New Year’s Resolutions/Suggestions

Hello all,

TW and I hope you all had safe and happy holidays. We’re about holiday’d out right now. I’m in a state of depression although I have started to work out again, so I’m hoping my depression will be short lived. I feel good otherwise.

So, if you read my other blog you know I don’t do resolutions anymore. Needless to say, there’s a good reason for this. I’ve already broken several of the things I planned not to do this year. Most involve wishing horrible deaths upon the people who use the left hand passing lane as their personal, drive as slow as I want, lane. Fuck ’em all! And that was just on the drive in today! Anyway, not the most auspicious start to the year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be unable to realize several life long dreams. Yes, they all involve sex and they were VERY important to me. But, I must be realistic. So, this will be the year I give up things, lots of things. Like threeways, group sex, seeing my SILs in any form on undress, getting TW gangbanged, well, you get the idea. I now just wish for death.

I had the most wonderful dream the other night. In it, I went back to the place I grew up. It was boarded up but I was able to get into the building. Waiting for me there were my mom and her sisters (well, the dead ones anyway) It was a very comforting dream and I hadn’t seen one of my aunts since she died 38 years ago. Not a word was spoken but I had the feeling they were welcoming me home. I hope it means I don’t have much longer to suffer here on earth. If only it worked out that way.