Down Time True Story

Hi Everyone,

Since TW and I are having some downtime, she suggested I post the true story about the first time she ever flashed anyone. The story has been around for a while, on different sites, so if it seems familiar, it might be. I’ve used different names, at different sites, to portray TW. This story is true and represents TW’s awakening to her naughtier side. I love it! Anyway, until we get back into the swing of things, may I present, TW’s first flashing experience:

“Hot damn, she’s taking her clothes off!” the CB speaker blared.

“I’m just adjusting the strap on my bikini,” my wife protested jokingly.

TW had finally agreed to do a little flashing, after years of my trying to get her expose herself to others. We were headed down the ramp onto westbound 80. The truckers had spotted us coming down the ramp and had seen TW adjusting the straps of her bikini. I merged onto the expressway and listened as the drivers tried to spot us.

“Where’d she go?”, one driver asked.

“Probably out to the hammer lane,” replied another.

I fell in line behind the trucks and waited to see what would happen next. As we listened to the drivers talk, I looked over at TW. Damn, she looked hot. TW is 5′ 5″ tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. She weighs about 150 and has a 36c cup size. She’s very well proportioned and keeps herself in shape by weightlifting and keeping the kids in line. Wearing a pair of jean shorts and her bikini top, I realized I’d finally fulfill one of my fantasies. My wife was going to flash her tits to someone.

The drivers continued to look for us and finally decided to pull over into the right- hand lane. As they did, I picked up a little speed to catch up to the first driver. As we slowly passed his cab, TW asked if she should do it.

I just said, “Go for it”

She slowly exposed one breast to the driver.

“Wow. She flashed me!” came the excited voice over the CB.

“What’s the 20 on the flasher?” another driver asked.

By this time we were up to the next truck. TW didn’t even ask. She just let her wild side take over. Out popped her breast into view. I was feeling tingly all over and my cock was getting hard. I reached over and felt TW’s pussy. She was wet with excitement.

We accelerated away from the first two trucks and continued our trip. As we would approach another truck, TW would just look over, smile, and flash the driver. She flashed probably seven to eight drivers that day. Not bad for her first time out. One of the drivers was taken completely by surprise. He said she almost gave him a heart attack when she flashed. We kiddingly apologized over the radio, but he told us it was okay. At one point one of the drivers exclaimed, “Hey, I got to see the twins!” TW had shown him both her tits. I just about came in my pants. Another driver caught up with us again, after a toll booth, just to get another look.

As we exited the toll way, the last driver said, “Aw, that’s not fair.”

We told him to have a safe trip. TW was exhausted. She was excited and pretty worn out. I reached into her panties again and played with her pussy a while. We stopped and got something to eat, then headed back home. The return trip was much more quiet. TW had put a shirt on and I didn’t press her to do more flashing. I figured this was a great start. I was right!

I’ve been working on the proverbial shitload of pictures the past few days. No, I’m not gonna post them all at once, don’t worry TW. We’ve got some good ideas for a series or two, but you’ll just have to wait until Friday to see where we’re going with this. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

I am just so mad!

Okay, I get that people can make money on this internet thingy but this just pissed me off. I removed several links from the blog list to the right. No, not from the regular blogger links but from the photo links section. Someone is asking for donations to keep their blog afloat and/or promising more updates because they won’t have to work. Not that out of the ordinary unless you find that said blogs are hosted on free sites and that any photos they’re using are basically downloaded off the net or sent via e-mail. Where the hell is your overhead in that? Like I said, I know folks can make money off the internet but I find this act a bit tough to swallow. Okay, bitch session over.

“I Think I Broke His Fucking Neck!”

Nothing tells you that you had wild, crazy, orgasmic sex like a stiff neck that lasts the entire weekend. That’s what happened to me this past weekend as TW orgasmed all over my face and cock. I really don’t think she gave me whiplash but, who knows? One thing for sure, I am NOT gonna complain about some pain.

We really only got in two sessions, Friday evening and Saturday morning but what sessions! Friday’s session was wild, Wild, WILD! TW needed a good spanking and she got it. She even pulled out her weapon of choice for me to use, the bamboo spatula. It’s curved ever so nicely and molds to both her ass and her tits very nicely. After her spanking, her ass stung the rest of the night.

We hit just about every position, except for doggie style. She fucked herself silly on my cock, and I spent some quality time between her legs licking her to one orgasm after another. We even fucked missionary style for a bit, before I shot a rather large load on her belly and tits. (No pictures though, forgot the damn camera again!) The come shot was really hot for TW. I fucked her good until I pulled out and stroked my cock right over her pussy. My balls and, occasionally, my fist were brushing her clit. TW’s back was arched in orgasm and I unloaded on her. My orgasm was so intense that my legs actually cramped up. There’s nothing like the pleasure of an orgasm mixed with the excruciating pain of leg cramps. I don’t really recommend it though, it kind of interrupts the flow of things.

My come landed pretty much everywhere. Her sexy belly button was overflowing with my come. She took her hands and spread my come over her belly and tits, telling me how hot it felt and how dirty she felt. I moved down between her legs and ate her to a few more orgasms before we cleaned up.

Saturday morning’s session was more of the same, except for the come shot. TW and I fucked ourselves silly again, hitting just about each position we could. I fucked her hard and fast spoon style. She rode me CG and RCG style. There was hair pulling and ass spanking and titty twisting fun to be had. As we fucked we talked about taking more photos. TW bemoaned the fact that we really haven’t had time to ourselves to really get some good photos. She’s talked about heading out to the forest preserves, naked except for a long trench coat and boots. It is still winter by us but the snow is melting and it should be spring soon. At least, we hope so.

