TW and I had a wonderfully sexy weekend. We were able to get in sessions Friday night, Saturday morning and yesterday afternoon/night. I had four sexy dreams, 2 on Friday night and 2 on Saturday night, that really set the tone for the weekend. My libido was shocked back into overdrive and TW was the lucky recipient.

Friday night’s dreams were of Z and TW. The first one featured Z and me finding time for a little tit flashing and tit suckling. We were at her house (although, it wasn’t really her house) and trying to slip away for a little flashing. We had to keep avoiding her hubby but Z was very into it and eagerly let me suckle on her tit (very wishful thinking on my part). It ended with her sitting on my lap and pulling her top down to let me suck. I woke up with a raging hardon but immediately fell back asleep. My next dream featured TW just having a blast flashing and keeping her tits out of her top. It was either at a bookstore or some type of coffee shop as there were tables set up around the exterior of the building. I walked in and found TW sitting at a table surrounded by 3 guys and just whipping those sexy titties of her’s out. Anyway, when she saw me, she just smiled and got up to greet me. We walked out of the place with her tits on display and my cock hard as a rock. Naturally, when I woke up, my cock was hard as a rock. Unfortunately, I once again immediately feel asleep. Damn it!

Saturday night’s dreams were a bit more on the erotic side and featured E, from work, and TW fucking someone in the back seat of my car while I drove. Totally HOT! The dream with E was at work. She came into my office and closed the door. She then proceeded to take her top off and asked me if I liked what I saw. I had her sit on my lap and I have her tits a tongue bath. The dream then quickly morphed into several different scenarios where we were fucking all over the office. On my desk, in the computer room, on her desk, in the lunchroom and finished with me giving her a nice come bath. The dream of TW fucking around naked in the backseat of my car was even hotter.

I met up with her out on the street. We then proceeded to where I had parked the car and a guy was waiting for us. TW introduced him and we shook hands. She then explained that he was coming home with us to fuck her. My cock was instantly hard. We got in the car and proceeded to drive home. The next thing I know TW is pretty much naked, except for her raincoat, and our mystery guest is playing with her. I reached back and felt her pussy. It was soaked. She pushed my hand away and the two of them really got into it. I watched in the rear-view mirror as Mr. Mystery Man worked my wife’s body over with his hands and mouth. The dream ended all too soon and when I woke up, I found myself with a raging hardon that was in real danger of spontaneously shooting off. Unfortunately, TW wasn’t home at the time (she had taken LP to church) so I had to be very careful NOT to touch myself. When TW got home, she crawled into bed but we both fell asleep. Damn it!

Well, by the time we were alone Sunday night, I was in a high state of agitation. LP was over at a friend’s working on a school project. TW and I had several hours to play. It was over in about 45 minutes. To say I had a hair trigger would be a major understatement. Luckily though, TW loves it when I eat her, so I was able to orally pleasure her to several, very violent, very intense orgasms. She was slapping the top of my bald head as she came on my tongue. We then switched to CG style and TW was able to enjoy several orgasms that way; along with a very nice, ass-reddening, spanking session. I used both my hands and the flogger to get her ass a nice cherry red color. I was getting very close to coming as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock as I abused her sexy ass. At one point she had to dismount quickly, as I was very close to coming. No worries though, we quickly got into 69 and I ate her to several more violent orgasms while spanking her ass. We then attempted spoon style but I was much too close to coming, so, we did the next best thing, I jerked myself off onto her titties.

TW quickly moved over to the edge of the bed and I got the towel I had brought ahead of time (hey, who says I don’t think ahead!) I positioned myself over her face and she licked my shaft and balls. I jerked slowly and asked her to cup her tit. Her other hand was busy fingering her clit as I jerked faster and faster. Finally, my orgasm erupted. When the first spurt hit her skin, TW came with a load moan. I was also moaning as I jerked my cock and spent my load on her tits. I amazed myself by having a double orgasm! I don’t usually have them while jerking off but I was so aroused from our sex session and the dreams I’d been having that I just came and came and came. As I squeezed out the last drops of my second orgasm, TW greedily sucked my cock into her mouth and I finished my orgasm there. It was so fucking hot! I’m hard as I type this recap. Hope I don’t have to go on a service call, or maybe I do, especially if it’s E. 😉 I grabbed the towel and gently cleaned her off as she lazily played with her pussy. We kissed and, amazingly, didn’t fall asleep. We got dressed and headed off to watch some TV as we awaited LP’s arrival home. I hope the rest of our week goes as hotly as our weekend did.

It’s good to be back.

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  1. INFERIOR!!! No comments makes you feel INFERIOR!
    I can tell you that I came on here as usual the last thing the other night and that damn hot pic of the bondage and sucking was so hot I had to run away…seriously…I look and my eyes popped…plus I couldn’t chance anyone walking by and seeing it…it was just too there…go feel inferior now!

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