Quietly Rolling Along

TW and I, although pretty much wiped out every day/night, have been having sex. It’s mostly spoon with the occasional cunnilingus thrown in for good orgasmic pleasure. We’ve got several issues going on that are not allowing us to get the much needed rest we need. For instance, I slept most of Saturday away. I didn’t get up until 3 in the afternoon! TW was in bed by 10:30 P.M. and fast asleep by the time I got in bed. Believe it or not, I feel asleep almost immediately, even though I’d only been up for 8 hours or so. Tragic.

On a related note, I’m leaning toward a private Yahoo group for our photos. I’ve created the group but need to talk with TW before we move forward. If she gives the okay, I’ll let you know how to get the link and the password. Till then, you’ll just have to remember what she looks like, sorry.

4 thoughts on “Quietly Rolling Along

  1. That’s ok MD, I have one photo of her where you tied her to the bed 😉
    Let us know when the site is ready to go, I already belong to a yahoo group… easy to add you on!

  2. Damn, better pick it up, your sex life is starting to sound a little like mine. Work, sleep.. hopefully a little sex thrown in.. sheesh…

  3. I wouldn’t fret too much – I can’t have sex late at night at all these days and I’m only mid 30s. I’m usually ready for bed by 11pm every night.

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