A Quick Moment Of Silence Please…

Gentlemen, please remove your hats and stand at attention, BB has left the building. 😦

No more will I see that gorgeous, tight butt of her’s. No more catching glimpses down her blouse. No more half moons beautifully defined by the thongs she wore. No, I shall not have those pleasures anymore. BB has worked her last day here.

Happy Blogiversary

“Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Haaaaaaapy Blogiversary…

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy blogiversary.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy blogiversary.

Oooooooh ooooohhhh,

Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Haaaaaaapy Blogiversary…

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy blogiversary.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy blogiversary.”

That’s right boys and girls, Over Forty Married Sex is two today! We’re this II (that’s Mr. M-D holding up two fingers) many years old. It’s been a hell of ride so far hasn’t it? Wait until you hear how we started year three this morning!

TW and I both slept through the alarm this morning. No worries though, I don’t mind being late, especially when I get to fuck my honey. After using the facilities, I got back in bed. TW must have thought I was going to go back to sleep because she moved over and started rubbing my back. I turned to her and we kissed. The kiss turned into a feel and the feel turned into some sucking action. Before we knew it, TW and I were going at it like wild animals. Let’s hear it for MS!

I started off by suckling on TW’s breasts, treating each one to a tongue bath. Damn it, I just love playing with her titties. I was nibbling and sucking and licking those puppies like I was a hungry baby. TW soon pushed me on to my back and mounted up CG style.

She easily slid down onto my cock and we began to fuck. TW was moaning and coming like the slut she is. I worked my cock in and out of her pussy while my hands busied themselves with her tits. I pulled and pinched and twisted her nipples until she cried out in orgasm. I then moved down to her ass and started to knead and spank it. TW just got hotter.

As I was spanking her ass and fucking her delightfully soaked pussy, she stopped me.

“Damn, I forgot to show you something.” She said.

She dismounted and hunted around the room until she found what she was looking for. She then came back to bed and handed me a nice braided strap.

Here, use this.” She smiled. “I broke my belt a couple of days ago and forgot to show you. It should work nicely don’t you think?”

Yeah, baby. This is going to work just fine.” I said.

I playfully swatted her a couple of times before running that broken belt over her nipples. TW just moaned and ground her cunt on my dick. I then used the belt to tie her tits together so I could suck on both her nipples at the same time. I felt TW’s pussy gush hot liquid around my cock.

Baby likes that doesn’t she?

Oh God yes. Fuck me, I’m such a dirty slut.

Yes, yes you are my love.

With that, I started to strap her ass. TW went wild. She was arching her back, grabbing her tits and coming like crazy. She talked dirty to me the whole time I used the strap on her. She was calling me names, calling herself names and was being the dirty, slutty whore I know she is. Her hips were constantly rocking back and forth as her orgasms overcame her. I flicked the ends of the broken belt across her nipples, making TW even hotter. I continued to use that strap until she finally fell off me. We then positioned ourselves so I could fuck her from behind.

I once again easily slid into TW’s soaked pussy. I fucked her hard and fast from behind, making her come numerous times. Her orgasms were pretty strong today. I don’t know if it was from the strap or maybe it was because I told her not to think of herself, out in the woods, strapped down on a picnic table, guys lined up to fuck her juicy cunt. When I mentioned that little tale, TW really exploded, crying out, “No, no, no, no, no….” Luckily, between the Zoloft and my morning hardon, I had no intention of coming. I was able to walk her through that fantasy while pummeling her cunt from behind without even worrying about coming.

We finally stopped about five minutes later. After all, I had to get to work. TW was first out of bed. I followed a few seconds later and caught her in the bathroom. I got behind her, reached around and started fondling her titties once again, pinching and pulling on her nips. TW was grinding her ass against my cock so I figured why not. I had her move back from the sink, bent her over, and slipped my hard cock into her cunt.

TW started to come immediately. I grabbed her sexy hips, noticing the strap marks across her ass, and started to fuck her in earnest. She had tied her hair in a pony tail. I did what any horny, dominant male would do and grabbed it and pulled her head back. I asked her how it felt to be out in the woods with all those guys fucking her. TW exploded in orgasm. Her legs locked up and she actually pushed the two of us back a foot or so. I almost fell into the whirlpool tub. I continued to pull on her pony tail while she came violently on my cock. I also got to watch her beautiful, sexy breasts sway to and fro while we fucked. Bathroom mirrors are so cool, aren’t they? We fucked for some time until we were finally able to untangle ourselves, and get far enough away from one another, that we were able to start our days. I hopped in the shower and off we went.

