I Don’t Feel So Good…

Actually, neither does TW. She’s had a wicked cough the past few days. I’m just beginning the cycle with some lovely post nasal drip down into my throat. Yum-yum! 😐 We got in one sickly session this weekend. When TW wasn’t coming, she was busy coughing my cock out of her pussy; not that she could help it mind you.

Anyway, postings may be sparse this week. We’ll have to wait and see.

EDIT: Hey, while TW and I are fighting our illnesses, check out some of the blogs over to the right. There’s some excellent writing to be found and TW and I try to read ALL of them on a regular basis. It ain’t easy but we’ve always liked to read. 🙂 Have fun!

Oh Yeah Baby, Just Like That

TW and I had two more inspired sessions. Last night’s was tame in comparison to this morning’s. Last night we did some slow spoon and CG style, although, towards the end, I was fucking TW pretty hard from behind. We both had a good night’s sleep. 😉

This morning’s session was wild and loud. I was lazy getting out of bed and off to work. I was lying naked, face down, covers off, when TW came back upstairs. She saw me lying there and immediately started to massage my ass and legs. She reached around and discovered my morning hardon. She quickly headed off to the bathroom and soon came back, naked and ready for action.

She got into bed and went down on me. She sucked and licked my cock and balls, making me even harder than before. She then turned her back to me and we fucked spoon style for a bit. Soon though, TW wanted on top. I’m not gonna complain, of course, because this allows me access to her succulent tits.

TW mounted up and we started off. It didn’t take long for TW to have her first CG style orgasm as she came quickly after impaling herself on my dick. I was busy playing with her nipples, tugging and pulling on them while she rode me to orgasm. After a while, I switched tactics and began to spank her, playfully at first, building my way up to a nice ass thrashing that left her butt nice and red. TW just came and came and came. While I spanked her ass, I was also busy suckling and nipping at her nipples. This always drives TW bonkers and I worked her tits feverishly.

When I wasn’t busy spanking her ass, I was playing with her nipples. Besides sucking on them regularly, I rolled them between my fingers, tugging them away from her body as she arched her back and came on my cock. At one point, I think I was actually preventing her from falling backwards by holding onto her titties by the nipples. We fucked and sucked and spanked and tugged ourselves silly until we realized it was time to get to work. I’m looking for a repeat tonight. I hope she’s up to it.

Back With A Vengeance

Hidee Ho Dear Readers,

TW and I had a wonderfully hot session last night. It was the first one since a combination of factors that have kept us from doing the dirty deed. Holy Crap it was hot. It was animalistic, straight up fucking. There was little tenderness in the act but it was certainly hot as hell.

It was mostly CG style with TW riding me like a professional bull rider. She had sucked me hard right before sinking her cunt all the way down on the first stroke. She was hot, wet and very slippery. We proceeded to fuck like wild animals, not really caring who heard us, although we did try to keep it down so LP didn’t hear too much. The cabinets had to be rocking downstairs as TW really fucked herself on my dick.

I was busy as well, pinching and twisting and pulling on her nipples. My cock was like a piston, pumping in and out of her well lubed pussy. Whenever I got the chance, I would bite her nipples causing TW to orgasm wildly. I was out of control. I grabbed her hair and forcefully pulled TW’s head back. She cried out and came. I continued to hold her head while fucking her hard and fast. Her orgasms were soaking my cock and balls. I was calling her every dirty name in the book and she responded by demanding I fuck her like the dirty slut she is.

We then continued in the spoon position but we really didn’t do that for long. I had to come. I needed to fill my honey’s mouth with my seed. I quickly pulled out and TW went down on me. I grabbed her hair again and held her face down on my cock. I came in my cock crazed honey’s mouth. I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth, making her deep throat me several times. I didn’t let go until my balls had emptied down her throat. It was a wonderful way to get back into things and we’re both looking forward to more animalistic sex.

Thank You

TW and I would like to thank you for the kind words and thoughts. It’s gonna take some time to adjust to not having him around, but it’ll come with time. Right now, we still catch ourselves either going to call him (Especially when we drop food on the floor. He was one of the better vacuums we’ve ever owned.) or checking where he is. The hardest part, and the thing I miss the most, is the way he greeted me when I got home. TW does shake her tail at me when I get home though, so it’s not quite as bad. 😉

Mixed Messages

TW and I had a great weekend of sex. Unfortunately, we’re now dealing with the fact that we’re taking our dog to the vet to have him euthanized.

I’m just not in the mood to write about fun stuff right now, maybe later on in the week.

I’m gonna miss that dumb ol’ dog. Shit.