Finally, the Weekend Update is Here!

Man, where to begin, where to begin?!?!?!?

I guess I’ll start out with Saturday morning’s session. Jesus H. Christ, what a session! There was CG, RCG, ass slappin’, tit sucking, nipple twisting, hair pulling fun to be had and we damn well had it! I think TW’s most intense orgasm was when she was riding me RCG and I had two fistfuls of hair, pulling her head back towards me. She absolutely went apeshit when her orgasm hit. When we were finished TW had that rode hard and sent to bed wet look. She was sweaty, breathing hard and my cock and balls were soaked with her juices.

We had plenty of time and TW and I used it up as best we could. We fucked long and hard in so many different positions, it was ridiculous. TW came in them all. The morning ended with a first for me. I actually had a triple orgasm! I couldn’t believe it, neither could TW. Yes, it was a triple, as hard as it is to believe. TW got a huge combined load and, like the come slut she is, she swallowed it all. It was a nice start to the weekend.

We had a surprise, short session Saturday night, which consisted of lazy, Spoon Style fucking. TW came a few times and we drifted off to sleep. Sometimes, those unexpected short sessions are just what you need to top off the day. TW certainly wasn’t expecting it and neither was I, but it was all good.

Sunday morning was, in a word, amazing. We ran the gamut of positions, but it was when I was eating my sexy lover’s pussy, that things really got interesting. It was the first time I had the opportunity to feast on my baby’s cunt and I wanted to do my best. I must have because she was a crying, sobbing, emotional mess after I was done.

I don’t know if it was my technique, the fact that we hadn’t done it in a while, or,
if it was the combination of my tongue dancing along her clit and my pointer and middle fingers massaging her g-spot. Whatever it was, TW just exploded in orgasm. She was writhing and twisting on the bed, her legs locked around my head and squeezing hard (damn, I just love it when I can make her do that), her breasts jiggling and
bouncing, her mouth open wide with no sound coming out, her face contorted in
blissful pleasure. She soaked my face and hand when she came. I lapped up every drop. When I was done, I could hear her crying. It must have been one hell of a release.

She looked down at me, tears in her eyes. All she could say was, Holy Shit!, over and over. We cuddled up and soon fell back asleep. We had nowhere to go Sunday, so we just relaxed and slept until noon. She definitely needed it. She was a tad bit tired all day, I don’t know why!

Sunday night, we had another surprise short session that finished up the regular weekend. Monday morning was another story though.

I took a half vacation day. I needed the extra sleep and, let’s be honest here, I
needed more sex from my honey. We had another rousing session which featured CG, spanking, tit twisting and nipple pinching, Spoon and finished up with a double shot of my love for my baby. Yup, TW sucked down another multiple load from me. This one was a double. I’m starting to like this multiple orgasm stuff. It’s too bad the triple on Saturday wasn’t a facial. Man, would that have made a great photo! Maybe next time.

No Details, Just a Quickie Update


TW and I had one of the best sex weekends we’ve ever had. It wasn’t quantity but quality that was the word for the weekend. We had two tremendous sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday’s session was so intense that TW was actually crying as she orgasmed from my oral ministrations. I’ll fill in more details later; been busier than a one armed traffic cop today at work.

Lazy Ass Post

Yeah, that’s us lately, lazy assed. That should be changing though as TW is coming off her period this weekend. We’ve been too tired for shower sex and I had a shitter of a day yesterday. I was in bed by 10:00 P.M. Boy, was I filled with hate and rage yesterday. Anyway, on to happier moments.

You Thought It Was Hot in the Shower?!?!?!?!?

Boy, that TW can sure tell a story can’t she. She really brought out the sexy whore that she is with that post. She really is one hot cock sucker. I didn’t get the chance to give her what she was really craving though, a nice, hot, sticky load down her throat. Morning hardons are very nice and very durable.

So, after getting out of the shower, while we were getting dressed, TW put on this nice, see through, peach colored blouse. I have photos of it but I can’t get them off the disk here at work. It’ll have to wait until I get home later. Anyway, no bra, her sexy titties and nipples poking through the silky material. God damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. Needless to say, I reached out and tugged on those puppies, pulling on them until they looked like two pebbles in her shirt. TW moaned loudly (remember, no kiddies around)and I kissed her hard. We then headed downstairs to breakfast.

While I was making breakfast, TW stood there looking all beautiful. Naturally, she had to open up the blouse and show off her excellent titties. I wandered over to where she was standing, bent over and took a nipple into my mouth. I sucked the entire areola into my mouth and TW arched her back in pleasure. I then treated the other breast to the same treatment and TW just moaned.