TW had several very strong orgasms, especially when I had her face down on the bed, fucking her hard from behind. She really likes that position and we really don’t use it that much. I tend not to last too long when I’m fucking her this way. Something about her cries of “No,no, no, no, no!” as I’m fucking her face down on the bed just sets me off too soon. I imagine she’s thinking about being taken against her will. I’d like to see that as well.

After some more orgasms, we stopped for the morning, vowing to get in another session that night. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Although both kids were out that night, my neck stiffened up and we spent a romantic evening with TW rubbing my neck with smelly ointments. Sexy, huh? Then, of course, her period shows up! Son of a Bitch! Oh well, at least I’ll get some rest for my neck. It’s better today, but still has a twinge every now and then.

I had the most wonderful dream last night. In it, TW was servicing a bed full of men. It was a crazy type of bed though. It allowed the guy’s cocks to hang down under the bed. TW was sucking on a cock below the bed when I helped her out by licking the guy’s nut sack. TW swallowed his come as my tongue must have pushed him over the edge. When we got back up on the bed, there were guys of every color and creed. There were black guys, oriental guys, Indian (both North American and from India), white guys and TW was busy playing with all of them. That’s when the dream ended. I woke up with a tremendous hard on, it was quite the erotic dream. I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

TW and I are glad you all liked the pics. Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to take some more soon.

Sexless Streak Ends! Film At 11:00.

We had a nice orgasmic sex session this morning, breaking a four day, self-imposed (courtesy of my depression, of course!) sexless streak. It was very orgasmic and very active.

We started out spoon style. I fucked TW to several strong orgasms before she moved to her back and I fucked her that way to a few more orgasms. TW wanted more though and she moved on top of me RCG. She fucked me for a bit before stretching out her legs and lying flat on my body. Very HOT! I massaged her ass and contemplated sticking my thumb up her ass but figured we didn’t have the time. I fucked her as best as I could before she rose up and turned herself around so I could fuck her CG style.

Her pussy was soaked as I entered her and started to suckle on her tits. She came a few times before rolling off me and on to her side. I entered her from behind again and fucked her very hard to several strong orgasms. We ended the morning with her cleaning her juices off my dick. I didn’t have the need to come so she just sucked me for a while.

I’m saving my load for a photo op. I think the next time I unload on her sexy body, I’d like her to be wearing a sexy top. That way, when my come drips off her chin and onto her chest, we can get some nice, hot pics of it. Yeah, I think I’d like that.

Daydreaming In Traffic

I had the ride in to work from hell today. I was doing my primal scream therapy in the car, as I drove along at a blistering 5 M.P.H. on the highway! Woo! Look out! Anyway, I realized something, most folks driving on the highways these days are total, fucking retarded, idiots. That includes car drivers, truck drivers, men, women, young, old, it don’t matter, they are fucking retarded.

The state I drive in has installed those Amber Alert message boards. Although well intended, they have become the bane of my daily drive. Folks, you don’t need to slow down to read these signs. All they are providing is inaccurate travel times. That’s all. Case closed. Evidently, the drivers in my state need to take a speed reading course since they cannot read the signs without slowing down. You think I’m kidding? I’m not, it’s totally fucking ridiculous! Traffic crawls until it passes these signs and then speeds up. What does that tell you? That’s right, the retards can’t read. I blame the public school system. Maybe some hooked on phonics would help? I don’t know. I do know that I’m at my wits end (and it’s not a very far trip, I might add) and can’t take much more of this. I’m actually thinking of ending it all due to these daily trips. Damn, I suck.

Okay, whew, let’s all think happy thoughts now, okay?

Yeah, didn’t work for me either. TW and I are out of sync again in regards to being horny and the availability to do something about it. I’m horny at work, she’s horny at home but, by the time the day is over, we’re both too wiped out to get our groove on. IT SUCKS! Today, she tried to cheer me up by calling me, while I was stuck in traffic, and telling me she was naked. I was rude and crude to her. Traffic does that to me. I mean, I wasn’t a total asshole, I just let her know it was appreciated but that it really wasn’t doing anything for me at the moment. Ugh, I can’t take much more of this.

Although TW and I have a pretty active sex life, there are some things we’ve missed out on. I won’t go into the swinging thing since that’s been covered adnauseam here. No, I’m talking about surprises and dressing up. Now wait, hear me out here. I KNOW TW dresses up lots of times. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Ever since she hurt her back many years ago, TW has been unable to wear high heels for any length of time. Sure, she can go a couple of hours here and there but her back and sciatica give her grief about it. So, having her dress up in hooker heels and going out is basically out of the question. This lends itself to my next point. I’ve never had anyone meet up with me dressed only in lingerie and heels.

TW’s older sister, X, once told us about the time she picked up her boyfriend, at the airport, dressed only in lingerie, stockings and heels. She was wearing a fur coat too, since it was winter, but that was it. Okay, that is just fucking HOT! She’s also gone to his apartment dressed that way too. Again, TOTALLY FUCKING HOT. I’ve never had that happen to me. I mean, of course I’d like TW to do that, but I’d also like to be visited by a SIL or co-worker, someone I know, dressed that way. It’s just something I’ve never experienced and probably never will.

Especially if I have to keep driving in all this fucking traffic on a daily basis.