How Was Your Day Honey?

TW sucked my work day fantasies right out of me last night. We had a wonderful, hot, sexy session when we went to bed. I started a new exercise routine last night and, surprisingly, had energy when we headed off to bed. So, naturally, we took the opportunity to get in some orgasmic fun.

I was already naked and in bed when TW came out of the bathroom and joined me. We cuddled for a while and then TW reached down and started to fondle my cock. I have to tell you, just having her next to me gets me excited so she really didn’t have to work that hard to get me, well, hard. She moved down and started to kiss and suck my cock. I asked her if she wanted to start out Spoon style, but TW had other ideas and quickly moved to CG.

I sucked on her wonderful breasts, taking my time to nip and tug on her nipples. I lightly spanked her ass, trying to be as quiet as possible since the kids were still awake. I switched from spanking to your basic ass grabbing technique and pulled her down on my cock. TW was really HOT. She continued my work day fantasies with one of her own.

She told me how the guys had her spread out on the conference room table and were taking turns using her mouth and cunt. She described in detail how they fucked her face and how much she loved it. She asked me what I would be doing while she was busy with my co-workers. I told her I’d be watching, jerking off while guy after guy filled her mouth with his come. TW had a very strong orgasm when I said that. I could see her spread out on the table, one guy at her head, one at her waist, with a long line of guys waiting their turn. In fact, at one point, I had her with a cock in each hole and in each hand, along with one between her tits. I had to stop once, when I got very close to filling her cunt up with my come. She backed off a bit and we continued.

I was done once she started talking about the women in my office. She talked about how good it would feel to have their mouths on my cock and my dick between their tits. She mentioned S once, by name, but we quickly decided that names were not right for the moment. We then discussed how we could fill S’s mouth with a bit or ball gag. S would definitely look good in that. Well, she’d look good with my cock in her mouth too, but, let’s go with the punishment aspect of this, shall we?I was still okay at that point but when TW described how the ladies were lined up, in chairs, with their legs spread, ready for me to pleasure them orally; well, that was it. I quickly had her get off me and she dove down for my cock. I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and my darling honey was the recipient of a double load of come. Oh sweet baby Jeebus, did it feel good to come in her mouth. I’m pretty sure I had a fairly large load since I haven’t come in a week or so. I just kept spewing my spunk in her mouth and she just kept on sucking it down her throat. She had so much suction on my cock that it actually hurt a bit, but HOT DAMN, it hurt so good!

After she drank my load, we cuddled up and drifted off to sleep. It was a very satisfying session. I’m looking forward to a new year of sexual fun and frolic. TW and I wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we wish you all the best in 2007.


It’s Been A Slow Work Day

I’ve had plenty of time to daydream at work today. It’s been slow all week but yesterday and today and, most likely, tomorrow as well, have been or will be very quiet. I’ve been dreaming of fucking some of my co-workers, especially S. Hell, I’ve been daydreaming about fucking most of my department, as well as some of the other departments as well. Oh, I have my favorites, believe me. I’d love to have them all in the large conference room, spread out on the big conference table, awaiting my cock.

What would make that even better would be to have TW here to entertain the guys. I’d love to see her gang-banged on the same conference table while I worked the ladies over. Just to watch all those hands and cocks all over her would be heavenly. To have S down on her knees, sucking my dick deep into her throat would make me very happy. I’d love to have her on her back, on the big conference room table, while I roughly fucked her cunt and twisted her nipples. She seems like she’d be a screamer. I’d also have a lot of fun titty fucking SM and watching TW and the other ladies licking my come from her tits. SM is a real sweetie. She’s a couple years younger than me, is Polish and has a nice, round, cushy body. She’s curvy in all the right places. She also seems like she’d be a screamer. Oh to have the chance to pleasure these two. Oh damn, I forgot W, little Miss BubbleButt. I’d love a chance to tap that ass of her’s. They could all use me as their play toy. One on my face, another on my cock and a third and fourth on my hands. Mmm, just like I imagine my SILs using me. Ooo, speaking of the SILs, it’d be nice to have them tied up around the office as well, just ready for me to fuck, suck, lick and come on them. Add TW to the mix and that’d be four sisters to have at my beck and call in the office. SWEET!

