And Now For Something Completely Different

TW and I had a nice time last night. I met her for dinner, after she dropped of SC at practice. We drove to a local hot dog place. It was a very nice night. We sat, we chatted, I looked down her top, she fondled me under the table, you know, the usual stuff. Poor TW was uber horny. I wonder if I’ll survive the fucking once her period is over. Hell, at least I’ll die with a smile on my face. I bet the undertaker won’t be able to remove it either.

Actually, it was kind of unusual for us in that we sat next to each other in the booth. We definitely don’t do this enough when we’re out alone. If not for her period, she told me she wished she was pantiless, in a short skirt. Hey, I’m NOT gonna complain about that! I kinda wished that too. I love playing with my baby in public. Shit, who am I kidding, I’ll play with her anytime, anyplace. I’m just that way.

Anyway, the only time we sit next to each other is when we’re out with the kids. As you can imagine, there’s no play time when we’re with them. Only four more years, four more years and then they’ll ALL be out of the house! YES! Nakedness, every day after work, every day before work, every day during work! Naked 24/7. Of course, I’ll have to figure out some way to work from home by that time. I MUST!

Hey, I’ve got a quick couple of complaints. Has anyone noticed that most of the Mothers I‘d Like to Fuck aren’t mother’s at all? I mean come on, where are the stretch marks? Where are the wider hips? Where are the C-section scars, the sagging breasts, the wedding rings? Like all amateur porn, the pros and fakers have invaded big time. Oh, and another thing, just because a woman is larger in size, does not make her “mature“. It just doesn’t. I think you’ve got to be over 50 to be considered mature.

This is my usual time for lots of porn viewing. With TW down and out for a few more days, I get online and view and read to my heart’s content. Oh, I still view it when TW’s available, but since she satisfies my baser needs, I just don’t view it as often. I also go through stages where I prefer the written word to photos. Hell, I’ve always enjoyed reading so why the hell not? Anyway, all the fake tits and bullshit “amateur” sites bring me down. I get so tired of all the silicone honeys who get high ratings at VoyeurWeb and other amateur sites. Give me a fucking break. They’re like baseball players on steroids. You might show good but you’re a fake. You don’t deserve a superb vote because you’re enhanced. Okay, complaint section over.

WHEW! That Was A Close One!

TW’s period arrived overnight. Luckily, we got in a nice, “pound me hard from behind and make me come like crazy”, session in last night right before bed. I really drilled TW from behind and made her come numerous times. It was a nice finish to a day that saw me get back into my workout routine. After all, I have to get ready for speedo season. 😀 Okay, you can stop screaming now, I was only kidding.

What A Weekend!

TW and I had monstrous sex this weekend, especially on Sunday morning. Saturday morning’s session was a sleepy, lazy fuck from behind. However, we did manage to get in some CG and some wonderful pussy eating. Sunday however, was another orgasmic sex-fest.

TW had got up with the kids and when they were settled in, she headed back to bed to “warm up” Yeah, right. She stripped naked and hopped into bed and cuddled up against me. My cock responded immediately by hardening up just right. TW reached back and asked, “Hmm, what do we have here?” As if she didn’t know.

She quickly scooted up and I ran the head of my cock over her pussy lips. TW ground her cunt against me and I slipped into her hot, wet pussy. We fucked spoon style for a while and then TW rolled over on top of me and I fucked her RCG to several strong orgasms.

She then reversed herself and rode me CG style so I could feast on her wonderful breasts. I licked and suckled on her nipples as she cooed and whispered to me how much she’s loved me sucking on her tits. She took us back all the way to the beginning of our relationship when that’s all we did. I was grabbing her ass, pulling her deeper on to my cock. Her pussy was soaked.

TW then moved off my cock and started to maneuver her way up to my face. I knew immediately what she wanted, no, make that I KNEW what she needed. I scooted down and she mounted my face. I licked and sucked on her cunt. She ground her pussy on my face and I licked and sucked on her clit, causing her to come over and over. I had to be careful though, every now and then she’d fall forward. I was worried she was gonna crack her head open on the headboard. Luckily though, I had my hands firmly attached to her tits. I was pinching and pulling and tugging on her nipples. TW continued to ride my face until she finally fell off me in exhaustion.

She then backed up to me again and I started to fuck her from behind, spoon style. After several more strong orgasms, I asked her how she wanted to wear my come. She told me it was my choice so I had her follow me into the bathroom. I had her get on her knees and I proceeded to jerk off in her face.

TW looked so sexy leaning back on her arms, mouth open, awaiting my load. I looked over in the mirror and could see my hand stroking my cock, her head tilted back, mouth open, breasts raised. Every now and then, she’d take my cock into her mouth and suck me deep. I told her to get ready because I was about to unload on her. I spurted my load over her tits and face. I got some on her nose, in her mouth, on her neck and all over her tits. It was another nice, BIG load. TW mentioned that we might want to keep a camera handy from now on, just to capture the moment right. I heartily agreed.

After cleaning up, we headed back to bed to get some more rest before our busy day started. Another great start to our day. We could get used to this.

An Even Quicker Quickie

Okay, this morning’s quickie was just that, a quickie. Ten minutes of orgasmic fun with TW before heading off to get ready for our day. TW rode me CG style and I fucked her Spoon style. Didn’t have time for breakfast 😉 but maybe I’ll get a midnight snack later. One would hope so. It’s a shame we’re so tired by the end of the day. We could have some really intense sex if we could just stay awake.

A Quickie Update About The Quickies

Hi there everyone. Just dropped by to post a quickie about our quickie this morning. TW and I had some nice, orgasmic fun this morning. It featured Spoon, some CG and ended with my face between TW’s legs again. Mmm, mmm, there’s nothing like pussy for breakfast! Anyway, mucho busy today at work, so little time to update. Hope your days are going okay. Talk with you soon.