500K! WOW, Thank You! & Sex, Glorious Sex

Wow, we’ve hit 500K page loads! All that in a little under 3 years, not too shabby. What does that come to per year? Let’s see….500,000 divided by 3 is 166,666 (to infinity) hits per year. Thank you all. Wait, I just noticed, 666, the number of the beast! NNNNNNNNNnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo!

This morning TW and I had a wonderful hot orgasmic sex session. In fact, it was so good, I deposited a double load down her throat and called in to take a half day so I could get some more sleep. SWEET!

Things started out after TW came back from the bathroom. She climbed on the bed and sat on my face. YES! Pussy for breakfast! It’s gonna be a great day!

I ate my honey to a couple of quick orgasms before she decided to get her some cock. She pushed my shorts down and immediately took me into her mouth. She sucked me hard but was having difficulty in getting my shorts undone.

She commanded me to lose the shorts and so I did. With that, my baby mounted CG style and off we went. TW had some very intense orgasms while riding me. We then switched to spoon style where I fucked my honey deep and hard. When I grabbed a fistful of her hair, TW went ballistic. She cried out, “No, no, no…” as I pummeled her pussy with my dick. I pulled back on her head and felt her pussy cream. We fucked for as long as I could hold out.

I was at the point of no return so I pulled out and TW went down on me. As soon as her lips touched my cock, I came. I held her head as she swallowed my load, occasionally pushing my dick deep in her mouth. TW swallowed it all. As she sucked me, I felt another orgasm approaching. I kept the pressure on TW’s head, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth and enjoying the feeling of my second orgasm wash over me. TW kept swallowing and didn’t miss a drop. What a good, naughty, dirty girl! We kissed and I went back to sleep while TW went to shower.

After I called in and went to back to sleep, I had another erotic dream. This one again featured Y, the not-nun nun, but it wasn’t her. Let me explain. The dream opened with me and her making out. It felt like her emotionally, but her facial features and body type were off. Anyway, we got to the point where I was doing some finger play and she came on my fingertips. I awoke shortly afterwards to a raging hard on. Wow, two in one morning, without self stimulation, that’s promising on so many levels.

With the spell broken, it was time to get ready and get to work. At least the drive in today was nice. No traffic! EXCELLENT!

We’re Confused

Can anyone hip us to the reason this search term, “madeleine adkins” caused 15 people to show up here? I tried it and this blog didn’t show up in the first 10 pages of the search. We’re aware that Madeline appears in the ladies’ link section, it’s just kinda odd.

On a side note, the photos from the Hotel Sex series will be taken down shortly. Get your last masturbatory looks in soon. I know TW will appreciate it.

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

TW and I hope your weekends went well. Ours went pretty good. TW’s coming off her period hot and horny. I got a nice wakeup blow job on Sunday and yesterday got to see a lot of tit. One of the pairs of breasts I saw yesterday came from quite an unexpected source, although still related to TW.

I had some strange dreams over the weekend as well. The most memorable one was of Y (the straight laced SIL). In it, I took her virginity and watched as she pleasured herself with her vast (and I do mean vast) dildo collection. She had big ones, small ones, GIANT (the size of a 2 litre pop bottle) ones, black ones, brown ones, red ones, white ones, holy crap did the lady have the collection! Oh, and the blood. After I fucked her, there was blood everywhere, although waaaaaaay too much volume to be realistic, especially since she used the dildos before I fucked her. Oh, and we had a wonderful oral session as well. She came on my face like crazy!

Sunday morning I was treated to TW’s talented tongue and mouth. She licked and sucked and fondled my dick until I shot a double (and a half) load into her hot mouth. It was a GREAT way to start the day.

Yesterday’s titty-fuck lusty feelings were provided by X (the oldest SIL) and by a new contender in TW’s family, her cousin S. X was wearing a nice, low cut top and I got plenty of downblouse views as she bent over to serve the graduation cake at the party. Her breasts wobbled quite delightfully as well whenever she walked. The bra she was wearing presented her breasts in a most delightful way. Damn, the three of us (me, TW and X) could have so much fun in bed if only X would allow it. Come to think of it, TW is quite the hard sell on that as well. Hell, I’d settle to be X’s fuck buddy if both of them would allow it. It certainly doesn’t have to be a three-way.

