Slow Start, BIG Finish

Last night TW and I had a surprisingly hot, if short, session. We were both pretty wiped out when we got to bed and started off just cuddling. Although both of us were sleepy, we started to play around with one another. TW grabbed hold of my cock and I started to work on her breasts, squeezing them and playing with her nips. Eventually, my fingers found their way to her pussy. I played with her a bit, before her first orgasm overwhelmed her. As I continued to manually get her off, I took the opportunity to suck on her nipples. This never fails to really get her blood boiling and her hips rockin’ and rollin’ TW humped my fingertips as I worked her titties and clit. I licked and sucked on both her breasts as she came on my hand.

Pretty soon though, she was demanding I eat her. I was definitely NOT gonna disappoint the lady, so I quickly stood up, stripped off my shorts and got down between her thighs. As soon as my tongue hit her clit, TW exploded in orgasm. She actually screamed very loudly as she came. LP was still up so TW quickly grabbed a pillow and covered her face. I could still hear her pretty clearly as she screamed out her orgasms into the pillow. I tongue fucked her cunt and tugged on her nipples

Very soon though, TW wanted me to fuck her so I had her arrange herself so I could fuck her from behind spoon style. It didn’t take too long before I was ready to come. TW quickly got down and swallowed what wound up being a triple load of my come. I just kept coming in her mouth. She just kept swallowing it. The whole session couldn’t have lasted more than 10-12 minutes but, although it was short, it was very intense and very orgasmic. What fun!

Tonight, we’re going to have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. I’ll be leaving work early just so we can get in some quality spanking and fucking before CB1 comes home. He has a job interview tomorrow (first one before graduation) and is coming home tonight. Hopefully, he won’t arrive until after TW and I have fucked each other’s brains out. Here’s hoping!

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