Wild Night Is Callin’

With apologies to Van Morrison.

Last night’s session was pure, wild, animalistic sex at it’s finest. The kisses were rough, the sex was rough, the fondling was rough, the spanking was rough, and the nipple play was rough. It was a very HOT session, albeit a short one.

It started off with me sucking on TW’s tasty nipples. It then morphed into spoon style. I fucked TW hard and fast from behind. Luckily, she had her hair in a pony tail and I took full advantage of it. I grabbed it, roughly pulled her head back and whispered to her about how she loves to be dominated. Her orgasms were strong and she wailed them out into her pillow.

We quickly switched to CG style and I once again suckled on my baby’s tits. She was moaning and grinding her cunt down on my cock all the while telling me how much it turned her on to have my lips around her nipples. I pushed her tits together and sucked both nipples into my mouth. Once again, TW had a thrashing orgasm. I continued to roughly fuck her and had plenty of time to spank her sexy ass. Instead of doing it with my fingers together, I decided to try something different and spanked her with my fingers spread wide. It had the desired affect. TW’s pussy gushed as she came. Her back arched and she thrashed wildly on my dick while I spanked her. She almost fell off me at one point, so, in order to keep her grounded (so to say) I pulled her face to mine and kissed her roughly. TW moaned into my mouth as I fucked her hard and she orgasmed again.

I then asked her if she’d like to wear my come. She quickly replied that she’d go get the towel. I told her to get into position on the floor next to the bed. I also told her to make sure she played with herself while I was gone. When I came back to the bed, TW was sitting on the floor, one had playing with her nipples, the other busy playing with her clit. I approached her and fed her my cock. I pushed my dick down her throat and fucked her face while she got herself off and played with my balls. I jerked myself off while she made herself come. Every now and then, I’d push my dick deep in her mouth while she moaned and came. Finally, I had enough and furiously jerked my cock until I sprayed a large load on her face and tits.

My come covered her lips and nose. There were large pools of it on her tits and I squeezed every last drop out into her mouth. All the while, TW continued to fuck herself with her fingers. After a few more orgasms, TW was flat on her back on the floor. I cleaned her up and suckled on her tits while she rubbed herself off to a final orgasm or two. We then both crawled into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

It was a wild night to be sure.

We can’t wait to repeat it.

P.S. Still working on the pics from last week. Haven’t had a lot of time due to being crazy busy at work since we got back. Soon, very soon.

Ow, Ow, OW!

TW and I are back in town but in lots and lots and lots of pain. The anniversary trip went well but, as usual, was way too fucking short! The reason for the pain though is that FS has moved back home, as of yesterday. All the times he’s helped friends move, when the time comes that he needs help, nobody is available. FUCKERS! So, it fell to me and TW to help him out. CB and LP were at LP’s tournament this weekend. CB was her transport to and from the tourney yesterday so both of them were unavailable. TW and I are both semi-paralyzed today due to back pain. She wisely took the day off. Me? I’m just trying to limit my movement at work.

I forgot to bring the card with our photos from our trip so you’ll all have to be a bit more patient for the photos. There are some good ones for sure!

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to my suffering. Talk with you tomorrow.

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

WOW! What a great couple of days of sex TW and I have had. Yesterday, we had three sessions to celebrate our anniversary. The morning session was slow and sensuous and provided a nice start to the day. Later, after some shopping and just hanging out, we went out to the back deck to catch some sun. TW put on her white bikini and we got some nice color.

While we were out there, she had her legs spread to get some sun on her inner thighs. I would glance over from time to time and finally TW pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and asked if that’s what I was looking for. I replied yes and got down between her legs and ate her to a couple of strong orgasms right out there on the deck. Mmm, mmm good! When I pulled away from TW’s pussy, I had her juices all over my face and there was a string of her pussy juice connecting my beard with her pussy. She came so much that I had to towel off my face. Talk about HOT!

We then quickly headed inside where I feasted some more on her soaked pussy. She was on the couch and I quickly got back down between her legs and ate her to more strong orgasms. While I was eating her, I was pinching and twisting her nipples. The blinds were open to the deck so anyone passing by would have seen us in the throes of passion.

After orally pleasuring my honey, we moved over to the kitchen table. I bent her over the table and started to violently fuck her from behind. Her tits were pressed firmly against the wood of the table as I pounded her from behind. As I fucked her, I slapped that gorgeous ass of her’s, leaving my hand prints on both cheeks.

All too soon though, I had to come, so I had her get on her knees, buck naked, blinds open in back, and I proceeded to fuck her face. I didn’t last more than 10 seconds in her mouth before I was blowing a double load down her throat! She sucked every last drop of come from my dick without spilling a drop. It was a true double load too since I had stopped coming the first time but then unloaded a second load while still in her mouth.

After returning from dinner, we took some pics (sorry we’re not posting them but we have no way of getting them off the camera) After finishing the photo shoot, I ate my honey to a couple of strong orgasms before we headed off to bed. It was a fun day of sex.

So far today, we’ve had one session in the morning which featured TW riding me CG style to several orgasms. We have another photo session tonight and have one planned for tomorrow (in the woods) if the weather holds. I can’t describe how horny TW gets when we do photos. All I can tell you is that it leaves her soaked and very horny.

Lucky me.

It’s Starting To Rain

TW and I had a nice drive to our destination. After getting settled and going out to dinner, TW and I returned to our place to relax and just lay low. We decided to take some pics. Some normal G-rated family pics and then, some much more interesting pics. Naturally, you’ll see them later.

