The Afternoon Of The Day Of The Gold Medal Session

No sex last night nor this morning. We had to pick up SC from the airport late last night. It’s all good though. We got in a very nice, very short, but very hot, kitty licking session in before dinner. TW had several very strong orgasms both via my tongue and her fingers. The lady just can’t get enough lately. I’m certainly NOT going to complain!

A Morning Session Worthy Of A Gold Medal


Holy Shit!



Did we have a fucking great morning session this morning. TW came off her period hot and horny, unfortunately, last night, two days of being out in the bright sunshine watching LP at her tournament finally caught up with me. I was in bed, and asleep, by 8:30. TW tried to wake me up when she came to bed around 11:00 or so, but I was O U T. So, this morning, we took care of things the right way.

I set the alarm earlier than usual so we could get some lovin’ in before I had to head back to work. After hitting the snooze button a couple of times, I forced myself out of bed and off to the bathroom. When I got back, TW was also starting to stir. After her trip to the bathroom, we got it on proper. We kissed passionately and let our hands roam each other’s bodies. I payed special attention to her nipples and breasts. This really turned TW on.

She pushed me on to my back and went down on me. Within a few seconds, she was mounted up and fucking me CG style. She rode me like a woman possessed, arching her back, rocking her hips and orgasming like crazy. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock as she came. I forcefully fucked her well lubed pussy while my lips were busy sucking on her nipples. She was grabbing my head and pulling me into her chest. I sucked and nipped on her nipples, driving TW into a frenzy.

She was moaning and grinding her cunt down on my cock as I suckled on her breasts. Every time she would arch her back in orgasm, I would grab hold of her nipples and pull her breasts away from her body. The intensity of her orgasms doubled whenever I did this. TW’s clit was very sensitive this morning. We spent a lot of our fuck time with me rubbing her clit with the shaft of my cock. Some of TW’s most intense orgasms occurred whenever I did that. Of course, she was taking the opportunity to use my cock that way anytime she could. TW was absolutely on fire this morning.

She finally rolled off me and on to her side. I immediately slipped my cock between her pussy lips and drove all the way in on one stroke. TW came again. When my cock slipped out and slid across her clit again, TW went ballistic. Her orgasm was very strong and very violent. My cock head kept hitting her clit as she rocked her hips back and forth. I was finally able to get myself back inside of her and fucked her hard and fast. TW screamed into her pillow as I fucked her. Her body thrashed about wildly and it was all I could do to stay inside of her. Not that rubbing my cock across her clit again would be bad.

As the intensity of her orgasms increased, I grabbed her head by the hair and pulled backwards. TW started talking dirty to me, telling me how I knew she wanted it and how bad she was. I continued to fuck her to several more orgasms before we separated. TW turned to kiss me and then offered her breasts to me again. I went right to work, sucking and nibbling on her.

TW just about came from me sucking on her tits. She then grabbed my hand and led it down to her sopping cunt. I began to play with her clit while still sucking on her wonderful melons. TW’s hips started rocking again, signaling her approaching orgasm. TW’s pussy gushed around my fingers as I worked her lips and clit. I fingered her a little bit just to lubricate my finger and her clit a bit more. When I focused in on her clit again, TW clamped her legs around my hand and came. She was moaning and telling me how I was able to take her back to our early dating days. All we did was heavy petting back then.

TW ground her cunt against my fingers and I suckled on her breasts like a good boy should. TW then pushed me onto my back again and mounted me. She sank down on my dick in one fluid motion, my cock head hitting her cervix. We were off again, TW grinding and bouncing on my cock while she came. Her hip movement was getting to be too much for me and I told her I was going to come.

TW quickly got off me and took my throbbing cock in to her mouth. I unloaded. TW took me deep into her mouth. I felt her chin hit my balls as I came down her throat. She gagged briefly, but never let my cock slip out of her mouth. I had my own multiple orgasm as I shot a second load down her hungry throat. I was holding her head in place with two handfuls of hair. TW really worked my cock, sucking and licking me until I was spent. I enjoyed her oral worship of my dick and kissed her hard when she finally finished. We cuddled for a while before we both got up to start our days.

