Hooray For Period Shower Sex!

TW and I got in a nice little shower sex session this morning. I had a doctor’s appointment so I was able to delay my departure this morning.

I was in the shower when I heard the bathroom door open. In walked a very naked TW. It appears she was horny and in need of some stress relief. Luckily, she came to the right person.

TW got in the shower and immediately knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. She was quite pleasantly surprised by my diet results, as she can now look me in the face when sucking my cock! Let me tell you, she looked very good, down on her knees, sucking my dick.

As soon as I was hard, TW stood up and we kissed deeply and passionately. I slapped her sexy ass a few times, just for warmup purposes, and then she turned around and told me to fuck her. You’re goddamn right I’m gonna fuck you, I thought. I reached down, parted her pussy lips and slipped my throbbing cock inside. A couple of short strokes later and I was balls deep in her cunt.

Morning hardons are great, aren’t they? I pounded TW from behind to one orgasm after another. When I started to vigorously spank her ass and hips, she went ballistic. She screamed out her orgasms as I reddened her ass cheeks and fucked her to the point her head was banging into the shower wall.

We quickly finished up, as I had to get to the doctor. TW told me that she wants MORE period shower sex this cycle. I agree with her. Now, if we can just get up earlier in the morning to fufill her request. Honey, what time did you want me to set the alarm for?

401 and counting!

WOW This is the 401st post in this journal! HOLY CRAP! Who’d a thunk it? Anyone know if that backup feature has been added to Blogger yet? Just kidding, if I have to start over, I’ll start over.

Since TW’s period is due any hour now, we felt it safe enough last night that I was able to fill my baby’s pussy full of my come. It was a nice finish to a very busy day.

The night started out with me lying naked in bed and TW sucking my cock. I think I’ve told how good she is haven’t I? Have I mentioned that she swallows? Anyway, she worked her magic with her mouth and I was hard in no time. TW took the opportunity to mount up and ride me CG style. She fucked herself to several, nice and strong, orgasms, arching her back and slapping my chest.

As she was orgasming, I took the opportunity to just watch her come. It really is a sight to behold. Her body rigid, her face contorted in sheer abandonment and pleasure, her breasts shaking so sexily. Damn, I just love watching her come.

TW then rolled off me and I took her from the side. She was on her back, so I had easy access to her sexy titties. I pinched and twisted and pulled on her nipples, switching from one breast to the other. She then rolled away from me and I really pounded her from behind.

She had a couple of really strong orgasms as I fucked her this way. She quickly wanted to get back on top and ride me CG style and, well, you know the drill, who am I to complain, right? TW got back on top and rode me to several strong orgasms. This time, I got to play and suck on those delicious titties of her’s.

When she came and arched her back, I leaned forward and latched on to her tits. TW’s hips moved forward and back in a rapid pace. I drove my cock all the way into her pussy and she collapsed on top of me. I kissed her and nuzzled her neck. I lightly bit the side of her neck, causing her to moan deeply. I continued to fuck her in this position, holding her head against my shoulder and grabbing her by the hair.

TW then rolled off me and I fucked her from behind again. I asked her if she was ready to take my load and she moaned, loudly, that yes, she was ready.

“Come in me baby. I love to feel your come splash my cunt”

I began to fuck TW faster and faster, finally, burying my cock deep in her pussy and releasing my load. TW moaned and came violently as the first spurt hit her pussy walls. I pounded her from behind, my come adding even more lubrication to her very wet pussy. I slowed my pace and leisurely fucked her. I love coming in her pussy. Since we don’t do it that often, it’s still a major thrill to do it. I also like coming on her pussy as well. We’ve only done that a few times, but it’s been absolutely fucking fantastic when we have. I just never remember to have the camera handy when we do it. It’s an awesome photo op!

Amazingly, I stayed hard and fucked her for another 10 minutes or so. She had a couple more orgasms. I was completely spent and we both almost immediately fell asleep where we lay, still connected via my cock and her pussy. TW eventually moved away to clean up and I waited for her return. We fell asleep wrapped in one another’s arms.

Nice ending to a stressful and tiring day.

The Boys Are Back in Town…..

With my apologies to Thin Lizzy

Hey, guess who’s back in town? That’s right friends, Mr. Creepy is back and as clueless as ever. He talked to TW yesterday, giving her the same ol’ schpeel (sp?) about himself. “Can you and Mr. M-D come out to see me at the hotel.” WTF? Are you really that fucking stupid? I mean, what part of we can’t do it this week did you NOT understand.

I know what he wants, TW knows what he wants, he knows what he wants, but he ain’t gettin’ it, that’s for sure. She told him we cannot get together this week since we’re still kinda busy. Did he take a rain check? Did he understand? Did he get a clue? HELL NO! He just kept rambling on about me meeting him and then TW joining us later. What a fucking retard! Wait, that’s giving retarded people a bad name. I mean, I KNOW I’m pretty clueless most of the time, but I think I would have got it by now. So, no titty views for him. We’ll save that for the hard working truck drivers out there.

No News is Good News?

Not much going on. TW and I were too pooped to pop last night. Oh, the spirit was willing, but the flesh was very weak. I think we were both out by the time our heads hit the pillows. Sad but true.

My youngest turns 14 today. Happy Birthday Kiddo. Hope the day goes well. It’s really nice having older kids now. They amuse themselves while mom and dad slip upstairs for a quickie every now and then. You can’t beat that! Now, if we can only get back into that groove.

Damn Faulty Memory Chips

Well, my flash memory is even worse than I thought. TW reminded me last night, and not too gently, that we had some GREAT sessions this past weekend. She felt slighted by my lack of hot, Hot, HOT descriptions of the debauchery we had. Sorry honey.

So, yes, we did have a pretty good weekend sexually. (I’m sorry folks, the days are all just running together for me.) She reminded me that she swallowed a nice load and that we did fuck like wild animals. How the hell could I forget that? Damn faulty memory banks!

I do remember last night pretty clearly though. Maybe I have to start recording stuff on the weekends now; that way it’ll be fresher in my mind. Again, sorry baby. Oh yeah, last night.

I had a late night. I was late leaving work due to some computer problems. I didn’t get home until after 9:30 P.M. I also had to work out last night so I was worried we might not get a session in. No worries though as the workout invigorated me.

TW started off by sucking me and getting me hard. She then mounted me CG style and we were off. She kept asking me if I was remembering what I was doing. Then she wondered why I was spanking her ass so hard a little later on. That’s what happens to smartasses my love!

TW rode me to several strong orgasms, grinding her pussy and clit against my pelvic bone. I slipped out a couple of times, but TW just reached down and reinserted my cock in to her pussy. After a while, she rolled off me and I entered her from behind.

We fucked Spoon style for a bit before she repositioned herself on her back so I could reach her sexy titties. I fucked her hard and fast while playing with her nipples. They’re rather sensitive since her period is due any day now.

After several more strong orgasms, she pushed me away. I thought she was going to ride me again, but she placed her pussy by my face and demanded I eat her. Who am I to argue? I dove right in and focused on her clit. Her orgasm was very strong. Her legs wrapped around my head as I reached around and pinched her nipples. Damn, it was very good pussy! Very wet, very hot, very tasty. Mmm, mmm good!

TW then pushed me back onto my back and mounted me again. She rode me like a woman possessed. She humped my cock as I slapped her ass hard. (Now you know why my love!) Her orgasms were following one after another. She must have worn herself out because as soon as she rolled off me, she was just about asleep. She cuddled up next to me and we drifted off to sleep.

Hey baby, I remembered this time!