Back To Work You Two

TW and I are back at work today. We need the break from the kids. It’s been very noisy around the M-D household. All three kids are home and they’ve had friends dropping by over the holiday weekend. We can’t wait until it’s only one at home again. Maybe we’ll have some quality play time. TW has promised me a surprise gift once her period ends. It’s been a frustrating Christmas with no sex. Even the SILs didn’t bring me much pleasure although they both (I never count on Y) wore nice cleavage baring tops. X’s top was exceptionally pleasing but I was in a foul mood and really didn’t pay all that much attention to either one of them. No complaints though, I was pleasantly surprised with their tops and there were a couple of very nice downblouse titty shots. Now, if I can just get them topless for my birthday in February.

The meeting with my birth dad went very well. He came out to the house over the weekend so we could do the DNA test. That’s been mailed off and I should see the results in a couple of weeks. In talking with him, it’s very apparent we are father and son. We have quite a few things in common. I’m hoping he is my dad, just because we do seem so much alike. I tried getting birth mom out to the house, but she blew me off again. Oh well, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad I guess.

So, did you all have a wonderful Christmas? TW and I hope you did and, if you don’t celebrate the holiday, we hope you had a great weekend. Thank you to all of you who dropped by and left messages. We especially like the ASCII tree that Tricia left. It brings back fond memories of the C64. Thanks Tricia!

Damn, I almost forgot, (but thankfully didn’t), TW was dressed in my favorite shirt this morning. It’s a light, white top that has seen it’s share of come over the years. Her titties look delightful in it, especially if she’s not wearing a bra. Those wonderful areolas show through so wonderfully. She wore a top like it on Christmas Eve, but with a bra. Her cleavage was definitely the best of show. (Pun fully intended)

Well, I gotta run, duty calls. Have a great day!

Okay, Maybe We’re Not That Old Yet

It’s amazing what a couple of wild sex sessions can do to make a person feel young again. TW and I had two wonderful, youth inducing, sex sessions over the past 10 hours. I feel so much younger today.

Last night’s featured some spirited spoon and CG style sex, with TW coming on my cock numerous times. I playfully tugged on her nipples and never wasted an opportunity to have them in my mouth. We finished up the session with TW taking another double load down her throat. I was pumping her hard from behind and when she started to pump her hips in that certain way, I was done. I quickly pulled out and TW went down on me in a flash. She sucked my nuts dry as I pumped my load into her mouth. I had another double load for her and she drank it all down. We fell asleep soon afterwards.

This morning I set the alarm for 5:00. At 5:00, I reset it for 6:00. At 6:00, I hit the snooze button. At 6:10, I hit the snooze button again. At 6:20, TW and I were almost wide awake, but she had to leave me to get LP off to school. I waited for her to return, lazily stroking my hard cock to keep it ready for when she returned. I spent the time daydreaming about fucking Y, the ultra conservative SIL. I wove a fantasy in which I was allowed to fuck her for the first time, at her place. We used the bed, the kitchen table, the kitchen counter, the couch, the loveseat, the bathroom sink and the shower. The kitchen table is my favorite place to fantasy fuck her. At one end is a wall of mirrors. I fantasize about watching her breasts wobble and her face contort in pleasure as I fuck her hard and fast from behind. I kept my cock stroking motion slow and easy. I didn’t want to build up and then have TW come back to a cock on the verge of explosion. Luckily, TW soon returned and she quickly undressed and got in bed.

“Oh, what’s this?” She asked.

“It’s all for you baby,” I quickly replied.

TW rolled on to her side and we started off spoon style. I fucked my honey to several orgasms before we shifted to CG style. Damn, did TW have the orgasms riding me. While she humped my cock and I actively pumped her pussy, my hands were busy feeling her up and roughly massaging her ass. TW was really having a good time as I fucked her. Once in a while I would lean my face forward and lick one of her tits. She would quickly offer me her other breast as I kissed, licked and suckled on her nipples. After a couple more orgasms, TW rolled off me and back on to her side. I had other ideas though and got down between her legs.

“Now what are you doing?” TW asked.

“Mmm, getting me some breakfast!” I growled as I got down between her legs and started to feast.

