Happy Halloween!

However you celebrate, TW and I want to wish you a fun and safe All Hallows Eve!

Also, please be sure to party in moderation. You don’t want to wind up like these fellows….

TW and I will be trying to slip some of this in, if we can.


UPDATE: We did get in a nice session this morning. Some spoon, a little CG, some spanking and a finale that featured TW getting herself off with her fingers while I sucked her wonderful tits. I helped finish her off by finger fucking her while she diddled her clit. YES! Another hot old person session! SWEET!


Look, we live in a free market society. I’m sorry that you drove you company into the shitter and we, the taxpayers, have to bail you out, but,


(ABC News) Obvious Banks participating in the bailout set aside $108 billion for bonuses. American taxpayer asked to bend over and take their “bonus”

This just takes the cake. This is why America is as fucked up as it is. To our “representatives” and I use that term very loosely, NO MONEY TO ANY BANK AND/OR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION THAT WILL USE PART OF THE BAILOUT FOR BONUSES. FUCK ‘EM, LET THEM FAIL! It’s the American way, we’re a free market society, if you make it, you make it, if you don’t, you don’t. This goes for airlines, auto manufacturers, investment firms, banks, whatever. I’m tired of being fucked up the ass by my government. Fuck ya all! You need to be replaced, ASAP. ALL OF YOU!

Hot To Trot

We’ve had two awesome sessions in the past 9 hours. Last night, we had a great oral session that had TW coming all over my face and slapping the shit out of the top of my head as she came. It started out innocently enough with me playfully suckling on TW’s titties. I moved my way down and totally feasted on her cunt, licking and lapping at her clit and furiously tongue fucking her. Her orgasms were quite strong and at one point, she lost control and slapped my hard on my head. It was while I was sucking on her clit, moving my tongue back and forth across it. She also had to use her pillow quite often to muffle her screams of pleasure. It was fucking HOT! We then moved to spoon where I fucked her silly some more before having her suck my cock. I didn’t last more than ten seconds before I dumped a pretty large load down her throat. My baby swallowed it all. She managed to deep throat me a couple of times and a very good time was had by all.

This morning’s session was spontaneous and quite unexpected. I was running late but TW looked soooooo hot lying there naked and spread out on the bed. I immediately went for her tits again and spent some quality time licking and suckling on her nipples. TW eventually shifted until we were in missionary position and I pushed my cock into her well lubed cunt. I fucked her deep and hard, driving my shaft balls deep. TW came and came and came as I pummeled her pussy with my dick. We were fucking so hard that we wound up moving across the bed until TW’s head was off the side.

I had her legs spread out and pushed back toward her ears. I fucked her hard and I fucked her fast, watching as her tits delightfully wobbled about. After moving across the bed, we repositioned ourselves in the middle and continued. Once again, I put her legs up on my shoulders and fucked away. TW had some very intense orgasms, holding her breath and almost passing out on several occasions. She also grabbed her pillow again and screamed out her orgasms into it. We worked our way across the bed again, only this time, when we repositioned ourselves, it was doggy style.

I easily entered TW from behind and started to fuck her roughly. We fucked for a while, TW coming like the horny slut she is before I reached up and turned things up a notch. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. The reaction was immediate. TW began a series of gut wrenching, pussy pulsating orgasms that saw her arch her back, pump her hips and come violently. I could feel the heat from her cunt as I pounded her from behind and pulled her head back. I watched her tits sway, in the headboard mirror, as I fucked her hard and deep. When I grabbed her hair with both hands, her pussy gushed around my dick and I knew she was just about spent. We fucked a little bit more before TW collapsed on the bed, totally spent. As an added bonus, I got a great calf workout by standing on my toes as I fucked my honey from behind. This allowed me to drive my cock as deep as it could go into her cunt. Before leaving for work, I reset the alarm for her and gave her ass a nice spanking for being such a naughty, dirty slut.

I wonder what tonight will hold?

P.S. Filed under “Don’t do as I do, do as I tell you”

(The New Yorker) Spiffy Evangelical teenagers have sex earlier–and more of it–than any other religious demographic

How About A Swift Kick In The Ass?

That’s what TW and I both need. Last night, we were in bed and pretty much asleep by 9:30! NINE FUCKING THIRTY! The weekend finally caught up with us. It’s okay though, like I told TW, just being able to sleep naked, cuddled up behind her, hand on her tit, is good enough for me.

It still amazes me that I was lucky enough to find someone like TW. I mean, her sex drive is high, just like mine and she’s not afraid to try new things. It’s what I always wanted. Lucky me, no, damn lucky me!

I call BULLSHIT! on this article, at least in our case anyway. After 2 years, 6 months and 25 days of marriage, we owned our own house, TW was pregnant with our first, and we were fucking like rabbits. No worries about getting pregnant, we’d fuck anywhere, anytime. Even after FB was born, as soon as we could get back to it, we did. Hell, TW’s tits exploded in size and were mucho fun to play with, not to mention the tastyness of breast milk. Every once in a while I’d have to tap off one of her breasts due to overproduction. Mmm mmm good! So, don’t bullshit me about the romance being gone. It’s all in your head.

Oooooo, We’re Blushing!

Wow! Twice in one week! We can’t believe it! A big thank you to Madeline over at Fleshbot for her mention in Friday’s Sex Blog Roundup. We can’t believe it, really! We’re blushing with pride but don’t worry, the only swollen head will be the head of my cock when TW slips it into her hot, steamy pussy. 😉

Speaking of TW, her surgery went well. We were home before noon and she hasn’t had to fill her prescription for Vicodan. I told her she should do it anyway just in case I need it once I start my adult league activities. Her hand is bandaged up but we’ve been able to slip in a couple of very hot, very orgasmic sessions. In fact, the one was so hot, I shot a double load of come down my baby’s throat. As usual, she swallowed it all. We kept mostly to spoon position with a wonderful CG session that featured some nice spanking with a wooden ladle. In fact, it was while I was spanking TW that I came. Something about that forward and back hip movement just does me in.

LP had a tournament today (Sunday). Her team finished in third place (we think) and she was named tournament offensive MVP! She had 12 goals with 2 assists in 5 games. We didn’t even know she had won until she went back to pick up something she left at the fields. That’s when she found out. To say TW and I are proud would be an understatement. LP was quite proud as well. She has another tournament in two weeks. Hopefully she’ll do as well there since that’s a major recruiting tourney. No pressure though.