how much I appreciate him. I like to surprise him too. He did forgot to mention my little gift to him which took place in the car.

I wore a thong under my short skirt out to dinner and teased TH with a flash here and a flash there on the ride to the restaurant. The thong barely covered my pussy lips and disclosed enough to keep him looking. Then affter dinner, I couldn’t be confined anymore. I removed that thong in a flash and provided my nice smooth shaved and creaming pussy for his eyes only (and any passing truck drivers to see-since they have a good view on things…unfortunately not too many were on the road at the time we were). Well TH’s eyes lit up and his fingers wandered over to my dripping honey pot…and it was not long before he had me moaning and groaning and cumming all over his sexy fingertips. He knows just the right way to manipulate my clit and pussy and get me off. He did it a few more times bringing me to some pretty powerful orgasms, before I had to stop him so I could catch my breath. Well TH pulls his dripping wet fingers out of my pussy and proceeds to lick them one at a time…and sniff the sweet smell of sex. It turns me on to have him so turned on by me.

So we ride along, my pussy still exposed….I turn my pussy to the drivers side and he goes at it again. I just love to cum like that so uninhibited in the car. I’m looking forward to a lot of that on our trip next week. All TH has to do is touch me and I let go. So I slide my top to the side and pull my tit out of the sexy bra I was wearing, flashing TH, and he immediately has my nipple in his hand and he starts working me…driving 65-70mph on the highway, teasing me so much. I just had to move my hand down to my soaking wet pussy and play with myself…oh my the orgasms I did have…TH kept twisting and tweaking my nipples and I kept moaning and cumming more and more.

Ahhhh nothing like some great loving on the road. There is something about the intensity of those orgasms and the chance that just maybe someone else is watching that adds to the excitement. I am so looking forward to our trip without the kids sexy. Looking forward to your lovin!

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration!

TW and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary over the weekend. We spent the majority of the weekend watching our son play in a tournament nearby. The team did pretty well but you could tell they’re wore out. Luckily, season’s over and they can get some rest.

Other than that, TW and I celebrated by going out to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant where the bill was over $100 for the two of us. Now you know why we don’t go out all that much. Thankfully, I had an old gift card that a co-worker gave me a couple of years ago. It was still good so it wasn’t quite as painful on the pocketbook.

We didn’t exchange cards or anything like that. It was a nice, busy weekend. Oh, but we definitely got some good lovin’ in too!

Friday, I took a half day and TW and I engaged in an all out, orgasmic session when I got home. Oh, there was CG, RCG, Oral, Spoon, more Oral and a finish that left TW drenched in my come. Oh the fun we did have!

On Saturday, we had a nice little oral session in the early afternoon. At night time we had another rousing session although it was limited to Spoon and CG. TW rode me like a true rodeo champion and came numerous times. Although we were both pretty sleepy, we had a lot of fun.

Last night, we finished off the anniversary celebration with another spirited sex session. First off, we danced naked to our favorite song, “Love Of A Lifetime” by Firehouse. As we slowly rotated, we kissed passionately. My hands were busy groping TW’s ass and breasts. From time to time I would run my hands through her hair and pull her close to me.

After our dance, we got on the bed and got down to business. TW started off by sucking my cock. I got hard in no time and TW mounted me proper. She rode me to one orgasm after another. She really went off when I started to suck on her tits. I teased and licked her tits and then sucked each nipple into my mouth, sending TW into orgasmic heaven. I also took the opportunity to grab her sexy ass and lightly spank her.

We also fucked in the Spoon position and finished up with me filling her mouth with my come. I shot so much into her mouth that she wound up gagging and having to run to the bathroom. She left my cock, hard, wet and dripping come. She quickly returned with a towel and, after licking and sucking me clean, toweled me dry. We drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms, looking forward to the next 23 years of married bliss.