You’re Gonna Be Disappointed

Rules Of The Road:

1. Get tagged.

2. List five things that have not been revealed on your blog.

3. Tag five others.

Okay, here we go.

1. We’re going to be nudists once the kids move out.

2. TW and I tried to get one of her high school friends (BFF! Bullshit!) to join us for a threeway. This was right after we had the oral threeway with my friend (BFF! Double bullshit!) She turned us down, unfortunately. I’m still looking for that FMF threeway I’ve always dreamed about.

3. Although our pictures might not make it seem so, we’re very shy. We don’t like crowds which makes meeting people at bars impossible. Add to that that both of us are allergic to cigarette smoke and you know why we’ve been unsuccessful in our endeavors to swing.

4. We were very active in the Q-Link/AOL chat rooms a long time ago. Q-Link was actually the predecessor to AOL. It was for Commodore computers only. It was a lot of fun and very entertaining. We miss it sometimes.

5. As much fun as it is, we don’t like tagging people with these lists. Oh, we’ll fill them out no problem, we just don’t like to impose on others. We also don’t do chain letters, forwards and all that other ilk that clog up the internet pipe thingies. So, we’re breaking rule number 3, sorry.

Can You Keep It Down Up There? I’m Trying To Think!

TW and I got in a nice session yesterday morning. I took a mental health day and spent it with TW and LP. We helped LP with her project and just generally hung around.

As for the session, well, it was very nice. We did spoon, some CG and finished off with spoon again. After another 40 winks or so, we got up and started out days. Nice start to the morning. SC is due back today from his spring break trip. His plane arrives later today (this afternoon) so TW and LP are at my mother in law’s to await his arrival at the nearby airport.

If my writing lately has seemed haphazard and generally blah, it’s due to this bout of serious depression I’m currently working my way through. I used to think it was mid-life crisis stuff, but I know better now. Besides, I don’t WANT to live another 45 years. Please, no. Anyway, I’m dealing with that right now and it takes up a good majority of my day. Work sucks lately, life sucks lately and I can’t shake this depression. Oh, it’ll pass, don’t worry. Hey, on a positive note, I have begun my workouts again. Although it’s making me dog tired, I’m very happy to be back at it again.

Hopefully, the bullshit happening in my head is almost over and TW and I can get back to wild, totally insane MS (Monkey Sex) We’re about due for it.

The Cast & A Little Snack Before Dinner

Since Midwestern City Boy asked for a reference guide to the initials in the blog, and, since I haven’t posted a refresher course in a while, here’s the list:

TW – The Wife.  Hottest woman I know and the only one I can get my hands on. Also know as the Love Of My Life

TH – The Husband, that would be me.

X, Y and Z – TW’s sisters in age order from oldest (X) to youngest (Z) They’re all over 30 these days.

S – Sexy Co-worker who broke my heart and my spirit. Also know as the Cock Tease. She did, however, make it a hell of a lot easier to separate work and friends.

P – Another sexy co-worker from another department. She’s older than I am but still very hot.

CB – College Boy, my oldest

SC – Satan’s Child, or, if you prefer, the middle child. Male and has quite the weird sense of humor. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree on this one.

LP – Little Princess, my daughter, who will be unable to date until she’s 25. No, only kidding. TW and I still have two years of sanity left. She can’t date till she’s 16, if she’s nice to us. Of course, she will have to pick out our senior housing someday, so maybe we better be nice to her and her brothers. 😉

SM – another co-worker who I’d like to boink.  She’s a nice, older polish woman, with a nice soft body.

DAG – First “real” girlfriend I ever had. I was a dog and treated her badly. I’m still paying for it via guilt and “what if” even after 29 years now.

I did get in a nice pussy eating session last night before TW left for her sister’s. I just love making my baby come with my lips and tongue. She had a few, very intense orgasms as I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy and over her clit. Mmm, mmm, now that’s good eatin’! She’ll be back tonight and we can work on some more leisurely lovin’

End Of Period Sex

Wowie-Zowie! What a morning session we had today. TW is officially off her period. If it wasn’t for our stupid allergies, we probably would have got in some great period sex as well, but both of us have been dead tired the past week or so.

This morning’s session followed one of the more erotic dreams I’ve ever had. In it, TW and I were swinging, sort of. We were making out in this couple’s driveway. Next thing I know, the husband has joined us in the car and we are having a threeway. I’m sucking on TW’s cunt while the mystery man is getting one of TW’s patented blow jobs. Next thing we know, we’re up in his bedroom with his wife and her female lover and we’re all getting it on. I woke up to find myself grinding my cock into the mattress. It was very hot indeed!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to tell TW my dream. She couldn’t sleep so got up very early. When she came back to bed to wake me up for work, she was hot and ready for action. She found me hard and ready to go. We started off spoon style which she quickly morphed into RCG. She rode me to several strong orgasms that way until she maneuvered herself for CG. It wasn’t pretty but she managed to do it without hurting either one of us.

The CG session was mind blowing. About half way through, she thought I should use the paddle on her sexy ass. I didn’t argue and proceeded to spank her ass to a nice bright red. Her ass cheeks were hot to the touch. Her orgasms were so intense that she was actually crying. I was spanking her ass, sucking on her nipples, pulling and tugging on her nipples, and pulling her hair. TW was absolutely orgasmic. Like I said, toward the end, she was crying from the power of her orgasms. And I don’t mean sniffling either. These were full blown teardrops landing on my shoulder.

After her tear inducing orgasms, I had to use the facilities. When I got back, I mounted my baby missionary style and fucked her to another couple of quick orgasms. I suckled on her breasts while she came on my cock. We then moved back into the spoon position and finished off the morning with her sucking down a double load of my come. It was quite the start to our day.

Unfortunately, we won’t get a repeat performance tonight or tomorrow morning. TW and LP are heading off to Zs house to babysit her kids. I won’t see TW until tomorrow night. Guess we’ll just have to continue at that time.

You’re Just Another Piece Of Meat

Well, it’s happened again. No surprise now is it? They’re having a baby shower for one of the girls from another department and Mr. M-D wasn’t invited. Hell, I didn’t even know they were having one. It’s okay though, they’re only co-workers and, after all, I’m a guy, right? WRONG! I happen to like this young lady very much. It would have been nice to be asked to at least contribute some cash for a present. Whatever.

Although not as painful as last year’s event, it still stings. Just one more reason to find another job I guess. I need to start treating them the way they treat me, as a piece of meat. From now on, they’ll only be tits and ass. No feelings, no “shared experiences” just pieces of meat.

Speaking of which, S looks very fuckable today and so does P. Luckily, I don’t want to dirty my dick in either one of them. See, M E A T.