TW and I have fucked in just about every office I’ve ever worked in. We’ve even taken some photos of us in various stages of undress and in sexy action. Unfortunately, a lot of them show our faces, especially the ones with TW sucking my dick or taking a load of my come on her face, so we can’t post them without butchering them up something fierce. We do have alot of fun though. There’s nothing like sitting down between my baby’s thighs, while she sits on my desk, and eating her to one strong orgasm after another. It was also fun jerking off and coming all over my baby while she sat on the floor in my office. We’ve fucked in the computer room, the conference room (both the large one and the small one), in my office, on the desk, on the floor, against the wall, you name it, we’ve pretty much did it. It’s always more exciting to think we might be caught, and, let’s face it, joined by someone from the office.

Maybe I’ll make that one of my New Year’s Resolutions: Get TW gang banged in the office. Yeah, that sounds divine! Oh, and maybe swinging too. That’s the ticket! Group sex here we come!

Was It Good For You?

Ah, another hazy, lazy morning session for TW and I today. Once again, I set the alarm early but woke up late. Luckily, holiday traffic is very light and even though I left late, I got to work on time. Wish it could be like this every week!

This morning’s session consisted of some spoon style which transformed into RCG, then into CG and finally some lazy spoon again. All in all it was a nice, short, sexy session that started the day off right. TW had several strong orgasms and I managed to work in some light spanking. Now, if we could only wake up when the alarm first goes off. Oh well, someday.

Surprise Morning Session

TW and I had a very nice session this morning. It wasn’t planned, although I had set the alarm early again. It’s unfortunate that neither one of us really hears it. Oh, I do, but I hit that damn snooze button or I reset it for a later time. Fortunately I can these days, holiday traffic dontcha know. Anyway, it wound up being a pretty spirited sex session.

It started out with TW grabbing my cock and pulling me to hardness. She then rolled on her side and I took her from behind, Spoon style. I fucked her to a couple of orgasms and then she pushed me on to my back and mounted up CG style. She had some really strong orgasms as I sucked and nipped on her nipples. I also spent some quality time spanking her ass and pulling and tugging and twisting on her nips.

TW then wanted some oral so she dismounted and we quickly got into 69. I ate the sweet, tasty pussy of her’s to several strong orgasms. Of course, the fact that I was spanking her ass and pushing my thumb into her cunt probably had something to do with it too. I could feel her pussy contract around my thumb as I fucked her cunt with it. It was all I could do to keep my lips on her clit as she was violently thrashing around. I had to check my cock for teeth marks this morning as she loses control when she comes. I know she bit down on my dick a couple of times, but, no harm, no foul. Next time I think I’ll stick my thumb up her ass and see what happens.

After several more strong orgasms on my face, TW moved down and mounted me RCG style and fucked herself to a few more orgasms on my cock. I really pumped her hard and she was moaning and thrashing about. I was grabbing and kneading her ass and grabbing her ankles. This set her off again and I held on as she ground out her orgasm on my dick. She finally rolled off to the side and we finished the session up with me fucking her Spoon style to a few more orgasms.

It was a very nice start to the day. It was nice to get in a more acrobatic session than we’ve been having lately. We’re just so damn tired by the end of the day it’s not even funny. We’ve been falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Hopefully, this will spark some more activity on a regular basis.

On a side note, pretty much as I anticipated, no DB shots for me yesterday. The SILs were up to their necks in sweaters. Damn them!

Ho, Ho, NO!

Hi All,

Hope you’ve all had a very happy holiday season so far. I know I have so far. I’ve gained 8 lbs in a week! WTF?!?!?!?!? Our scale must be broke. There’s no way I gained that much in a week. Wait, it was Christmas week and the feasting was rampant, maybe I did! I know I drank way too much pop over the holiday. Must cut back considerably on that this week.

TW and I managed to get a couple of nice sessions in over the weekend. We missed our Christmas fuck though. 😦 The sessions were pretty tame, mostly spoon and CG. TW did have some very nice, very strong orgasms though so it wasn’t a complete loss.
Needless to say, there was no SIL action. I had to work very hard to get the pitiful downblouse peeks I got. The three of them were wrapped up pretty tightly. Only Z had on something I could peek down, BUT (notice the BIG BUT) I never got the opportunity to get a major peek. The top she was wearing really didn’t lend itself to falling open all that much. I’ll get another opportunity tonight since we have another family get together. Hopefully, the views will be better. I’m not holding my breath though.