I’m Worried That….

“You’re not getting your daily dose of tits.”

So said TW as she emerged nude from the bathroom last night. She promptly shoved my face between her heavenly tits and let me suck away! Oh the pleasure of suckling at her breasts. I tongued and nipped at each nipple, making TW squeal in delight. Of course, by the time I got out of the bathroom, she was worried I wasn’t getting my daily dose of pussy. It was time to rectify that problem as well.

I hopped onto the bed and between TW’s legs. I licked and kissed and nibbled on her pussy and clit. By the time I was finished, she was a sopping mess and I had a beard full of pussy juice. It was hard on TW as the kids were both moving about upstairs and she really, Really, REALLY wanted to scream out her orgasms. As it was, her pillow came in quite handy, especially when she was trying to break my neck as I ate her cunt. DAMN, I just love it when she twists my neck as she rolls around on the bed. Of course, when her pussy gushes on my face, I love it too, and I got plenty of that last night.

We then switched positions and I got to fuck my honey from behind, spoon style. I really pounded her hard, driving her to one orgasm after another. I was busy squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples, while she came on my cock. We finished up our session with me jerking myself off on her titties. TW again squealed in delight as I unloaded on her tits. We definitely need to do that more often. It was a very nice way to end the weekend.

A quick thank you to Madeline over at Fleshbot for mentioning us in her recent Sex Blog Roundup. She is right though, age is just a number. The sex just keeps getting better and better as we get older. TW and I are looking forward to many more years of sexual bliss. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get that group sex encounter when we’re in our 50’s. Only time will tell, but you can be assured we’ll post about it!

EDIT: Hmm, I forgot to mention that while I was eating TW, she was moaning about how great it feels and how she would do anything for me, anything. I’m gonna have to explore that statement some more. Yes, definitely gotta explore that fer shure!

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