Vacation Finale

Okay, here’s the end of our vacation recap.

TW and I had been having sex all over the condo where we were staying. We did it in the living room, the dinette area, there was some play in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the dressing area. The dressing area was my favorite. It contained two sinks and a very large area to the left that was perfect for some photo ops. TW and I took advantage of it to take some nice pics of her. After the photo session, well, shit, actually during the photo session, I got to eat that delectable pussy of her’s.

Fast forward to Thursday. TW and I are done doing the touristy stuff and have nothing but time till our flight leaves on Sunday. Going to the pool is out due to the warm water and kiddie factor. What do to, what to do!?! Oh, you know damn well what we did!

Oh did that dressing area get used. We started off in the bedroom. I ate my sweet honey’s pussy and she rode me like the expert cowgirl she is. We fucked and sucked ourselves silly all over the bed until I had a wonderful idea. In the dressing area was a bench, I estimate it could probaby hold 3-4 people sitting side by side. Who the hell needs that kinda room? Anyway, I stopped TW and we dragged the bench closer to the bed.

First up on the agenda was a spanking for my dirty girl. I had TW lay across my lap. I told her what a naughty little bitch she was and that she deserved to be punished, I mean rewarded, for being such a slutty minx. I began to spank her naked ass with my hands.

TW was grinding herself against me and I told her bad girls don’t get to do that. I’d have to use something else to teach her a lesson. Luckily, we brought our trusty paddle with us. TW groaned with contentment as I brought the paddle out. I spanked her ass until it was a nice cherry red. We set up the camera to catch the action. We’ll post those pics at a later date. Just keep it in mind. I continued to spank her until my cock was rock hard. It really didn’t take all that long.

After her discipline session, I had her lie back on the bench and I slipped my face down between her legs and ate her to a fantastic orgasm. I then fucked her in several positions that included a sexy and hot doggy session. I pulled back on her pony tail and roughly fucked her to one orgasm after another. I had a wonderful view, in the mirror, of her sexy titties swaying back and froth while I violently fucked her. Since this view was getting me close to coming, I backed off and ate her from behind, TW still on all fours.

It was time for the finale. I had TW lie on the bench with her head hanging off the edge. I teased her by rubbing my cock all over her face. I watched as her hands wandered down to her cunt and began to play. I played with her tits as she licked my shaft and balls. I moved my cock to her mouth and she quickly sucked it in.

She began to really suck at me while she fingered and played with her pussy. I grabbed both sides of her head and began to face fuck her. TW was moaning deep down in her throat and was gagging from time to time as I pushed my dick deeper and deeper. Her orgasm came quickly and was quite violent. I watched as she fingered herself. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let her come. Her legs were high in the air and spread wide. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and every time she put her fingers into her cunt, it made a squishy sound. That vision is so fucking hot, it gets me hard just thinking about it.

I was stroking my cock and watching my baby come on her fingers. I stroked myself faster and faster and let TW know she was about to get a nice facial to end the week.

“Oh fuck baby, give it to me, cover me in your come. It’s so fucking hot!” She screamed.

I groaned as I released my load. The first squirts hit her tits and TW had another powerful orgasm. She began mumbling and moaning incoherently as the first shot hit her tits. I aimed for her face and wet her down pretty good. Her face was covered and there was a nice pool of come on her neck. TW was moaning and coming as she licked the come on her lips. I looked down and was quite pleasantly surprised by the amount of come I saw. I’d been coming all week but there was still a nice, big load for her to wear.

I squeezed the last few drops of come from my cock onto her face. TW just smiled and took my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked me clean. I bent down and kissed her lips, tasting my come. I helped her get cleaned up and we collaspsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Friday and Saturday were lazy days for us. We had a few more sessions on both days and just generally took it easy. TW and I can’t wait to get away again. We had a hell of a lot of fun and are really looking forward to when the kids are out of the house. Oh, the fun we will have.

As we were packing up things on Saturday night, TW came across a tube of lubricant. Without skipping a beat, she turned to me and asked me if I was ever gonna fuck her ass. We both looked at one another and busted out laughing. I guess my baby is ready for it. We’ll keep you posted if and when that should happen.

Somebody Rescue Me

A quick question, where are all the people like the couple in Rescue Me that took Mike to bed with them. Why can’t TW or I meet someone like them? Okay, I know there’s the ick factor of them being brother and sister, still, it would be nice to be approached as a possible threesome or moresome partner! DAMN!

Slowly, very slowly

Things are slowly returning to normal around the M-D household. Very slowly. I got in a nice pussy eating session last night. I love eating TW’s pussy. I could spend my entire day, lying between her legs and just feasting and loving her cunt. I recently shaved off my mustache, so both of us are now nice and smooth. She came several times. A couple of them were head twisting, thigh clamping, heavy duty orgasms. I LOVED IT! Can’t wait to get down there again today.

Well, my die(t) has been going okay and, I’m actually working out too! Who woulda thunk it? Of course, it’s been what, three days? We’ll see where I am a couple of weeks from now. I definitely feel better. I have more energy (I’m not drinking any pop, that in and of itself is a minor miracle) and I’m not as tired at the end of the day like I used to be.

TW was checking out spanking devices at the Lover’s Lane website. Lucky me! Her birthday is coming up, so I need to find something special that I can discipline her with, maybe a nice cat o’ nine tails or flogger. Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about that. Lucky me again. 😀

Resistance Is Futile

In my heightened sexually aroused state, I’m having trouble resisting the temptation to grab a hold of S and lay one on her. She looks good in her tight blue jeans and sleeveless top. Her top is nice and tight and looks very soft. I’m dying to see how soft it is. I’m doing it so far by reminding myself of earlier in the year and also reminding myself she’s certainly not dressing up for me. (Don’t worry TW, I’m being good.) EDIT: To help myself out, I’ve closed the blinds in my office. I have a small window that faces the hallway. Naturally S uses that hallway to travel back and forth. I’m pretty pitiful ain’t I?

I had the same trouble with a vendor of our’s. If you recall, (hell, even if you don’t) I met her for a business dinner. Yes, that’s all it was. There was no hanky panky going on but, once again, I made myself believe she was interested in me sexually. WHAT A LOSER! Hey, she was pretty easy on the eyes and I certainly wouldn’t mind her joining TW and I in bed, but I’m just another customer to her, as it should be. I can’t believe I did it to myself again. I must be crazy!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, of course I am!

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

Well, not only do the gods fuck with our sex lives, they also fuck with our daily lives as well. Right after her father dies, TW find out that lung cancer has returned to one of her uncles. Peachy no? FUCK NO! I know this death thing runs in threes but this is fucking ridiculous! The cancer is bigger than last time and in a much harder place to operate on. Ugh, if I wasn’t already nucking futs, I sure would be after this year.

I just wonder how much stress a person can take before they finally snap like a brittle twig. Guess we’re gonna find out.

On a much happier note, TW and I had a wonderful stress relieving session last night. It started out Spoon style but quickly had to move to oral and then 69 due to my masturbatory habits of the past day or so. TW came very forcefully and I filled her mouth to overflow with the load my sore balls provided. We got some much needed sleep last night. TW slept through the night for the first time since her dad died. Yay for sex!

In case you haven’t noticed, the photos have been pulled temporarily. TW didn’t feel comfortable having them up after her dad died. They’ll return when she’s more comfortable. Of course, I may be posting some of mine. You have been warned! So, if you go blind, it’s nobody’s fault but your own!