TW’s cousin S was quite a pleasant surprise. I’ve never seen her dress the way she was dressed yesterday. Deep plunging neckline and no bra, it was a voyeur’s delight. Damn, it was H O T! It brought my level of respect for her to a whole new level. Normally she’s dressed like Y, (non-nun nun), but yesterday put her in a whole new light. It shows confidence I never thought was there. It wasn’t slutty by any means but it was highly erotic. Too bad she’s almost 20 years younger than we are. Too much of an age difference to consider trying to get into bed, unless of course, it was her idea. Of course, clearing it with TW would be an even harder sell than bedding one of her sisters. Oh well, as usual, I’ll have to be content just looking.

This morning, TW, fresh out of the shower, decided to get her some. Naked, she walked over to the bed and took my cock into her mouth. Within minutes she was mounted up CG style and fucking herself to an orgasm. I got to suckle on her marvelous titties, bringing her to yet another orgasm or two. She had a couple of very strong orgasms while I was suckling her breasts. I pushed them together and alternately licked and sucked on her nipples. The best orgasms though, came when she sat on my face. Oh the tongue fucking, face humping, pussy grinding orgasms she did have on my face. There were several times she almost fell off the bed! Her orgasms were very violent and had her twisting and shaking all over the place. I focused on her clit and she ground her cunt all over my tongue and lips. I also grabbed two handfuls of tit and twisted and pulled on her nipples as she came over and over. It was a nice way to start our work weeks.

P.S. I almost forgot! Today is TW’s and my 29th dating anniversary. I’m sure I posted how we met somewhere on this blog, so, if you’re interested, feel free to try and find it. Anyway, Happy Anniversary TW, it’s been one hell of an absolutely insane ride hasn’t it? Damn I’m fucked in the head! You must be too if you’re still with me. I guess we’ll just have to be crazy together, huh? I love you sexy!

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all the soldiers, both living and deceased, for keeping us free. Stay safe.

TW and I aren’t really doing anything this weekend, although, she did say she wanted to play some Guitar Hero. I wonder if she’ll try to distract me by dressing sexy. Nah, she’d never do that!

NOTE: Photos removed to make room for future picture posts.

Have a safe weekend everyone.

Thanks again to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that we remain the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


Hotel Sex? Hell Yes! Part 20 – Finale

After eating my hot and horny baby to numerous orgasms, it was time for the finale. I took the blindfold off and TW mounted me CG style and off we went…

NOTE: Photos removed to make room for future picture posts.

That’s her orgasming on my pumping cock. We fucked this way for a long while and then, when it was time for me to come, my sexy honey took me into her tight, hot, wet mouth and sucked me dry. Ah, sweet release! I had a rather large load for her and she swallowed it all. That’s my girl.

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed it. It was fun reliving it. In fact, it makes me want to pump my cock in and out of her hungry mouth and deposit a nice hot, sticky load on her face and tits. Hmm, maybe tonight.

Then again, maybe not. We were both too tired to do anything last night and this morning’s session was a lazy, half-asleep spoon style orgasm fest. I did get TW off several times but we were both pretty much asleep at the time. Well, I guess I can’t speak for her, I was definitely half asleep. I was reaching very deep into the fantasy section of my brain, trying to keep Mr. Happy hard. I did okay I guess. I fucked two out of three of the SILs (X and Z, Y must have been at church) mostly Z though. It kept me hard enough to keep TW happy. That’s all that really counts. I’m finding it harder and harder (no pun intended) to fantasize about the SILs. They make me angry and depressed, mostly angry. Whatever, I think I’m getting to the point that I’m over them as well. The ol’ fantasy part of my brain must be shutting down. It’s gotta be pretty tired after working overtime the past 40+ years. All good things must come to an end I guess.