And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ – Again

It was a very wild and wooly weekend at the M-D household. We were supposed to go and watch CB2 play a couple of states away on Saturday but LP had a fainting incident. She passed out twice on Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go. Fortunately, she was in a wide open place and did not get hurt seriously. Since she’s heading out on spring break with her team this week, TW took her to the immediate care place which then sent them to the hospital. The docs checked LP out and came to the conclusion that nothing was seriously wrong with her and she could go. WHEW! It was quite scary as she was dizzy most of the day on Saturday. It appears to be some kind of flu/virus going around as she is almost back to normal, other than some aches and pains from the falls. Thanks to whatever guardian angel was watching over her.

CB2’s team has been on a losing streak of late. They’re playing teams with much more experience and it shows. The boy is happy though. He starts every game and is scoring each and every game whether it’s a goal or an assist, so for him, it’s all good. We’re still waiting for LP’s season to start as well. The weather around here has been horrible as of late, so games have been canceled. Hopefully, the weather will break soon and we can get going full bore. Where the hell is that global warming?

Sex has taken a back burner for a while. TW and I are both physically and emotionally spent so, when we head to bed, it’s to sleep. No biggie though, we’ll get back to it soon. After all, we have to follow the lesson learned in our public service announcement. Although we don’t own a bike, we certainly like to get naked outdoors. Another thing that’s been put on hold due to the crappy weather we’re having. Global warming? Yeah, right.

Spankus Interruptus

TW and I were in the middle of a hot and heavy spanking/fucking session yesterday afternoon when LP arrived home from a party. DAMN IT! FOILED AGAIN! It was just getting good too, TW had mounted up CG style and I was slapping away when we heard the familiar “beep” of the alarm system. We got dressed in record time (well, okay, TW cheated by ducking into the bathroom) although I did have to hide my erection by carrying laundry down to the laundry room. By the time I was finished Mr. Happy was Mr. Sleepy.

Prior to LP’s arrival things were going quite swell, thank you. Between the exquisite blow job I was getting from TW, and the 69, ass slapping, pussy eating she received from me, we were having much fun. At least we were awake for it. The past couple of sessions, I think both TW and I were asleep while fucking. Now, that’s a shame. God damn life just keeps getting in our way.

I’m A Guru!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately but TW and I have been getting our asses kicked by life. So, I thought I’d post a cartoon I found online about the meaning of life. I’ve always believed this, even if I can’t make it happen outside of my marriage. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m a fucking guru!


Of course, that works both ways ladies. I encourage you to get all the cock you can. TW, are you reading this? 🙂

Hey, Guess What?

Pussy’s also for a pre-dinner appetizer as well!

When I got home last night, I found LP asleep on the couch and TW nowhere to be found. I headed upstairs to change and found TW asleep, under the covers. When I opened the door, she awoke. By the time I undressed, she was wide awake. I told her LP was asleep on the couch and she hinted that I might get lucky. When I slipped under the covers with her, my luck was just beginning.

We kissed for a bit before TW removed her panties and shirt. I wasted no time in getting down and suckling on her tits. I feasted on both her breasts as my hands massaged her body. TW then turned her back to me and we fucked spoon style for a bit before moving to missionary. I fucked my baby for all I was worth, working my cock in and out of her well lubed cunt. She came forcefully several time while I leaned down and sucked on her nipples. When I put her legs over my shoulders and sank my shaft all the way in her pussy, TW had a tremendous orgasm, her eyes rolling back into her head as she gasped for breath.

After a very vigorous missionary style fuck, I slid down and worked my magic on her pussy with my tongue. TW was absolutely soaked by this time and I took great pleasure in getting her even more wet than before. I tongue fucked her and licked her clit as she had several very strong orgasms. She rolled on to her side and screamed into her pillow as she humped my face with her pussy. I rolled along with her and spanked her ass as she came on my face.

