Late Weekend Update

Okay, I’m feeling a bit better now, let’s see what the weekend was like.

First off, it was busier than a one armed traffic cop at rush hour. Although we didn’t get much sex in, the sex we did have was great! The best part of the weekend was traveling to watch LP play in her first varsity game. She got moved up late last week. She did see some playing time, playing the last 5 minutes in her team’s win. But, that’s not the important part. The important part was the ride up to watch her. TW and I played “The Water Tower Game.” What’s “The Water Tower Game?” Well, let me tell you about it.

To make our extra long drive worth it, TW decided that every time she saw a water tower, she would lift her top. Naturally, LP was NOT in the car with us. It was a fun game that left TW exhausted and very wet. Of course, I had to help her out a bit along the way, especially when she unbuttoned her pants and gave me access to her cunt. I fingered and rubbed her clit until she had several very powerful orgasms in traffic. I’m sure any truck drivers we passed along the way got a nice view of my hand down her pants; my fingers working away on her clit. It sure as hell made the drive a lot more pleasant!

Yesterday, we got in a very quick, if very short, pussy eating session right before dinner. TW squatted down on my face and I ate her to several quick orgasms. Other than a sleepy session Friday night, that was it for the weekend. Not our kind of weekend but, that’s the way it goes sometimes.


SC’s game got canceled last night due to weather conditions and field conditions. They would have needed scuba gear to get the game in. Luckily, both he and LP had team meetings so TW and I were able to get in the most intense session we’ve had in weeks. It didn’t last very long but HOT DAMN, it was orgasmic fun on a superior level.

After letting TW know the game was canceled, she asked me what I wanted for dinner. “Pussy,” I told her. She told me to get home as soon as possible and the pussy would be waiting. SC got home before I did but he usually heads downstairs to his computer anyway, so, by the time I got home, TW was naked, in bed and waiting.

As soon as I got in the bedroom and closed the door, TW threw off the covers. Oh the vision of her sexy, naked body is still burned into my memory. I wasted no time in getting undressed and dove down between her sexy thighs and ate that wonderful, tasty pussy. TW came almost as soon as my tongue hit her clit. I ate her to several orgasms before deciding to let my dick get some pussy too.

TW groaned when I removed my face from her cunt. Those groans soon turned to moans as I threw her legs back over my shoulders and pushed my cock into her cunt. I pushed her legs up and back and drove my cock deep into her pussy. Her face contorted in bliss as I began to pump her pussy with deep, slow strokes.

Oh did my baby ever come! Her orgasms were very intense. Her face turned red, her breasts wobbled beautifully and her pussy was hot and wet. I really fucked her roughly and she came like crazy. I pushed my cock, balls deep, into her pussy and roughly grabbed her head between my hands.

I was in a domineering mood yesterday and I paid special attention to making TW feel like she had no choice in the matter. I was pulling her hair, slapping her ass, pinching her nipples, kissing her roughly. TW responded by coming like a bitch in heat. We quickly changed positions and I took my baby from the side. I was still in the male superior position, with TW lying on her side and my cock buried balls deep in her cunt. I once again fucked her violently and TW responded by coming violently as well. I noticed she had a pony tail, so I grabbed it and forced her head back. TW’s orgasm was instantaneous and very strong. Her whole body shook as I fucked her and pulled her head backwards via the pony tail.

She eventually moved face down on the bed and I fucked her silly that way for a short while. I had to pull out though because that position always makes me want to fill my baby’s pussy with come. She quickly lay back on the bed and started playing with her pussy. We talked dirty to one another and I sucked on her tits while she fingered herself to a couple of strong orgasms. I then moved my cock up to her face and, taking her head in my hands, forced my dick in her mouth. TW was beside herself. I grabbed the pony tail again and face fucked her deeply. TW was gagging and coming as her fingers worked her clit and my cock worked her tonsils. Her orgasms were really powerful as she got very into the submissive role. I face fucked her for a while more before letting her mount up CG style. Her ass needed some attention as well so I pulled out the wooden spatula.

TW sank down easily on my throbbing cock and I liberally applied the spatula to her ass. She would moan out, “Ouchie” every once in a while as I spanked her ass. I could feel her pussy cream and get hot each time the spatula hit her ass. When she finally came, it was with a guttural moan and a grinding of her hips.

I paddled her ass for a bit and then concentrated on making my baby orgasm like an out of control banshee. TW helped me put the paddle away but I wasn’t done with her ass yet. I let my hands do the talking and spanked her some more. TW was grinding away on my dick, her back arched, her body covered in goose flesh. I grabbed her head again and pulled her close to my face.

You like that don’t you bitch?” I asked her.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me you bastard. Fuck me Mother Fucker!” TW growled into my face.

I grabbed the pony tail again and pulled her head violently back. I really started to fuck her hard and she came again and again as I  held her head back. I raised my head up and started to suck on her tits. I felt TW’s pussy gush as another orgasm overcame her. I wasn’t able to hold out that much longer and TW was rewarded with a nice big load of come. Like the come hungry slut she is, she swallowed every drop.

It was a total animalistic sex  session. TW and I weren’t loving as much as we were just fucking. It was a hell of a way to finish off the afternoon.

Only In My Dreams

Well, my subconscious seems to be fucking with me. Last night, I dreamed that S and I were making out all over the office. In the computer room, in her cubicle, in my office, in the hallways, on the elevator, all over the office. It was all kissing. There was no fondling or suckling of the breasts; nor was there any ass grabbing, just kissing. It was very erotic. I’m highly offended by my subconscious’ choice of kissing partner, however. After all, having someone who stabbed me in the back be my kissing partner sucks. Note to my subconscious: stop doing that! Now, if it had been any one of the SILs, I’d be much happier. 😉 Hell, I’d even settle for an old crush or two (or three) Can you say grade school math teacher? Sure, I knew you could! Shit, even DAG would be okay. I mean something with a little emotional attachment, please!

