We’re Very Thankful For The Sex

Wow, where to start on the weekend update. I guess I’ll start on Wednesday and work my way toward today.

Wednesday night, TW and I had a nice little sex session right before bed. The usual suspects were involved, namely me and TW. Not that we haven’t tried to get others involved but, you know the boring story of those developments. There was spooning and CG and lots of nice tit sucking (that was a theme for most of the weekend).

Thursday was our best day of the weekend by far. There’s was plenty of sex to be thankful for. The morning session was quite wild. Since we had plenty of time, TW and I did it up right. Lots more tit sucking, some very strong orgasms for TW and some very nice oral for both of us. I didn’t come, (I didn’t come until Saturday night) but TW sure as hell did. Man, did she ever have some great, very intense orgasms.

Thursday afternoon, before we headed off to her mom’s house, we had a quick pussy licking session that left TW gasping for air. Damn, do I love to lick and tease her pussy. She came all over my face and it was a nice appetizer prior to dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner was nice. X, the oldest SIL, did her martyr thing. Y was up to her neck in clothing and Z, oh beautiful, sexy Z gave me some lovely DB shots as she sat on the floor looking through sales flyers. I was seated at the bar and was enjoying the view most of the night. TW looked very alluring, wearing a cleavage baring top along with a lovely short skirt, thigh highs and a thong. It was a wonder she didn’t shoot the moon whenever she bent over. (Okay, it wasn’t that short, but you should have heard LP complain about it, along with the very jealous X. Hey, lay off the beer honey and maybe you can look as good as TW.)

When we got home Thursday night, it was a fuckfest extraordinaire. We hit just about every position available. There was CG, RCG, oral, 69, Spoon. TW came so hard at times I thought she was going to pass out. We had a hell of a lot of fun and fell asleep contented and tired.

Friday morning was more of the same. I noticed that at times, if I hit the right spot on her clit, TW looked like Thumper one leg just shaking like crazy. It was cute, and also quite hot as her leg shook as she orgasmed. TW’s orgasms were increasing in intensity as the weekend progressed as we had more hot, steamy sex Saturday morning and Saturday night.

Saturday morning started out a little differently. After licking my sexy honey to a couple of orgasms, I mounted her Missionary style. We don’t do missionary as much anymore, due to the fact that I don’t usually last very long. There’s something about watching her big, sexy titties shake and shimmy that gets me too damn excited for my own good. Luckily, I was able to think of other things while still being able to watch those big, sexy tits move about. A few times, I had her knees up around her ears and drove my cock deep and hard into her cunt. Her orgasms, in that position, were some of the most intense of the weekend.

Saturday night, TW’s orgams hit their most intense. Her leg shook like Thumper for most of the night as I took liberties with her sexy body. She left a nice bite mark on my shoulder that was still visible Sunday morning. I really worked her breasts Saturday night, pinching and tweaking her nipples, sucking both nipples into my mouth at the same time, kneading her breasts with my hands and just generally not giving them any rest. I fucked her pussy hard while she rode me CG style. After fucking her hard, Spoon style, to several very intense orgasms, I let TW suck me dry. My orgasm was pretty intense too as my come shot out of her nose! We had a good laugh about that as we cuddled and fell asleep.

Yesterday morning we hit every square inch of the bed as we fucked ourselves silly. There was oral, 69, CG, Doggy style and a finale that featured me pounding my honey, who was face down on the bed, from behind while she screamed out her orgasms into the bed. It was a very intense weekend that left TW’s breasts sore and sensitive and the rest of her body aching. I fell asleep last night before TW got to bed so we missed last night, but it was probably for the best. I don’t think her body would have taken much more punishment/pleasure. She’s moving around like a 90 year old today but she has the biggest smile on her face. I wonder why?

Very Quick Update and Another Thing To Be Thankful For

Just a quick update. TW and I have been fucking like over active, sex starved bunnies. So far, we’ve only missed Friday night. We had sessions on Wednesday night, three times Thursday, once yesterday and once this morning. It’s been getting more intense, both in activity and orgasmic pleasure, as the weekend has progressed. Details to follow early next week, IF TW doesn’t fuck my brains out by then.

Now, on to the other thing to be thankful for. We’re extrememely thankful that the local deer population, in it’s eagerness to bag one of us, missed our oldest, who was on his way home the other night. He drives a small car and luckily, the deer ran into the side of the car rather than being hit front and center. TW and I believe had it been front and center, it would have been very bad. So, we’re thankful for the deer’s bad aim. This is the third time in a year one of them has tried to take us out. Hopefully, this will end the harrassment of our family. Unfortunately for the deer, after hitting our son’s car, it was run over by a pickup and hit by another car. It did not survive. Our son is okay and his car was at least drivable. We’ll find out the damage ($$$$$) next week sometime.

Hope you’ve all had relatively (pun intended) quiet holidays. See you next week.

I Am Thankful For….

The way TH kisses me;
The way TH loves me;
The way TH makes me feel ;
The way TH adores me;
The way TH looks at me;
The way TH tells me he loves me;
The way TH touches me;
The way TH tweaks my nipples;
The way TH gets so very hard;
The way TH loves for me to suck his cock; (and I do love to suck his cock)
The way TH’s cock slides between my breasts;
The way TH suckles my nipples;
The way TH loves to 69;
The way TH’s cock slides in and out of my mouth;
The way TH cums in my mouth;
The way TH tugs and teases my nipples;
The way TH cums on my face and tits;
The way TH undresses me with his eyes;
The way TH gets me wet;
The way TH pumps me good and hard;
The way TH lets me know he wants me;
The way TH checks me out;
The way TH’s hand slips down my top;
The way TH’s hand slips up my skirt;
The way TH takes me in his arms and kisses me;
The way TH goes down on me;
The way TH makes my pussy cream;
The way TH loves to eat my pussy;
The way TH makes me scream;
The way TH makes me cum;
The way TH makes me cum;
The way TH makes me cum (you know it had to be multiple times);

I am the luckiest girl alive to have TH’s love and I know it! Now I plan to go get me some lovin’!

Happy Thanksgiving

We here at the M-D household wish you all a happy and festive Thanksgiving.

It looks like I WILL be having the turkey with a side of pussy. TW’s just about done with the scourge and should be back on active duty come tonight. Mmm, mmm, there’s nothing like a nice hot side of pussy to go with the breasts (turkey breasts of course! Yeah, right )