It’s Very Depressing…

Wow, three posts in one day! Haven’t done that in a long time. If you look over to the right, you’ll notice the links list gets a bit shorter every week. We lost a few more very interesting reads over the past week or so. I’m gonna miss the authors as they were daily reads. I’ve also pruned some folks who have not posted in a long time (2 months or more) Again, they were quality reads. It’s depressing me to no end.


No Sex But A Busy Ass Weekend For Sure

No sex this weekend. We had a sick kid (CB), a visitor (CB’s girlfriend), another son home (FS) and Saturday night we met with my birth father’s family. Thankfully, everything went well: CB is much better after getting some kick ass meds, CB’s girlfriend is on her way home and FS is gone for the day doing some last second errands. He’ll be back tonight though as he has a couple of tests scheduled for a couple of jobs around here. Again, good luck to him! The meeting with my birth father’s family went very well. They’re very accepting of our family and we seem to be cut from the same cloth.

TW and I are just wore out lately. Between overnight company and getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend, it’s been nothing but work, work, work, especially for her. It’s no secret I’m a slacker when it comes to housework. It’s one of my many faults. I’m absolutely worthless around the house. Just ask TW. This, naturally, puts the majority of work on TW, the kids are even worse than I am when it comes to housework. So, she’s tired and cranky because we dont’ help. I don’t blame her, I’d be cranky as hell myself. Anyway, with all the stress of the upcoming weekend upon us, it’s no wonder we’re too pooped to pop. It’s all good though, it will make the next sex session another one for the record books I’m sure!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

WOW! Has It Really Been Three Years Already?

:Sung to the tune of Happy Anniversary ala The Flintstones:

Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Haaaaaaaapy Blogiversary.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Blogiversary.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Blogiversary.

OOOOoooooh Ooooooooh,

Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Happy Blogiversary, Haaaaaaaapy Blogiversary.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Blogiversary.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Blogiversary.

Wow, can you believe it? Three years today of Over Forty Married Sex! Are you bored to tears yet? TW and I aren’t! We’re looking forward to fucking for the next 50 years or so. Although I don’t think too many people will be tuning in to Over Ninety Married Sex, but then again, with some of the search terms that bring people here, one never knows does one?

Man, three years of happily fucking TW into orgasmic bliss. Three years of detailing my attempts to get the SILs to either flash me or fuck me. Three years of anguish trying to get into swinging. Three years of lusting after the co-workers and dreaming of TW getting gangbanged in the woods. Three years of bitching about not having any friends. Three years of you putting up with my depressive funks. Three years of my bitching about not enough comments. Three years of watching blogging friends come and go. I can’t believe we made it this long, especially since I’ve been deleting/quitting this blogging thing almost every week. Three years, wow. Here’s to thirty-three more!

Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by our little sexy cyberspace place. We appreciate you all. It’s been fun telling our sex tales. We hope you’ve enjoyed them as well. Now, please leave more comments. 🙂

Ladies, as a celebration gift, feel free to send those topless/see through self portraits to me (Mr M-D). No need to show your face if you don’t want to. The e-mail address is posted now so no excuses! Since my SILs won’t do it for me maybe I can get complete strangers to do it. I hope so.

Thanks again for reading this crap and still sticking around.

Mr & Mrs Manic Depressive

Lots Of Sex & Someone’s Been Holding Out On Me!

Remember that blowout session I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, it happened last night when I got home for work. This gorgeous vision was waiting for me when I got home,

NOTE: Photos Removed.

although, she wasn’t wearing stockings and we weren’t in a hotel room. God damn did she ever look H O T! The kids were gone for most of the evening so TW and I took advantage of the situation and fucked our brains out.

As soon as I got home, we immediately headed upstairs to the bedroom. I quickly got undressed and stretched out on the bed. TW soon joined me, still fully dressed, including the heels. She was wearing these

NOTE: Photos Removed.

panties which are one of my favorite pairs. She straddled me CG style and started to talk dirty to me. She was telling me how hot I make her. Needless to say, I could feel the heat on my cock through her panties. I told her that I could feel it first hand and that brought a smile to her face.

She continued to rub her cunt over my dick. I could feel her panties getting soaked. She then slowly peeled down the top of her dress to reveal her very lovely titties.

NOTE: Photos Removed.

I feasted on her breasts as she continued to rub her cunt on my cock. I suckled on each nipple, being gentle but firm. I squeezed her tits together and sucked both nipples into my mouth. When I did that, I felt the heat rush out of her pussy, through her panties, and wash over my cock and balls. That’s when I reached for the wooden spatula.

TW has been complaining she’s been in need of a spanking. We just haven’t had the time. Yesterday, we had the time. Oh did I make her ass nice and red and hot. I started her spanking with her panties on. I was able to swat a bit harder as I worked her butt from left to right and top to bottom. I spanked her thighs and, of course, her sexy titties hanging down in my face. TW ground her cunt against my cock and moaned in pleasure. She had the first of many orgasms to come, as I spanked her ass with the spatula and my hands.

After a few good orgasms, TW wriggled out of the dress and got on her back. I dove between her legs and started to orally pleasure her pussy through her panties (try saying that quickly 10 times) I slowly lapped at her cunt through her panties, causing TW to moan and hump her pussy on my face. I continued my oral assault on her, lapping and licking her pussy. I occasionally sucked her cunt through the panties as well. I also traced the leg hole bands on either side of her well lubed pussy. This drove her crazy and she came.

