Oh Boy, Is This Great!

Well, at least it’s gonna be. TW and I had a nice, surprise session last night. She rode me CG style and I fucked her to sleep finishing off with some spoon style. No, it wasn’t that it was boring, you silly people. No, my girl had quite a few orgasms. In fact, she was really hot when she remembered I took a half day today so I could attend a local computer show. I’ll be home before she gets home and well, let’s just say the punishment is definitely gonna fit the crime. TW is in need of some serious spanking and she’s gonna definitely get it this afternoon. It won’t be a long session but I guarantee it’s gonna be very intense.

She can’t wait!

Neither can I!

What Are We? Chopped Liver?

Just stop it, damn it! Just stop taking your journals private. Please! We’ve lost some quality reads over the past few days and it’s maddening! Between folks shutting down and folks having to go private, it’s driving us bonkers, no, really, it is!

Just kidding, you have to do what you have to do, but could you at least make us readers of your journals? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

Okay Then, I’ll Let You Drive

TW and I had a wonderfully invigorating session last night. It featured spoon, some CG and a finishing RCG move that left my balls drained and TW’s mouth full of my come. Once again, TW’s sexy hips gyrating back and forth were too much for me to take. I almost screamed that I was going to come and she quickly dismounted and sucked my nuts dry. Damn what a gal!

The full moon is tonight and I can feel the fog cloud lifting from my brain. I’m feeling much more alert today and am now moving into my manic stage. Yeah, just great. The next couple of days I’ll have way too much energy, feel way too good and be way too happy. It’s almost as bad as being depressed all the time, trust me on this one, it’s not a good time. Although, I must say, I get tons of shit done, both at work and at home, during these high times.

Hopefully, the sex will hold out as well. TW seems to be moving towards less pain and more movement, which bodes well for an active sex weekend. Only time will tell.

Slow Mornin’ Lovin’

TW and I had a nice, slow session this morning. She’s still in a lot of pain and we were both in bed by 9:30 last night. Not the most exciting of times is it now? That’s okay though. It’ll turn around someday. As for pain relief, well FC, the pleasure TW gets from my ministrations definitely outdoes the pain. She said it’s like a battle in her body. The endorphines released by our sex sessions overwhelm the pain sensors in her body. Now, if we could only fuck around every minute of every day, she’d be fine. I have suggested we get a web cam, start our own website and charge folks 12.95 a month to watch us play around all day, but TW won’t hear of it. I thought it was a damn good idea! I mean, look at Wifey and her husband. Yeah, just look at her. Mmmmmmm, aaaggggghhhhhhhh (done in my best Homer Simpson voice, with drooling enabled) I firmly believe the world would be a better place if every woman went topless (well, my world would definitely be a better place, that’s for sure!)

This morning’s session was a spoon only session as TW is still finding it difficult to move around without pain. Oh! I forgot about last night’s oral session! I got to eat my baby’s pussy until she screamed into her pillow. I like that, I like it a lot! Hey, if it ever came down to it, I’ll take eating her over fucking her. She comes so much more intensely with my lips and tongue playing with her clit. I’m sure my twisting and pulling of her nipples has nothing to do with it either. 😉

Feast Or Famine

Hello folks,

TW and I have been in a minor funk lately. Oh sure, we’re having sex, just not every day like we like to do. Yeah, yeah, we know, it’s called life. We understand that. It’s not for lack of wanting, no, it’s more like the both of us have been hit with major depression at the same time.

Me? That’s pretty much par for the course. For TW however, it’s different. She’s been dealing with one of her more serious bouts of Fibromyalgia. She’s it constant pain, all over her body, and nothing seems to help. Pain relievers, full body massages (boy, do I ever LOVE to do those!), exercise, nothing seems to be helping. She’d go to the doctor but he’s never been a real big help either. You probably know the story, “it’s all in your head.” So, she suffers with it. If you’ve ever had full body pain you know what a drag it is on your energy levels. Well, that’s what’s happening to TW lately. She’s in so much pain, it interferes with her ability to have fun (i.e. sex) although our sessions do bring some temporary relief to her. Her job is also doing a major drain on her energy levels as well. Another factor could be the hard core feast we had the other day. We always seem to be slow to recover after a hard core lovin’ session.

So, did we have any sex this weekend? Yup, we sure did; Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night. The Saturday night session was a combo platter of oral and spanking. TW needed to be spanked after I massaged her body; so, I provided the hands that heal. After getting her ass nice and red, I got down between those sexy thighs and ate her to several strong orgasms. I gotta tell you folks, the basement floor is NOT kind to the over 40 body. Next time, I’ll have her get up on the couch. ;P

We don’t know how much we’ll be able to update this week. It’s crazy busy around the M-D household. LP gets one year closer to dating age this week, there’s a shitload of funerals planned, plus, there’s a family party for LP on Saturday. Busy, busy, busy! Too bad TW and I are ready for bed by 9:00 P.M. YIKES! Talk about your boring people! Oh wait, there is one good thing coming this week! The fall TV schedule starts this week. My favorite show is on Friday’s on CBS. Yes, I’m a sucker for Ghost Whisperer. Well, more like I’m a sucker for that beautiful cleavage that J. L. Hewitt shows on a weekly basis. God damn could I have fun with her! Just imaging my cock thrusting in between those two beauties of her’s. Sigh.

P.S. TW and I wanted to drop a note of thanks to all our readers out there. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy days to stop by and read a bit. We’re pretty amazed that we get folks from all over the world to stop by. We’ve had visitors from all across the US, Australia, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the British Isles, Continental Europe, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, India, the Middle East, South America, and Africa (we’re still working on Greenland and the Arctic Circles.) We thank you all and hope you continue to find us interesting enough to stop by and check up on us from time to time. Thank you again!