TW and I spent a lot of time kissing yesterday, when we weren’t too tired to stay awake. Yup, early to bed again for us last night. This time, it was closer to 8:30! YIKES! What the hell is going on? Even after getting to bed at that early hour, we didn’t have time this morning to get it on. I was out of the house by 5:00, after waking at 4:40, and had left my sleepy honey in bed after kissing her goodbye. As much as we like spring sports season, this year it’s been a strain on our sleeping patterns. Yesterday’s game was rained out so I went to work early for nothing. Today might be the same situation, although today’s game is SC’s and the boys will play in just about any type of weather except thunderstorms, we’ll just have to see what develops later today. I’m sure our allergies are playing a big part as well.

I also need to get back to my workouts. I haven’t worked out in over a month, I think. That should help wind up my metabolism which in turn should get my mojo working again. Must get the mojo to go-go.


Oh My Fucking God did TW and I have a session this morning! What a great way to start our day! I set the alarm early and TW and I both got up, for a change, when the alarm went off.

I reached over and started to rub TW’s hot body. I massaged her back and thighs and worked my way to her breasts. She responded by turning her head and kissing me. She reached down and fondled my cock until it was hard. She then turned her back to me and I entered her from behind.

Her pussy was very wet and I started to pump her slowly. I reached around and worked her titties, first fondling them and then pinching her nipples. TW began to push back against me and had her first orgasm of the morning. After fucking her hard and fast a bit more in the spoon position, TW pushed me on to my back and mounted up CG style.

Besides 69, CG is my favorite position. I love to watch her titties sway back and forth as TW orgasms on my throbbing cock. This morning was no exception as TW had one intense orgasm after another while she bounced up and down on my dick. I got to suckle on her gorgeous titties too. I could feel her cunt get hotter and cream more every time I took a nipple in my mouth. Her most intense orgasms of the day occurred while I was feasting on her breasts. She really came hard as I took turns sucking on both her nipples. I put her whole nipple and aerola in my mouth and suckled gently on them. TW just came like crazy when I did that. She finally rolled off me and I took her from behind again.

I was a bit rougher with her this time, really pounding my cock into her pussy. I also took the time to grab a fistful of hair and pulled her head back while grabbing her free arm. TW went ballistic as an orgasm overwhelmed her. She came continuously as I pummeled her cunt. I reached around and pulled and tugged on her nipples again, causing TW to moan loudly into her pillow. LP was up and TW was trying to keep as quiet as possible.

TW then pushed away from me and headed down to work my cock. She took me in her mouth, sucking gently on the head and licking down to my balls. She took her time to really pleasure my dick. After her oral ministrations, TW mounted up CG style again. This time, she got “spanking lite” as I slapped her sexy ass, causing her to moan and come. After working me in and out of her cunt for a while, TW asked if I wanted to taste how excited I made her. I told her I’d love it!

TW dismounted and got into 69. She lowered that tasty cunt of her’s down to my face and I immediately zeroed in on her clit. She deep throated me on the first thrust as an orgasm overcame her. I pumped her face gently as I concentrated on flicking my tongue across her clit. TW was in a constant state of arousal at this point and I continued to use my tongue to pleasure her pussy. When I stuck in a thumb, TW went ballistic again, coming very violently while deep throating me on each downward stroke.

TW finally rolled to her side to catch her breath. I moved on top of her and continued to suck and lick at her cunt. TW captured my cock with her mouth and sucked me deep into her throat again. I tongue fucked my baby and when I dragged my tongue across her clit, TW came violently again. Damn, I just love eating her pussy. I could do it all day and never tire of it. TW withdrew my cock from her mouth and pushed her lovely breasts together and, as I ate her, I titty fucked her as well as we continued our 69 session. I love pumping my cock between her sexy titties.

We then separated again and I finished off by fucking my honey from behind yet again. I really worked my baby’s cunt as I pummeled her from behind again and again. My honey really got a workout this morning. In fact, as I type this, I think she’s still asleep in bed after getting the kids off to school. She deserves it, the girl came like a wild bitch in heat this morning. I love my morning hardon. I’m sure TW is pretty enamored of it as well. 🙂

I have mentioned that I love this woman, right?

Monday Morning Weekend Recap

What a glorious weekend to be outside! TW and I had fun being away from home and responsibilities. LP’s team finished 2-1 at their tournament. LP was also moved up to varsity this past week for the rest of the season. The varsity coach called her the future of the school team. Naturally, TW and I are very proud of her, as is her brother SC. It was a fun weekend and TW and I managed to squeeze in a couple of nice sex sessions to top it off. The best one was on Sunday morning before we left for home.

TW was really horny and I made her orgasm in several different positions. We had to be careful though, the rooms had paper thin walls and we didn’t want to walk out to a standing ovation from the other parents. 😛 While TW was riding me CG style, we were banging the bed against the wall pretty well. TW had to squelch several loud moans, lest we give our actions away. We fucked spoon style, CG style and finished off with my face buried between my honey’s thighs, licking her sweet pussy to one strong orgasm after another. Luckily, we didn’t make too much noise. Unfortunately, being outside all day made us very tired and we didn’t get the opportunity to take any pics. Maybe next road trip.

We’re glad you liked the photos from Friday. You’ll just have to be patient to see what Nasty Ned is up to. I’m sure Nasty Ned has been very patiently attending to our lovely Pretty Pamela. I’m also pretty sure she’s enjoying every minute of it.