I had enough of teasing her so I slowly removed her panties. I left them on her legs so she was “trapped” a bit. I then feasted on her well lubricated cunt. I lapped and licked and sucked and tongue fucked her silly. She was in a constant state of arousal as I focused in on her clit. She still had her heels on as I could feel them dig into my back while she came on my tongue. I could also feel how wet her panties were as they touched my head from time to time. I ate her to several strong orgasms, making sure she was well satisfied before I moved up to fuck her missionary style.

We don’t usually do missionary since I can never seem to last very long. The combination of watching my baby’s face contort in pleasure when she comes, along with the lovely wobbling of her titties while I pump her full of my cock always seems to do me in. I was able to last longer than usual last night though, even though she still had her heels on. I was able to fuck her to several orgasms before the familiar tingling in my nuts signaled my approaching orgasm. I quickly pulled out and lay on my side, legs open, and she took me into her mouth. I held her head in place while I fucked her face and filled her mouth with my seed. She drank it all down and was lucky enough to get a double load, although I think it bordered on a triple. Her mouth felt so good around my cock and I just kept coming.

During our post coital cuddle, TW was kidding me about my writing about our lack of sex. She said, “What, it was almost 24 hours? Oh, the horror!” She was worried I was disappointed but I told her I was not disappointed about not having sex, I was disappointed about our lack of energy to have sex. I then asked her why the mobile phone on the bedroom table had been disconnected from the outlet. TW laughed and confessed that after watching the video I linked to the other day, she just had to get herself off. So, while the kids were occupied, she headed upstairs to the bedroom and got out Mr. Hitachi. Since he needs to be plugged in, TW unplugged the phone, gave Mr. Hitachi the power he needed and got herself off.

Hmm, now who’s the one that can’t do without it?” I laughed. “You’ve been holding out on me! Here I am, not getting any and you’re off getting yourself off! I teased her.

She weakly protested that it was just a quickie but I told her an orgasm is an orgasm, whether it’s quick or not. Besides, she didn’t call me and let me hear her come. We laughed about it a bit and then headed down for dinner.

No sex this morning. Damn, it’s gonna be almost 24 hours before I can get some again! Oh, the horror!

No Sex But Lots Of Daydreaming

TW and I have been too pooped to pop lately. Our spring allergies are acting up and she and I are both pretty wiped out by the end of the day. We haven’t had the energy to fuck in the morning either. That’s okay, we’re storing our energy for a blow out session coming soon to a blog near you.

Since my libido has been running wild lately, I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming lately. I’d really like for TW and I to get involved in the swinging lifestyle but something always comes up when I want to talk about it. Vacation last week, a very busy next couple of weeks at home, kids hanging out at our house, there just doesn’t seem to be time to get the conversation started. Anyway, we’ve been watching Swingtown, on CBS, and I’ve become interested again in trying to live out the dream. Now, if you go to some of the swinging couples blogs I have listed over there at the right, their take on it is more relevant than mine will ever be. They’re already involved in the lifestyle while I’m just trying to get us started.

Anyway, I like the program. Of course, since it’s on network TV, there’s not much skin or sex, but I find it interesting anyway. I hope it makes it, if not on CBS, then maybe on cable somewhere (HBO or Showtime) Like I said, I’ve never been involved in the lifestyle, but they balance the erotic with the self doubt and angst that I’ve read comes with involvement. I’m dieing to find out first hand myself.

There’s only one thing that bothers me about the show and it has nothing to do with the show directly. I’m insanely jealous of the friendships that are so easily developed on the show. TW and I have tried and tried and tried, and tried again to make and, more importantly, keep friends. We just can’t seem to do it. Lord knows we’ve tried but it just doesn’t seem to be our lot in this life to make and keep friends. It really bothers us both since we can’t really find a reason for it. Anyway, that’s my only gripe with the show and it’s not the shows fault at all, it’s mine. I just hope they don’t make it too soap opera-y. That would ruin it for me for sure.

On a family note, it appears our oldest is one or two steps away from having a job, at least part time anyway. We’re pulling for him. He’s testing again this weekend (he wants to be a fireman) in a town close to us (relatively so, anyway) and has another set of tests planned for later in the month. Good luck to him.

On that note, I need to change the lineup of the folks I talk about here. Here’s the updated list:

TW – The Wife – love of my life, my partner in crime, excellent cock sucker, loves sex as much as I do.

FS – Fireman Son, our oldest.

CB – College Boy (formerly CB2) our middle one – suffers from middle child syndrome.

LP – Little Princess, our daughter.

X, Y, Z – My SILs (sister in laws – from oldest, X, to youngest, Z)

S – A woman at work that I’ve had a crush on although not as much anymore.

E – Another woman at work with that I wouldn’t mind spending time in bed with.

SC – A woman in my department that has wonderfully wobbly breasts, plus, she tends to show cleavage daily. She’s plump in all the right places.

TT – Yet another woman that likes to show cleavage that I wouldn’t mind spending some bed time with.

I think that about covers everyone important enough to mention. I’ll fill you in on any others that cross our paths. I’m sure there’s plenty more to come. Like I said, my libido is in overdrive lately.