We started outside but quickly moved indoors once the bugs started coming out. We got some great shots of TW in various outfits. I also got some great pussy eating in and some fun fucking as well. TW came on the stairs, came on a seating area and came on my cock. It’s a good start so far!

More tomorrow.

There’s Definitely A Storm Brewing

Well, our “kidless” weekend was interrupted by FS when he got home early Sunday morning. Both TW and I had problems getting out of bed this morning. We’re so damned tired. Saturday, after a very hot sex session (more about that later) TW and I decided to head down to help FS move out of his apartment. He’ll be coming home for good next weekend but I figured if we get the majority of the small stuff out, it’ll help in the long run. He was moving stuff on his own yesterday anyway, I figured any help we could give him would be great.

It really did work out well. We got a lot of the little shit home and only the larger stuff remains. It’ll make it that much easier next Saturday when we make the final move. We also managed to have some fun on the way home, I’ll also fill you in on that later as well.

The other two kiddies were off with their friends again, this time, out of state. CB went with a couple of buddies to a nearby state to enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having lately. LP headed off with her friend’s family to take in a ballgame or two. She’s wanted to go for a long time and this was the first time we could afford to send her off. From what we’ve heard, she’s had a BLAST! Needless to say, TW and I were looking forward to some wild and crazy sex this weekend. Luckily, we got some on Saturday.

Our first Saturday session happened early Saturday afternoon. I had fell asleep on the couch and TW came to cuddle with me. Of course, she was naked when she did so. She said it was just to keep warm but I had my doubts. Well, one thing led to another and soon, I was down between my sexy honey’s thighs licking and sucking her to one orgasm after another. They were violent and very loud. It was way cool!

I pinched and twisted on her nipples making her even more orgasmic than she already was. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my head as my tongue worked her clit. Soon, though, I wanted to fuck her silly. I had her position herself on the couch on all fours. I moved behind her and slipped my cock into her cunt. I immediately started to fuck her hard and fast, driving my cock deeper and deeper with each thrust until I was hitting her cervix. TW was moaning and crying out in pleasure as I worked her pussy with my dick.

We wound up resting against the back of the couch as I pounded her to one orgasm after another. I would occasionally reach down and tweak her nipples or fondle her tits. When I started to whack her ass, she exploded in orgasm again. I told her want a sexy bitch she was as I spanked her ass and fucked her cunt. When I grabbed a fistful of hair and told her how much I like to fuck her like the horny submissive bitch she is, TW let out a long wail. I felt her pussy gush over my cock. I thrust into her a couple more times before pulling out and heading for her face.

TW turned her head toward me and I stuck my cock in her waiting mouth. She held just the head in side her mouth as I emptied a rather sizable load down her throat. After the initial spurts went down, TW took more and more of my cock into her mouth until my balls hit her chin. She gagged a bit but continued to suckle on my dick as I came some more. She then asked me if I had come in her cunt. I explained to her that no, I saved it all for her tummy. I’m not stupid after all. Our kids are old enough to take care of themselves, no use in having a “WHOOPSIE” baby at this stage in our life. Besides, we’d never survive the pregnancy. After cleaning up, I came up with the idea to head down to FS’s place to start moving. I called him up and he seemed enthused about it so we headed down to help him out.

After filling up our truck, TW and I headed back to our house. It was dark by now so I had to concentrate on the road. While I was busy doing that, TW was busy getting herself braless. I caught the end of her act as she swiftly pulled her bra out from under her shirt.

Damn, I was hoping I’d get it off before you noticed.”

Oh, I just saw you take it out now.”

“Oh good. I was trying to be discrete so you wouldn’t notice it.”

I reached over and copped a feel of her braless breasts through her shirt. A few minutes later, TW took her top off. We rode through the night with her breasts exposed, my right hand busy feeling her up and tweaking her nipples. About 15 minutes later, she gave me something else to play with.

TW took her shorts and panties off.

Here, play with something else for a while.” She moaned.

I reached down and ran a finger along her pussy lips. She was absolutely soaked. I concentrated on her clit and rubbed her off to several very strong orgasms. TW played with her tits while I fingered her clit. We must have been a sight. I’m sure I wasn’t able to keep the car too straight on the road. Still, it was a hell of a lot of fun! At one point, TW turned the overhead light on so I could see her pussy in all it’s glistening glory. Any oncoming traffic had a great view of a topless (if they were a truck driver, and we passed a couple heading in our direction, they saw a naked) woman.

After working her pussy for a while, I licked my fingers clean of her juices. TW then started to fuck herself while I worked her tits. Her orgasms were strong and very loud but we were in the middle of nowhere so, other than the wildlife, nobody heard her. The car smelled of pussy, my fingers did as well (in addition to being very tasty) and TW was coming like crazy. Soon though, she tired and got herself dressed. She put her fingers under my nose and asked, “Smells good don’t it?

“Yes, yes it does my love.” I replied.

We finished the rest of the drive and went right to bed. We left the unloading for yesterday. Unfortunately, FS arrived home a lot earlier than we anticipated so we didn’t get to sleep in. Oh well, they’ll be plenty of time for that starting Wednesday.

We did get in some playtime shopping yesterday. TW and I hit a couple of the local lingerie shops around town and picked up a new blindfold, a new paddle and a new outfit. I’m sure you’ll get to see the pics after we get back from celebrating our anniversary this week.

Hope you all had great weekends. Talk with you sometime next week. We’re off to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss with lots of sex. Hey, what better way to do it? Take care all, have a great week.