Guess We’re Tragically Unhip Again

Well, it seems our week break has taken our numbers down a bit. That’s okay though, we’d rather have regular readers than people who are only here for the pics. Too bad nobody comments, makes us feel inferior (read that as insanely jealous), especially when we check out other blogs and folks have 10+ comments per post. Sigh, nobody likes us anymore. 😦 That’s okay though, we’ll survive. 😉

So, what does one do when life is kicking his or her ass? TW and I, since our heavy session on Sunday night, are 0 fer the week. Get this, we’re both in bed and fast asleep by 9:45! Nine fucking forty-five! That ain’t right.

Speaking of spoilsports, Christianity ruins EVERYTHING! Viking Women Dressed Provocatively Pay special attention to the quote about what happens after Christianity arrives. That’s why I lean toward paganism, Christianity takes all the fun out of life.

We did some pruning in the links session. There were quite a few dead and/or private blogs listed. Sorry about that, we’ll try to be more on top of things in the future. Yeah, right.

6 thoughts on “Guess We’re Tragically Unhip Again

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. Don’t worry about the lack of comments. People are reading. I have a medical blog that averages over 200 hits per day but all of the comments are filled with drama! Hate the drama!!

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of comments recently. Blogland has been slow for both posting and visiting/commenting recently. We haven’t even had the time to reply to comments as frequently as we typically do. I think it’s just a winter in the northern hemisphere thing.

  3. Mr. M-D,
    You know I still love ya, just too busy to comment.
    Go give the ever gorgeouse Mrs.M-D some lovin for me.

  4. Hey Guys, I pop in here now and then to check up on ya both! I couldn’t give up the blogging completely, but everyone’s numbers are down these days I think. Blogging has slowed down for so many lately…


  5. Well, I don’t usually get too many comments either, mostly only when something horrible happens to me so I guess the lack of comments is a blessing. At least that’s what I try to tell myself.

    Hey, not all us Christians want to spoil the fun. I am very fun loving and very Christian. I’d love to show you in person just how fun we can be. 😉

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