Two News Stories Worth Noting…

Damn, I just love

First up, one of the ladies on my “list” You know, “the list. Anyway, let’s let J L-H explain it to you…

I Wish I’d Spent My Youth Nude

Next up is a wonderful article about one of my most treasured dreams…

Polygamy key to long life?

Please feel free to discuss in the comments if you’d like.

I’ve already sent the Polygamy article to all three SILs and TW. There’s hope for me yet.

“Come on honey, you want me to live a long life don’t you?”


Get Your Motor Running…

Head out on the highway…”

TW and I had ourselves a nice, quick, but very productive, session this morning. We were both pretty sleepy but TW reached down, fondled me and got me hard enough to mount up CG style. It was a sleepy, orgasmic, CG style session quickly followed by a sleepy, orgasmic, spoon style session that got both our motors running. Luckily, all the kids were asleep so any cabinet shaking was not heard. 😀 That won’t be the case in another week or so when LP heads back to school. Oh well, TW and I will just have to be less acrobatic, it’s definitely NOT gonna stop us that’s for sure!

What’s For Dinner?


Boy oh boy does TW know how to make a man happy. After another mind numbing drive home, TW had just the right thing to welcome me home, a wide spread pair of legs. Pussy for dinner!

Oh the orgasms she had as I ate her out. She came on my face, soaking it with her juices. Her legs held my head tightly as I lapped and licked and nibbled on her clit. She was trying very hard not to make too much noise as both CB and LP were home and moving about outside our bedroom. She screamed out her orgasms into her pillow as we moved about the bed.

We then morphed into 69 where I thought TW was going to suck my urethra right out of my body. I actually had to pull my cock from her hungry mouth fearing damage. I don’t know if a urethra can be prolapsed but TW seemed intent on finding out. Luckily, once I started spanking her ass, she lost concentration on my dick and focused on her own orgasms. Oh did I work that sexy ass of her’s. I was applying full strokes to each ass cheek as I tickled her clit with my tongue. TW’s orgasms were quite intense as she soaked my face with her juices. Her ass soon became hot to the touch and both my hands were tingling from the force of the blows.

We then switched to spoon style where things got a little more intense. After fucking spoon style for a bit, TW moved on to her back and stretched her arms out. I grabbed her left arm and pinned it to the bed. Every time she tried to move it, I increased my grip. She came like crazy as I pumped my cock in and out of her well lubed pussy. She finally had to tell me to let her go, she was afraid I was going to bruise her arm. I released my grip but continued to pound her pussy to one orgasm after another. My cock and balls were soaked with her pussy juices and I frequently slipped out of her cunt as I pumped her. It was all good though, since my cock would rub across her clit whenever I slipped out. After a few more orgasms, we called it a session and headed down to dinner.

I wonder what will be on the menu tonight?

I Want Action Tonight…Satisfaction All Night.

Ah Poison, one of my all time favorite bands. TW and I have been singing that the past few days. We’ve been most unsuccessful at jumping one another’s bones but it’s all good. We’ve got in some quality cuddling time along with some much needed sleep. We’ll get back to it, no worries. We just need to get the batteries fully charged and off we’ll go.

After all, we both love it when this happens….

NOTE: Photos removed

And, we haven’t used one of our new toys enough…

NOTE: Photos removed

I mean sure we’ve used the leather side of the paddle, but what about the soft, fuzzy side? I haven’t dragged that across TW’s nipples, while she’s tied up, nearly enough. And trust me, I definitely want to do that!