I Was A Teenage Premature Ejaculator

Well, let’s be realistic here, it lasted more than my teenage years. 😦

The title of this post is a shout out to two of my favorite B-movies, “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” and “I Was A Teenage Monster” Personally, I think my story is much more scary!

People ask us how we can keep the flames burning after all these years. Well, a vivid imagination helps. Mine was forged in my grade school years when no girl would give me the time of day, let alone go out with me. I was painfully shy back then (hell, I still am) and had trouble keep a conversation up with a girl, let alone ask them out. When I did ask them out, I was met with crushing defeat. So, I had to improvise. “Left hand, meet right hand,” and the rest is history!

My main source of masturbatory fun, other than classmates and teachers, was Penthouse. The Forum and Variations columns were great fuel for my mind. The Letters section was beyond doubt my favorite reading. Thanks to a genial smoke shop owner, I was able to purchase my mags and masturbate away. Guess what? I’m not blind, nor are my palms hairy!

When I did get my first girlfriend, in high school, we really didn’t do much other than kiss and feel one another up. Oh, I did get some quality breast sucking in (in public a few times too!) but I didn’t push her to touch me and she didn’t feel the need. Oh, but in my fantasies, well, that was quite another story. My imagination had us doing everything and anything, including other people. Unfortunately, this kind of set me up to come rather quickly. The fantasies were so real, I got over excited. This carried on through my life, up until 2000, when I had my breakdown.

DAG and I were each other’s firsts. Unfortunately for her, I was quick on the trigger. Oh, I tried oral and manual stimulation with her but never did get her off. Imagine that, your first lover can’t make you come, even though it’s exciting and thrilling. Me? Oh damn, she’d make me come in my pants just by rubbing me through my jeans. Many were the night when I walked home with a load of come in my shorts, courtesy of her fingertips. Not to take away from my failure, but I think she was very tense about what we were doing. She never could relax and just let things happen. She tried to fake one for me once, but I could tell. She was also very ticklish. Every time I tried to orally pleasure her, she would laugh and have to push me off. Damn ticklish clit! I should have tried harder.

Then TW came along. She was a walking wet dream. I allowed things to go slowly and TW matured very nicely. We really didn’t start fooling around until almost 3 months had passed in our relationship. Of course, my fantasy life (and my right and left hands) was quite busy. My fantasies usually included X, TW’s older sister and even DAG. Boy, the four of us had a nice time in my head. Needless to say, I was quite the dork back then so when time came to consummate our relationship, once again, Mr. M-D was quick on the draw. This time there was a difference though. TW’s clit was not ticklish and she was the happy recipient of many tongue lashing, body thrashing orgasms. So, my being quick on the draw wasn’t as detrimental to our happiness.

As our relationship progressed, my fantasy life kept up as well. Damn, it seemed I was making myself come daily. I was afraid I was going to run out of sperm someday, that’s how often I’d jerk myself off. Luckily, TW was also providing several nice places for me to come. There was her mouth, her tits, her face, I did it everywhere. I was still quick on the draw but not so much as before. Because I could pleasure TW orally, I was able to take breaks every now and then so I didn’t come as quickly as before. However, once I started fucking her cunt, it was pretty much all over. Thankfully, TW came fairly quickly so she got off before I did.

That’s the way things were up until 2000. That year, my depression finally caught up with me and I had a breakdown. TW convinced me to get on meds and, after 3 months or so, things became better. There was a great side affect to getting on Zoloft. I no longer was quick on the trigger. In fact, I found out, much to my and TW’s great joy, that I could fuck for a very long time and not have to come. Even though I was fucking all three of her sisters, along with TW, in my mind, the Zoloft seemed to take the edge off. My fantasy life was back in full swing. I could fantasize about fucking TW, her sisters, my co-workers, teachers I had in school (all the way back to grade school), classmates, etc.

You’ll notice that TW gets mentioned in each of those scenarios. That’s because, no matter who I fantasize about, TW is always there with me. Granted, she might be tied up to a chair and forced to watch, but she’s always present. Since the day I met her, she’s always in my mind. Thankfully, she’s always in my bed as well. We have a lot of fun together and even fantasize together. We’ll be fucking and we’ll be telling each other a story about her being gang banged or being forced to suck off a policeman or two (or three or four…) I think that has been the key to our success. We’re able to tell one another what, or who, is on our minds. Open communication has been the key to our success, both in and out of bed.

It seems simple enough doesn’t it? It’s not always that easy, sometimes it’s painful and hurtful. Maybe TW and I were just lucky enough to find one another. I know my life has changed for the better since I met her. Maybe we were meant to be together, I don’t know. I just thank whatever god there is that she came into my life.

As for my premature ejaculation, well, that’s a thing of the past. I don’t know if it’s healthy or not, but I can hold out for a week or more these days. Of course, when I do come, TW gets a very large, very hot load of come to either swallow or wear. I still fantasize on a regular basis but not as much as I used to. Maybe I’m getting old, or, maybe TW’s slowly but surely fulfilling those fantasies I’ve had over the years. All I know is I’m having a hell of a lot of fun and looking forward to much more in the years to come.

