Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our friends out there and a happy Samhain to my pagan brethren. Be safe trick or treating tonight and watch out for the ghosts and goblins.

I used to believe that I was a werewolf. I wore a werewolf mask one year and it was actually an improvement on my looks. People complimented me wherever I went. I did totally freak out one kid coming up our walkway. He saw me walk past the door and turned around and headed back down the sidewalk. When I took the mask off, he screamed and ran to his mommy. No, only kidding. He gathered up his courage and came back to the door.

I was going to go as Adam, pre-fig leaf, but TW said I probably shouldn’t. Something about scarring LP for life or some other such nonsense. If I could get away with it, I’d dress that way at work. “Look at me! LOOK at me!” Of course, I’d prefer the ladies dressed as Eve, pre-fig leaf, but that’s just me. Wonder what my SILs will be dressing as tonight? X will probably be her bitchy self, Y will be dressed as a nun and Z, well, I hope she’s wearing something low cut with the hemline high. She’s probably not, but it’s nice to dream isn’t it? Of course, I’d prefer them all dressed as Eve, pre-fig leaf as well, but, again, that’s just me.

Enjoy the holiday my friends. I know I’m going to.

Oh, and a quick thank you to the folks over at YouPorn for including us on their site. We’ve having one of the best days ever, hit wise, on the blog. Thank you! Now, if only some of those hits turned into comments, it’d be perfect!

Nighttime Quickies Or How I Put TW To Bed

Last night, TW requested some fuck time so she would have an easier time sleeping and possibly avoid the nightmares she’s been having about work. Well, who am I to deny my sexy honey her quality sleep aid? We only fucked in one position, spoon, but my honey got some quality orgasms out of the deal and quickly fell asleep. Earlier in the day, we got in a quick oral session as well. Hey, it’s the least I can do for her. I’m not a real sex doctor, but I play one at home. Now, if I could just convince the SILs to partake of my skills. Well, Z at least.

UPDATE: A quick update on the very unscientific poll we posted earlier this month. So far the totals are as follows:

Readers age group                                    Number of readers

18 – 20                                                                                0

21-30                                                                                  1

30-39                                                                                  7

40-49                                                                                 17

50-59                                                                                 13

60-69                                                                                  6

70-79                                                                                   2

80+                                                                                      0

Thanks to all of your that voted/responded, TW and I appreciate it.

UPDATE PART DUEX: Sharing Dee is BACK! Go check it out. NOW! Before Joe changes his mind again and it disappears forever!

Weekend Sextival

Wow, what a weekend of sex we had. Let’s see, the Saturday morning session was by far the most active, although Sunday morning’s resulted in the only orgasm for me over the weekend (and that’s by choice).

Saturday morning’s session was actually three sessions in one. First off there was the normal sexual play. We fucked spoon and CG style, with TW’s titties getting plenty of action as well. When TW headed off to get into the shower, I followed her into the bathroom and let my fingers do the walking all over her clit. We both got to watch her orgasm, as the numerous mirrors in the bathroom provided all kinds of viewing angles. TW pumped her hips as my fingers diddled her clit. She came forcefully a couple of time before leading me back to the bed and asking me to eat her again. I licked and nibbled and sucked on TW’s clit until she had several powerful orgasms. We even 69’d for a bit before she had to jump in the shower and start her day. Me? I headed back to bed for some more shuteye.

Sunday’s session was tame in comparison with Saturday’s but it resulted in me blowing a nice, large, double load down my honey’s throat. Saturday afternoon, we had a nice family get together to celebrate a birthday. X and Z were both wearing cleavage bearing tops. In fact, I got plenty of wonderful looks down Z’s top. Damn, how I want to suckle on those breasts of her’s, not to mention titty fuck her till I come all over her face and tits. Anyway, while TW and I were fucking Sunday morning, those thoughts were running through my head. However, that’s not what made me come down TW’s throat. No, it was the sexy motion of TW’s hips that did me in. There’s a certain angle I hit, while fucking her spoon style, that combined with her hip movements pushes me over the edge. Well, Sunday morning, that angle and that hip movement combined to release my orgasm. I quickly pulled out of TW and told her I was going to come. She immediately went down on me and, as soon as her lips wrapped around the head of my dick, I came. Boy oh boy did I come. I just kept squirting into her mouth and damn if she didn’t swallow it all. It was amazing that she managed to not miss a drop. I mean, in addition to the amount of come, there was the fact that I was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She’s definitely one hell of a cock sucker and I enjoy every last second of her attention.

Last night we were just too damn tired to get anything going. We did a lot of garden work and that pretty much wiped us out for the night. Hopefully, we won’t be too sore today to get some action in later on. Shit, worst case scenario, she can just sit on my face and I’ll lick her pussy to one orgasm after another.

Slow, Sleepy Little Morning Session

TW and I got in a nice, sleepy sex session in this morning. Nothing too acrobatic or strenuous, just some nice, slow spoon and CG. Hopefully, we’ll be able to be a bit more active over the weekend. We’re overdue for an all out, “fuck me like an animal” session. Of course, they’ll be some spanking in that session as well. Who knows, maybe some photos will be taken, only time will tell.

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I had a vendor show to go to. The best part of the show? That had to be standing in the food line, watching this amazing young lady (she had to be in her early to mid 20’s) display her awesome cleavage to me. Well, it wasn’t only me. She had on the most wonderful top. It was green and showed probably about 60% of her breasts. It really was quite lovely. The bra she was wearing was quite helpful as well. It pushed those beautiful breasts up without overdoing it. Also, her breasts shook so delightfully when she walked. It truly was amazing. So, to the mystery girl: Thank you my love, the show was fantastic!

Afternoon Snack

Got to eat some primo pussy last night. It’s been a tough week so far: work has sucked, I’m dealing with my annual, fall bout of depression (this time of year is usually the worst for me, I don’t know why) and things have been just genuinely sucky. At least TW has been trying to help me out. Yesterday, she got on the bed, spread her legs and told me, “Eat me!” Okay, she didn’t actually say it, but I knew what she meant, so, we got in a nice little oral session. TW came, her pussy creamed and I got to escape my woe for a while. That a girl!