A Few Things

Hidee Ho Uninterested Viewers,

A few things to keep you up to date:

We’re still alive.

We’re still having sex.

Thanks to the 3 or 4 of you who actually showed concern. Special thanks to the person who e-mailed us. TW and I really appreciate it.

Maybe you should read my other blog to see what’s been going on lately. Or, knowing most of you, maybe not.

We really don’t feel like posting.

Pictures are probably gone forever. We’ve been contemplating a membership only (no charge) blog for the pics. If we do post any here, they will be shit we found on the web.

Like we said, we’re still alive and still having sex. Just don’t feel like posting about it these days.

Carry on…

8 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I’m sorry that you are feeling so down. I’m a regular reader and comment fairly often; but not on every post. And, I know how busy life can be; so I tend not to panic when someone doesn’t post for awhile. I popped over to your other blog so now I know why.

  2. Disappointed but I understand. Things and circumstances change as must blogs and their content. I can’t believe how many blogs have converted to membership only. Looks like you’re next. Hopefully, I’ll be included in the move.

  3. The wife and I are regular readers and occassional commenters. I have been busy and she has been asking me about you and what happened. We are older than you and married longer than you and can’t keep our hands off one another. We seem to fuck more each year and now we can go for as much as four hour sessions and not even know it. We have gone on vacation and fucked from eight in the morning til nine at night with a couple of breaks to rest and eat. V is a very sexy woman and loves sex and loves cum and I am so blessed to have married a prude and have her turn into a cum slut. Only post when you feel like it but keep it up. You are appreciated. Keep fucking because it only gets better. It keeps your wifes skin fresh and young too.

  4. I can totally understand. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles, that all sucks for certain, especially all of the old crap it brings up. In my life, someone just has to fart, before the old crap starts surfacing again.. (hmmm, odd how that last sentence came out, it was meant with all sincerity). As you know, I’m not one to comment frequently but I’ll give you my quick take. You have to do this because you want to do it and for no other reason. People are strange, just because you show them the couch doesn’t mean they won’t sit. I first hear of your blog from another source that thought it showed refreshing honesty, etc and I have to agree. I think blogging is like being on a really small radio station. I volunteered at this for years, thinking it would be cool and I’d get girls girls girls… hell, I didn’t even get a call. Week after week… nothing… so, I got discouraged and said Enough! Then after I stopped, suddenly people were like, “hey, were did you go? We really loved your weird play lists!” Suddenly I started hearing from all of those people were in fact listening but not reacting… these were the people who knew where the couch was, just they just wouldn’t sit (it’s like that horse to water thing) That’s when I realized that if I was going to offer a piece of myself out to the world at random, I had to be prepared for them to just take it, and let it go as just that, a piece of myself I threw out there! It may be stupid, but it’s my small take! Peace my friend, hope you find it in whatever you ultimately decide (just make sure you send me the password… HA!)


  5. You have to do this for yourself. If you only seek comments from others as motivation, you’ll lose interest. I know it is nice to have people tell you they love every post and such, but as you can see, some people click – look and leave.

    I’ve only been reading your for a short time and enjoy it, but with so many sites to hit in limited time, comments just aren’t possible every time. Sorry.

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