Damn It Boy!

He came home early! Shit, fuck, damn it, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, the boy arrived home before I got there. So much for acrobatic, mind blowing, physically draining sex, at least on Friday night. We did get in some nice sessions Saturday, Sunday and this morning. TW had lots of wonderful orgasms and I had a couple of ball draining orgasms myself.

The sessions featured mostly spoon and CG style. Nothing acrobatic about it, just some good old fashioned orgasm inducing sex. That’ll be it for the week though. TW’s period has arrived, so we’ll be out of action for a bit. Bad news since my b-day is coming up this week. Sucks to be me, as I appear to be headed toward another bout of depression as well. Shit, Fuck, Damn It, etc. etc. etc.

3 thoughts on “Damn It Boy!

  1. Okay, I’m curious. What is up with the period bringing sex to a stand still? Is it her choice or yours? I for one am a huge fan of the period sex, but I know it isn’t for everyone. I just wasn’t sure if you had addressed this particular issue.

  2. MCB TW’s way ahead of you. She’s already offered it up. The question is, will I accept it? I mean, as pleasurable as it is for me, my favorite thing to do is bring TW pleasure. Of course, I can always make an exception to my rule. 🙂

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