Hold On A Second There Partner…

Okay, I never said this blog would be going membership only. I meant if we decide to make another one for photos only. That’s still up in the air.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the over forty married sex, we know we do! 😀

As for the over forty married sex, well, we had quite the session last night. I was giving TW a full body massage. She’s been sick recently and her body hurts all over. As I worked my hands over her flesh, I would occasionally “accidentally” let my hands and fingers wander over her breasts. This seemed to have the desired affect, as TW got on to her back. I proceeded to rub her chest and thighs until I finally started to work her pussy.

I rubbed her slit slowly, working a finger into her increasingly wet cunt. When I reached her clit, TW lip locked me and we were off. I continued to strum her clit with my finger tips as I moved down and sucked a nipple into my mouth. This set TW off and she had several strong orgasms as I worked her clit and tits. She moaned how she loved when I sucked her tits. I just followed orders.

As I worked her tits over with my lips, teeth and tongue, I worked two fingers into her now well lubed pussy. I curled them up and put pressure on her G-spot. TW’s orgasm intensity rose 10 fold as she grabbed a pillow and screamed her orgasm out into it. I continued to work her clit and G-spot as she orgasmed on my fingers.

We soon switched positions so I could fuck her from behind. It felt so damn good to be back in her pussy that I had to stop and get down between her sexy legs and eat her to several strong oral orgasms. Once again, she used her pillow to drown our her screams of passion. We then resumed fucking spoon style, but, I didn’t last all that long and was soon emptying a nice, thick, creamy load down her throat. I went over the edge when I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled TW’s head back. I could feel her cunt cream around my cock and when she started rocking her sexy hips, I was done. TW swallowed every thick droplet that came from my cock. I think she got a double load but it was hard to tell as my orgasm seemed to continue forever.

It was a short but very satisfying session and bodes well for us getting back into the rhythm of sex. Hopefully we’ll get more in tonight.

Oh, and don’t worry, TW got a very nice full body massage before we started our evening fun, so it wasn’t all about the sex. But the sex sure was FUN!

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