It’s gonna be a fun filled fuckfest of a month until her next period arrives, I can feel it!

Simply said…”Thank You”

Baby, thank you.

I don’t know what else to say except I love you and thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You are a wonderful husband, father to our children and my best friend and I am well aware of just how lucky I am to have you in my life. I treasure each and every day we share together. 24 ever so happily married years (more than 28 total years together) and lots of fun loving sex to boot. Thank you for the love in our relationship, the way you adore me, the way you love me, the way you make me feel so special and loved. Just that little touch here and that look there, not to mention the fun gropes too.

I know I tell you often…but had to put it here-I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

And as you are sound asleep upstairs, my heart is so full of love for you. I sit here thinking of how very blessed we are to have what we have. The friendship, the love, the special times we share together, the silly times we share together, the hot and sexy sultry times we share together…how did we get so lucky? In a time when so many marriages seem to be crumbling we are so fortunate to have each other and the special love that we share. And of course the great sex too…can’t wait for our morning loving sexy. I look forward to cuddling next to you…and treasuring the closeness-never taking what we have for granted. I can’t get enough of you baby.

So, I will close as I started….thank you my love.

Monday 7/23 – Happy Anniversary!

Ah, another year of married bliss behind us! And no, I’m not being sarcastic either. TW and I know we are damn lucky to have found one another and we cherish each and every second we get to spend together. Now, quick gagging and read on about our adventures. 😉

Okay, since Sunday was a washout in regards to the forest preserves, TW and I figured we’d head out on Monday. It was my bad to schedule for a Sunday. What a dumbass! Well, Monday’s trip was a rousing success! When we got to the parking lot, it was pretty much empty. There may have been a total of four cars (as opposed to the forty on Sunday) including ours when we arrived. Perfect!

We started walking towards a pavilion with plenty of picnic tables. We stopped and took a couple of quick shots with TW lifting her top and showing those wonderful titties of her’s. We then headed deeper into the woods.

We really weren’t following an established trail. In fact, my brief, but informative, Boy Scout training came into play. “Leaves of three, let them be…” I carefully kept an eye out for any poison ivy or poison oak that might be lying it wait to get us. Of course, it wasn’t like we had to use machetes to clear a path either. Anyway, we took some nice pics here and there and then we found what we were looking for, a nice, BIG log.

We were well out of sight of the parking lot and it was very quiet in the woods, so TW stripped naked and we took more photos. Then, she bent over the log and asked me to fuck her. I didn’t waste any time and approached my love from behind. I fucked her hard and fast while grabbing her titties and hips. We fucked for a while and then TW bent down and cleaned my cock off. Damn, can she suck cock!

We continued our walk and took more pics of TW out and about in the woods. We even took a couple of shots of TW “tied” to a tree. We headed back to the pavilion and took a couple of topless shots and some of TW bent over the table. When we got back into the car, TW just had to play with herself and came a couple of times on her fingers. Hell, she came a couple of times on my fingers as well. We were going out to an anniversary linner (lunch/dinner) and she had brought along a skirt to wear, so, I got to watch her change as we sat in the parking lot. Naturally, I couldn’t resist playing with her some more.

After linner, we headed back to the house. We didn’t pass go, nor did we collect $200, but we did have another round of sexual antics, so it was all good. We were both pretty tired from Sunday’s workouts, the walk in the woods and full bellies, so the sex wasn’t as acrobatic as it was previously. It didn’t bother us one bit. We fucked and sucked our way to mutual orgasms and I provided TW with some additional protein. She swallowed it all.

The rest of the night was spent moving pictures and basking in the glow of our great weekend without kids. We did what we do every anniversary; bring out the photo album and see who’s died since last year. Yeah, we’re morbid that way.

