Cum Dumpster

Okay, the title’s a bit crude but, since TW’s period is due soon, we felt safe enough to have me come in my beloved’s pussy last night. It was a fairly quick spoon style session. I don’t think I lasted more than five minutes. It’s always exciting to have the opportunity to come in my honey.

TW mentioned something about wishing she could morph into her sisters just so I could fulfill my fantasy of fucking them. We actually had a good laugh about that once I brought up the nightmare that she would get stuck as one of them; or, even worse, she got stuck inbetween morphs. Now, that would be frightening! (Although that does bring to mind some interesting combinations, for instance, X’s large tits on Z’s fairly small frame. Yes, that might work okay after all.) 🙂 Anyway, she was way off base. As I was fucking her, I was fantasizing about having her tied down on a picnic table in the woods. A group of guys and girls would happen upon us and I would let them have their way with her. Of course, I’d be taking pictures, as well as participating. I just got to the part where a red headed woman was eating TW’s pussy as I came on it, when I let my load loose.

As soon as the first spurt of my come hit her cervix, TW came. She cried out her orgasm into her pillow as I pumped her pussy and filled it with my come. We fucked for a little bit afterwards and actually managed to get into RCG (reverse cow girl) so TW could grab the towel we left at the foot of the bed. We even managed to do that without me popping out of her pussy. We had a good laugh about that as well.

Hopefully, her period will hold off and we can get in another session or two. I’m hopin’ 🙂

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  1. Be glad – be very glad – that TW can’t morph. Think of all the nasty surprises she could spring on on you when in playful or in spiteful mood!

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