On a sad note: I read today that my current favorite Friday night fantasy got engaged. JL Hewitt got engaged. Damn it! I was hoping she would move to Utah with TW, TW’s sisters and I after our kids left the nest, where we would live the live I’ve always fantasized about. Sex for everyone! Damn!

UPDATE: Today’s downblouse shot courtesy of TT (formerly just T) I had to work on something for her and, luckily for me, she was wearing a nice, cleavage baring blouse. I stood next to her chair and got a very nice view down that wonderful top. Thank you TT! G is in a turtle neck today, hopefully it’s not permanent addition to her wardrobe.

Busier Than….

a bee.

a one armed traffic cop

Santa and his elves hopped up on Mountain Dew and uppers.

a husband licking his hot, sexy wife’s pussy. (Oh wait, that’s me, but not for a few more days)

I’ve spent the majority of the day in another department trying to put out fires and trying to get peeks down G’s top. So far, so good on both accounts. I’m just a sucker for a nice cleavage display and G’s been showing off her’s to perfection the past few days. I even got a very nice, albeit, very quick downblouse shot today. Lucky me! Must keep eye contact…….FUCK! Failed again! 🙂

Slow News Day

No sex to report on. I had a very long day at work yesterday and was pretty much asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. This morning, I missed my workout (it can be made up later today) and slept through the alarm several times. TW is still pretty wiped out from her acrobatics over the weekend as well, so, no sex for us.

The only bright spot yesterday was I got a very nice downblouse shot from G at work. She’s the young mother from another department. Her breasts aren’t big, but they are full of milk. Oh to squeeze and suckle on her tits. (Okay, I’m having a  disturbing, yet weirdly arousing, vision of Ben Stiller milking a cat) I’d even like to milk her from behind (see, disturbing, yet oddly arousing isn’t it?) Anyway, it was the one bright spot in a horrid, horrid day at work.  I was supposed to be off today but had to come into work to finish the server build. Oh well, just one more day I can use in December! 🙂

HOT DAMN! Am I Ever Thankful For Sex!

TW and I had a very busy week sexually. Although that seems hard to believe with my mental state lately, it’s the truth. We had sex almost the entire week. It ended this morning with me fucking and sucking my love to several strong orgasms.

The best session of the week occurred Saturday night. TW and I were left alone after both kids went out. We were watching TV in the basement when TW got up to use the bathroom. When she came back, she had somehow lost her pants. Neither one of us could figure out what happened so I did the only thing left to do. I got down on the floor and, as TW lay back on the couch, I got down between her thighs and ate her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, TW came. I lapped and licked and tongue fucked her cunt to several strong orgasms before we moved over to the other couch and TW assumed the spanking position. Yes, she was overdue for a nice hard spanking and I obliged her wish. By the time I was finished, TW’s ass was a very warm and very colorful cherry red.

After a nice hard spanking,  TW had me sit on the couch and she quickly got down on the floor and proceeded to do a handstand so I could eat her pussy while sitting on the couch. Of course, she’s been paying for the acrobatics ever since, but at the time it was pretty fucking hot. I tried to eat her as best I could but her lack of arm and shoulder strength did us in. She kept slipping away from me, although I did manage to get her to come once or twice. We then switched positions and she sat on the couch while I did a handstand…no, wait, just kidding. I had her bend over the couch arm and I fucked her long and hard from behind. Of course, I just had to spank her ass some more. She did eventually get to sit on the couch, as I fucked her while kneeling between her legs. She came violently a few more times before we finished the session off with me licking her to one strong orgasm after another. It was a pretty wild night, thanks kids! 🙂

Some other highlights of the week featured lots of morning sex, a few nighttime sessions, lots of delicious pussy eating and a tremendous, first of it’s kind triple orgasm for me! I don’t know how the hell she did it, but TW gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had when she gave me that triple. I’m pretty sure it was a triple as I felt the orgasms build in quick succession. I’ve never had an orgasm like it before. I could feel the three separate orgasms build one right after the other. It was quite intense and TW sucked down a massive load. Holy Fuck, it was hot! The week also featured a double come shot early on but nothing can compare to that triple.

Thanksgiving was fine. Other than the food there was nothing to brag about. Having all three kids home at the same time was pretty interesting. It was noisy but a heck of a lot of fun. We laughed like we haven’t laughed in years. It was fun having them home, although the noise level was pretty high. In addition to our three, the kids had friends over as well, so things got pretty loud. It was okay though, they drowned out TW and I having sex. 😉

Oh, as I predicted, the SILs were all dressed as nuns. Well, Z did have on a semi low cut top but you really couldn’t get a good enough angle to look down. Very disappointing, but very expected. Luckily, the food was excellent and made up for the disappointing views. God, is that all I have to look forward to, eating? No! I want to see titty, cleavage at the least. Please, don’t let it end like this! NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re gonna take a break this week, mostly due to a bout of depression I’m suffering through. I really don’t feel like posting although TW and I are having sex on a daily basis, and TW has never been that keen on posting herself. So, things will be quiet here on the blog this week. Never fear, I’m sure we’ll be back next week, as usual.

TW and I would like to wish each and every one of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. To all our soldiers, past and present, a heartfelt thank you and may those of you serving overseas be home safely soon. God bless! Take care and best wishes.