Oh did I ever please my baby. I ate her pussy like a starving man. I licked and tongue fucked and licked some more as TW came on my face. She then pushed me away and we got into 69. As she sucked on my cock, I ate her pussy some more. I rolled her on top of me so I had a better angle at her cunt. I focused on her clit as she deep throated me. When I pushed my thumb into her pussy, TW’s legs clamped down on my head and my cock went into her throat. I used my thumb and put pressure on her g-spot. TW went absolutely crazy as I tongued her clit and thumb fucked her cunt. I angled my thumb so that it was always in contact with her g-spot. I rarely had to massage her g-spot as her body movements caused my thumb to rub her off repeatedly.

Finally, TW had to roll off me. She couldn’t catch her breath. She rested a bit and then we continued in the spoon position. I pumpedĀ  her forcefully, slowly building her up to a final, thrashing orgasm. She had several small ones before I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I told her what a slut she was and how I love to fuck her hot, wet, juicy pussy. I continued to dirty talk to her while holding on to her hair and pulling back. I increased the tempo of my strokes until she finally let go with a scream. Her orgasm was very powerful. She thrashed about the bed, telling me what a slut she was and how much she liked to be fucked. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed some more hair and pulled. TW cried out in a combination of pain and ecstasy as she came again. I finally pulled out and left her in bed to go take my shower. When I got out of the bathroom, TW was topless (my favorite way to see her by the way) and I got to suck on her nipples before she finally pushed me away and we started our days.

Not too shabby for a couple of old farts!

Feelin’ Older By The Second – Part Two

Okay, you can now officially add snow shoveling to the list of things I can no longer do. Sigh. My life is becoming just one big failure. Ugh. I couldn’t even get the snow blower started yesterday. CB2 had to come and bail my old, tired ass out. Hey, at least the sex is still good.

TW and I had a few nice sessions over the weekend. We fucked Friday night, Saturday morning, Sunday morning and I got in a nice pussy licking session in Sunday afternoon. The pussy licking session was particularly wild, with TW gripping my head with her thighs and trying to twist it off my neck. Not that I was complaining, I love it when I can make her come that violently. I was too tired last night from shoveling snow to provide her with an encore and, naturally, we both slept through the alarm this morning.

We did get our Christmas shopping finished on Saturday and even managed to pick up a couple of erotic outfits for TW. A new lingerie store opened up near us and we’ve never been in it, so, on Saturday, while we were Christmas shopping, we headed over there. We were looking for a flogger but all they had was lingerie. No big deal, TW needs some new outfits to wear during our photo shoots. We picked out a couple of things and we’re looking forward to some alone time when we can dress TW up and take some pics. I can’t wait!

I had another erotic dream last night. This one featured a couple of my co-workers, one of which I haven’t featured before. M works in another department. She’s short and built like a brick house. Very sexy. In the dream, I was actually trying to get SM to make out with me. She called her husband on the phone and he gave her the okay. (YAY!) She took me to this restaurant where we met up with other people, including M. I think it was some sort of sex club since they asked me for ID to get me set up. While we were having drinks and talking, M kept rubbing my cock through my pants with her foot (she was sitting across the table from me) I was quite hard and ready to go when things got strange. I lost SM and M in the crowd. I was panicking about getting my ID back (for some reason I gave them my Social Security card along with my driver’s license) and getting into a heated discussion about religion with two men I didn’t know. Anyway, that’s where the dream ended. No sex, so kissing, no making out, just a deflating hard on. Sigh, even my dreams are getting old and boring.

Feelin’ Older By The Second

Things are getting much better in the M-D household. TW’s mouth seems to be calming down. She must have had an infection. Since she’s been taking the antibiotics, her mouth has calmed down considerably. She’s not had to take the pain meds as often as she had to before. She can even eat now without winching as much.

The sex portion of our life is slowly getting back to normal. We had a wonderful session last night, which featured TW riding me CW style, me pounding her from behind spoon style and finished up with her taking a big, double load down her throat. Prior to that, we pretty much stuck with spoon style since TW and I are both pretty wiped out lately. We’re overdue to have another wild and wacky sex session but now, with CB2 home, we won’t get the chance.