I’m still working on the Foto Phriday entry for today. It’ll probably be up later today. Until then, have a great day! I know mine got off to a rocking start!

MILF Shopping

So, I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a couple of things for dinner. Nothing major, just a quick stop and shop. Well, I’m definitely going to do the shopping a bit more often, especially if the MILF factor is as good as it was last night.

Oh dear sweet baby Jeebus! What a bumper crop! TW did warn me though that it’s not always like that. I don’t know, it was pretty damn hot last night. There was a mixture of shorts, tight tank tops, business slacks, low cut tops and other various voyeuristic charms. It sure did make shopping a lot more fun! I kept bumping into this one woman, even though we were shopping in opposite directions of one another. Nice body, pretty face, probably around my age (mid 40’s). She had on a tight white tank top and a nice snug pair of shorts. Definitely nice to look at. She was wearing a bra though, darn it! Why can’t women dress up for ME!?!?!?!?!? Let’s loose that bra and let those nipples shine through like god intended. The top she had on was more like a men’s sleeveless T-shirt (aka Dago-T or Wife beater) She looked really nice in it. Of course, I’m a sucker for that look.

No sex either last night or this morning. Just too damn tired. We got a lot done yesterday including giving the dog a hair cut, a bath and washing his crate and bed. I also trimmed some bush last night (and no, it wasn’t TW’s, you perverts!) so my body is pretty sore today. I’m definitely not cut out for an active, outdoor lifestyle. Okay, sex in the outdoors is definitely doable, and I don’t mind hiking and such, I’m talking about working outdoors. Anyway, I was too tired to get going this morning. Poor TW did try though. Damn, I just love seeing her naked body next to mine. Maybe tonight.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there was a definite lack of little children screaming, “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, I WANT THAT!”  It made the whole shopping experience much more pleasant. Plus, I didn’t have to deal with, “Mommy, that man is staring at your chest.”

TW Gets Yet Another Pounding

Ah, there’s nothing like pounding your honey from behind, spoon style, as she orgasms on your cock. TW was treated to that this morning as we made good use of the short time we had. We started off CG, where I got to suckle on my honey’s beautiful breasts, and then moved to spoon. I really pounded TW hard this morning. Damn, I just love my morning hardon. We fucked for about 10-15 minutes or so, but it was a full ride, if you know what I mean. Now, if we could just have energy at night.

The only downer about the fun was the fact that I thought about Z, as I was fucking TW. I imagined that TW and Z were positioned side by side and I was taking turns fucking each of them, one with my cock and the other with that big, black dildo you’ve seen TW use. I was alternating between the two of them and they were coming and moaning and screaming in orgasm. Normally that’s pretty hot, but since I’m trying to use the SILs less and less in my fantasies, it was disturbing at the same time. Still, it didn’t ruin the moment. Hey, if any ladies would like to loan themselves (via e-mailed photos) to be my replacement for the SILs, I’m taking donations. 🙂 😉

A Quick(ie) Start To The Day

So, I walk out of the bathroom after showering and there lying on the bed, looking all sexy and hot, is my lovely TW. I quickly got down between her legs and had pussy for breakfast. I was also able to work in a little missionary since it was my morning hardon, and I didn’t have to worry about coming too soon. I fucked and ate TW to several crashing orgasms, taking some time to tweak, pull and suck on her nipples as well. It was heavenly to look up, from between her legs, and watch her nice, big breasts bounce around while I ate her. Hey, they moved pretty well while I was fucking her too! 🙂 😉 🙂

Overall, a nice quick start to the day.

No sex last night. TW was in a foul mood. That can happen when you’re stuck with your various family members all day. Poor kid. I was willing but she definitely wasn’t so I let it go. I kidded around with her by moving all the way over to the edge of the bed and wishing her goodnight. At least it made her laugh a bit. We fell asleep with my hand resting on one of her sexy ass cheeks. At least she didn’t bite it off. 😉