After eating, while I was putting stuff away in the fridge, TW once again came over by me and offered up her succulent tits. I wasted no time in orally pleasuring her nipples and breasts. This time I also palmed her pussy, through her shorts and pad, with my hand. She ground her cunt against my palm and came. I continued to suckle on her breasts and she continued to come on my palm. She then pushed me back, got down on her knees, fumbled with my pants, finally got them undone and pulled my cock out so she could suck on it. I have some marvelous photos of that action too! Unfortunately, since TW is camera shy facially, I may have a hard time editing them so I can put them online. Let’s just say she looks sexy as hell, glasses on, sucking on my hard dick. She really loves to suck dick, and she’s really fucking good at it. Who the hell am I do deny her this pleasure in life?

She sucked me for a bit, I took some nice pics and then it was off to work. Well, not quite. We had one more photo session in the garage door area. TW flashed me those titties again and, naturally, I had to suck on them again. I palmed her pussy again and TW ground herself to another strong orgasm. I suckled on her some more and finally got myself seperated and off to work.

On the drive in, TW called me and let me listen in as she wanded her way to one strong orgasm after another. Mr. Hitachi was working overtime as TW buzzed her clit. She was moaning, crying and screaming as her orgasms overcame her. I had a nice hardon going as I listened to her pleasuring herself.

TW was right, it really was a very nice start to the day. I didn’t even mind traffic on the drive in. Hope tomorrow starts the same way!

Frost on the Grass but Hot & Steamy in the Shower

Woo Hoo…what a way to start the morning. Yes we did have some hot steamy shower fun this morning. TH was running a little late and as soon as the kids were on the bus…I ran (not walked) up those stairs. I actually think I took them two at a time. HA! TH seemed quite surprised when I walked into the bathroom before he had finished showering. If we could just get the kids off to school a little earlier we could have this sort of fun all the time. I undressed as fast as I could and slipped in behind him and instantly could not keep my hands off of his sexy wet body.

In no time at all I was down on my knees engulfing his hot throbbing cock and sexy balls in my mouth. I just cannot get enough of this man’s loving and I did not want to miss out on it this morning. The sensation of warm water splashing over his cock and balls and my face as I took his cock into my mouth and sucked and sucked him…up and down…up one side and down the other. My tongue rolling all around his sexy balls…I just could not seem to get enough and had to stay down there for a long time. I tried to get up but something about TH’s sexy manhood just kept me on my knees. I still can feel his cock in my mouth as I write this. He is so sexy and turns me on so much. And I love pleasuring my sexy lover as often as I can.

Eventually I did get up and we had some great wall pounding, head banging shower sex…and man was TH rock hard and fucking me so hard. Something about the way he grabs me and takes me from behind…I just cannot control myself and tend to come rather wildly even in the shower. I can honestly say he is just what I needed this morning…and the memories are certainly going to get me thru my busy day. There was even some ass slapping, good spanking going on and we all know what a turn on that is-the water adds something to that feeling also. At one point in the shower, I went back down on TH and started sucking and sucking so hard-I swear I am addicted to sucking his cock and balls. I just wish we had more time and energy for the loving sucking activity. I know TH could not resist my lips as I lovingly took his cock as far as I could into my mouth…deep throating him over and over. I even had that gag reflex a few times but wanted to swallow him whole and it felt so good to love him the way I was. TH then brought me back to my feet and started sucking on my titties…oh my…he sure knows the way to turn me on more than he does. I swear my titties are the ignition to my engine…if you know what I mean. So he is sucking me and playing with my clit and oh yeah there I am coming and coming again.

I could have TH suck my tits all day long…and I know he would if he could. He is a master at it and every time he touches me like that…just a slight graze of the nipples or a pinch here and there, and especially when he pulls and tugs at my nipples with his mouth…ooooo do I even need to explain what happens. Not a day goes by where he does not try to get in a feel or more and let me tell you I am addicted to those grabs and touches…I cannot live without them. It is amazing how with just that tit suckling he does, he can take me back almost 27 years to our early days, making out in the car or making out in my back yard when TH brought me home after a date. I can remember feeling slightly exposed and oh so turned on by his lips and hands on my body and coming on his fingers way back then…it just gets hotter with time. Today all these years later the feelings are there and oh so much more intense. I love this man so much and am thankful every day for all we have together…and baby I am so looking forward to more of this sexy hot loving we share.

Sometimes having your period can be so cool because it can take you back to some of the fun fondling hot can’t get enough of you, touching, feeling, sucking activities that you do early on in a relationship and boy is that hot. The morning loving did not stop in the shower but I will let TH fill you in on some of that as I honestly could not keep my lips off of him and vice versa.