Happy Birthday Baby

We celebrated TW’s birthday recently. I won’t give the date nor will I reveal her age, other than to say she’s still in her 40’s. We had a pretty good day, going out to breakfast by ourselves and then to dinner with the kids.

Other than that, the day was spent in bed and out shopping. We had a couple of nice sessions with TW coming while riding me CG style and me pumping her hard and fast from behind Spoon style. Before we went out to dinner, TW requested I eat her out. You bet your sweet bippy I ate her out. It was her birthday! (Not that I need to use that as an excuse. Hell, anytime I’m down between her thighs, licking and teasing her clit, is time well spent!) Unfortunately the cold weather around here prevented us from heading off to the woods for one of our patented forest frolics. We’ll have to wait for the warmer weather to return so we can head on out and fuck ourselves silly in the woods. Who knows? Maybe someone will stumble across us in mid fuck and want to join in. We can only hope!

I’m still trying to decide what anything I’d like TW to perform/do. You remember from a couple of posts back that TW said she’d do anything to keep me between her legs. I have a couple of ideas, a visit to an adult book store, flashing on the highway, sleeping with someone other than me, flashing in the mall, but I’m torn. Any ideas from you folks? Well, besides her fucking you that is.  😉

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby

  1. Happy Birthday and a big Hug to TW.

    Any ideas? I’ve got one…how about you have TW….Oh wait.., you already said I couldnt use that one. Dang.

    Well happy Birthday again.

  2. Perhaps rather than have someone else actually fuck her, perhaps you should have someone else come to your house and take charge and tell TW what she should do to YOU. You know, be an activities director of sort.. Might make a nice surprise for both of you.. kinky too!

  3. I agree with (luvwithwife) I have even shot in a womans mouth and then made her husband french kiss her to share my load while her is still between her legs pumping away. very erotic, then I get between both him and her and lick them both while they finish a wonderful climax and let the man either cum in my mouth or lick his load out of her and then share a french kiss with him infront of her to show her the satisfaction we both got from her. Alot of women like to see their husband w another man after they have just had her and just are too embarrassed to say it. anyway then both men go down on her toghether as they trade hand jobs w each other. Believe me I know from experience they realy want to continue and not stop the fun if you know what I mean.

  4. Hi,
    I’m interested in dating couple who want a little spice in their everyday hum-drum sex life. I want to slide in bed right between the two of u and we can see what happens from there.

  5. try to ask her all fantasies and then follow them , as my hubby do it with me suppose ihad one to have fun on beach in open air and one ws with blackman

  6. I can suggest what i’d want my wife to do if I would stay between her legs.
    She is very resistant to swallow my load and has always spit it out. First, I’d have her swallow my cum, then after a second go-around, share the cum with me with a long passionate kiss.

  7. Wish her Happy Birthday from Emma and me. And concerning her altruistic offer, w don’t mind what you do to her, so long as you tell us all about it!

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