We’ll post some pics later today, just a general overview of the weekend. Detailed series photo will follow over the next few weeks. We’re gonna be watching the daughter play in a tournament this weekend. SC is out of town with friends. Unfortunately, TW’s monthly visitor arrived this week so there won’t be much playtime happening, but, after last weekend, we can both use the rest.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, 7/22/07, Part 2

After we had rested a bit, we moved over to the ping-pong table. Since Anon-Al requested some photos there, when we mentioned it, we figured we better put out. I had TW do several poses, as if she were playing ping-pong. We had a lot of fun with it and naturally it led to more sex, but not on the table, no, not just yet.

We headed over to the couch and I took some pics of TW just chillin’ out. Well, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so, before she knew it, I was down on my knees, head between her legs, eating her soaked pussy to one orgasm after another. TW was really hot and we took full advantage of it. I was busy pinching and pulling on her nipples, causing TW to cry out in pleasure. God damn it, I just love eating her pussy! I know I’ve mentioned that before but I just can’t help it! I love watching her face as she comes on my tongue and I love to feel her cunt contract on my fingers as I diddle her clit and G-spot.

Soon, TW was pushing me on to my back on the floor. She quickly mounted me CG style and rode me to several strong orgasms. She then quickly maneuvered herself into 69 and I got to eat her again. We even managed to get a photo of that as well. After a couple more strong orgasms, we headed back to the ping-pong table.

We got a couple of nice shots of me fucking TW on the table itself. In one, you can even see my cock! Wonders of wonders! Well, okay, you can see a tiny bit of my cock as it plunges in and out of TW’s pussy, but it’s there just the same. Then we set up some shots of me fingering TW at the end of the table. They came out really nice and TW had another couple of strong orgasms as I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

At this time, we decided to head upstairs to the bedroom for a little nappy time. We were both pretty wore out, with TW being absolutely wiped out by her orgasms, so we headed off for bed. Naturally, we had to have some more sex before heading off to dreamland so we slipped in some spoon and CG style sex. Even after that, TW had me finger her to one last orgasm before we both fell asleep. It was still relatively early in the afternoon, so we had plenty of time for more play.

After getting a nice, refreshing nap, TW and I headed downstairs to grab some dinner. We really didn’t eat lunch (other than having each other for lunch) so we needed some food to recharge our batteries. After eating and watching some TV, we headed back upstairs to the bedroom. We had more photos to take and, naturally, some more sex to be done.

As a warmup and to enable me to get closer to coming, TW and I engaged in another round of hide the salami/ride the baloney pony. We fucked in several different positions and got ready for the main event: a nice, hot, sticky, thick come shot for TW.

She got out of bed and we decided where we’d do the photo shoot. I had her get on the floor, with her back to the bed and spread her arms out like she was tied up. I proceeded to fuck her face hard and fast but couldn’t come. I don’t know what the hell the problem was but I was having difficulty in getting my rocks off. So, TW suggested I take her from behind. TW got up and leaned over the bed and I slipped my dick into her well lubed cunt. I fucked her for a few minutes and then had her get back down on the floor. She was wearing one of my favorite tops, a purple low cut number that really shows off her tits nicely.

I fucked her face some more but still wasn’t there. When she started role playing and asking me not to let all those men come on her, well, that did the trick. My cock erupted and I sprayed TW’s tits and top with my come. It was a rather large load (as you’ll see in the pics) and TW frigged herself to another orgasm or two. After unloading my balls on TW, she took my cock in her mouth. She sucked out whatever come was left in the shaft and I continued to take photos.

TW wasn’t finished though. She grabbed one of the dildos and started working it in and out of her cunt. She was in such a heightened of arousal, I actually think I disappeared and TW was really in the middle of several guys getting fucked and sucked to her heart’s content. It was really a hot scene; TW covered in come working that dildo deep into her pussy. Naturally, I took some nice pics of that too!

The final act in our little love play was a good ol’ fashioned spanking. TW had been such a bad girl, letting me come on her nice top and all, that she deserved to be spanked. I got out our semi-new weapon of choice, the wood spatula, and proceeded to redden her ass. She really got off on it, crying and sobbing and fingering herself to one orgasm after another while I paddled her ass.

With that, we finished off our Sunday lovin’. All told we had sex/made love, in one form or another, 5 times. Not bad for a couple of old farts.