Soon, TW wanted to mount up CG style and who the hell am I the one to complain? I quickly got on to my back and TW easily slid down my shaft. I pumped her hard and fast, letting my hands wander her body, playing with her hair and with her tits. When I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth, TW came. I continued to suckle on her tits as she arched her back and moaned quietly through her orgasm. I reached down and grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs towards her back. I continued to stroke in and out of her cunt as TW told me how much of a dirty slutty whore she is. I totally agreed with her. She finally fell off me and we lazily played with one another before heading down to dinner.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to repeat our performance last night or this morning, however, I got the next best thing. I got to listen in as TW brought herself off. I love those calls she makes to me, I get a nice, big, throbbing hardon as I listen to my baby play with herself and come. Sometimes, like this morning, I’ll tell he a story or two. This morning’s story had her and I in the woods fucking and playing around. I told her how I’d fuck her silly while she was tied to a picnic table. Her biggest orgasms came when I told her that she was being used as a come bucket, guys were coming all over her; on her face, in her mouth, on her tits, in her pussy, on her ass, all over her body. She really wailed out her orgasm when I described that scene. She seems to especially like it when I described the guys titty fucking her and dumping their loads on her tits. TW really likes it when I come on her tits. I guess I’m going to have to take her out and tie her up somewhere and see if anyone comes along to take advantage of the situation. I’ll be sure to get some photos if they do.

Pussy, It Is For Breakfast After All

TW and I had a very intense pussy eating session this morning. After getting LP off to school, TW came upstairs to get in the shower. I was already dressed so she missed the free show. TW quickly got undressed and was spread out on the bed when I came out of the closet (no, not that way, I mean after getting dressed, you guys are perverts, that why I love you so!) I quickly got on the bed and buried my face between her legs. Oh the orgasms I did cause with my lips and tongue. TW was quite vocal as I tongued her to one orgasm after another.

We moved around the bed as TW thrashed about, locking her legs around my head and grinding her cunt against my face. I lapped and licked at her pussy like a starving man, alternating between deep thrusts and clit tickling licks. I was also busy squeezing and pulling on her hard nipples. Each time I would pull and tug, TW would groan more loudly and grind her pussy harder against my face. This only encouraged me more and I abused her nipples for all I was worth. (Don’t worry, I kissed them later and made it all better.)

Towards the end, TW wanted to be spanked, so, while I was busy eating her, she turned on her side to allow me access to her ass. It wasn’t an extended spanking like we usually do. Since we were both pressed for time, TW just rolled us over and as I continued to suck and lick her clit, I spanked her ass. TW came very violently at the first stroke of my hand. She moaned and screamed out her orgasms as I reddened her ass cheek and sucked her clit. All too soon though, we had to end the session. Damned work! Before I headed down to breakfast, I got one last opportunity to play with TW before she headed for the shower. As we kissed, I played with her pussy a bit, causing one last, knee weakening, orgasm. Of course, I suckled on her wonderful breasts as well. I did get to see in her in the shower right before I went downstairs.

As I was headed out the door, TW came down the stairs, robe open, towel on head, to kiss me goodbye. As we kissed, I fondled her tits and then took a quick nibble before leaving for work. It should be a pretty good day today.

This morning’s session was preceded by last night’s come swallowing session right before bed. TW and I were quite horny for one another so, we got down to it. We fucked spoon style to start and then quickly moved to CG style. I fondled TW’s sweet titties and suckled on them as well. We then finished up our fucking spoon style. TW asked me if I had to come and I told her I’d love to fill her mouth with my come.

TW quickly moved down between my legs and began to work her magic. Her mouth felt so good on my cock. It wasn’t too long before I had my hands in her hair, controlling her, forcing my cock in and out of her mouth. Luckily, she had her hair in a pony tail so it was easy to grab and use as a handle. I fucked her face while she whimpered and moaned around my cock. I told her what a hot whore she was, sucking my cock so well. This drove me over the edge and I filled her mouth with a large load of come. TW swallowed it all down, even when I forced her head all the way down on my cock. I think I may have shot some of my load directly down her throat. It was a very hot ending to a great night of sex.