Speaking of CB2, I picked him up from school on Wednesday. I had great weather both ways so travel was a breeze. Unfortunately for me, picking him up just made me feel so much older. As with CB1, going to a college campus for me brings back a whole host of memories, most of them bad. Well, except for the site of the young ladies, in various stages of dress/undress. It amazes me that they leave their doors open while dressing or drying their hair. I had to keep my eyes averted several times just so I didn’t appear to be a “creeper dad” It was tough, let me tell you. The fact that I look like a biker probably doesn’t help much either but that’s their problem now isn’t it?

Anyway, being thought of as a creeper kind of bummed me out. It made me realize how old I am, no matter what my brain tells me. I mean, my brain tells me I’m young and desirable. The mirrors tell the true story: I’m an old, fat guy. Oh well, as Bryan Adams sings, “Gonna be 18 till I die.” At least in my head.

I had the most wonderful dream last night. TW and I were at her sister Z’s house. The list of characters included TW, X, Y, and Z and their mom (my MIL, Mother In Law.) They were all topless and just talking to me like it was a normal every day occurrence. Even my MIL was topless without a care. The dream wasn’t really a sex dream, I didn’t get aroused by it, it was more of a wishful thinking dream I guess. Hell, Z even watched me take a piss. How crazy is that? TW told me it was because of the SNL Christmas Special we watched last night. One of the skits was “Martha Stewart’s Topless Christmas Special” In it, Ana Gastier, playing Martha Stewert, was topless the entire time. She did the usual Martha Stewart program stuff but she was topless. That must have carried over into my dreams. It was a very comforting dream, we were all just hanging out. Oh, how I wish that dream would come true and my SILs would be relaxed and comfortable enough to be topless in my presence.


More Dreams Die, and Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

I’ve (Mr M-D) have been in a foul mood lately. I’m so damn frustrated that I can’t do anything to alleviate TW’s dental pains. Oh sure, I can hold her and caress her, comfort her, and get her to fall asleep, but that don’t help when she’s in severe pain. She’s now on an antibiotic. The dentist thinks she may have an infection in addition to the decay. Both of us have had our share of dental woes. I’m to the point where any additional work done on me has to be minimal, otherwise, they can just the damn teeth out of my head. Fuck it, I’ll just set the blender to puree and off we go. Shit, I can drink my nourishment through a straw, no fucking problem. Hell, I lost a filling driving into work this morning. Luckily, either the tooth has already had a root canal or the nerve chamber hasn’t been breeched, yet. Who knows, maybe the nerves are dead, I had that happen once before. Here’s to dead roots!

Needless to say, with both of us agonizing over her situation, there’s been little to no sex lately. We’ve both been hitting the sack early (as in 8:00 – 9:00 P.M.) It’s amazing how tired one can get dealing with pain issues. Readership around here is down as well, but that can’t be helped. Nothing exciting is happening and there’s little to write about. It seems the only thing people come here to do is view pics. Oh well.

On the ride in the other day, I got hit with the reality that any dreams (sexually speaking, of course) are pretty much dead. It’s depressing, it’s spirit draining and, most disturbing of all, it means I’m getting old. The past few times I’ve tried to conjure up some fantasies, while TW and I were going at it, I’ve failed miserably at it. Oh sure, I get the occasional SIL in there, but that’s not keeping my cock hard as it used to be. I’m thinking I may have to tune out and get back to reading erotic stories. The only problem I’m having with that is as I’m reading, I’m thinking to myself…”Bullshit, that can’t happen. No way, I’ve tried it and it’s all bullshit…” Not very conducive to getting the old blood boiling is it? It sucks because sexual fantasy has always been a major part of my life. It’s disconcerting and confusing not to be able to do it like I used to. Just another indicator that I’m old and tired out. FUCK!

NOTE: I’ve made another change in the way pics of us are going to be shown. As of today, only the current Foto Phriday will contain photos, at least of us. Net photos will continue to be left alone. TW’s been uncomfortable with the amount of photos I’ve been posting recently so that will also change. I’ve looked around at other blogs and there’s usually only 1 or 2 pics in a post. I’ll try to keep it to that, but, I just love showing her off that I can’t help myself.