You’re One Hot Momma!

And hell yes, I wanna!

TW was waiting naked, in bed, for me when I got home. Damn it, I just love this woman! We got unexpected, alone, bonus play time when LP’s team had an unscheduled practice last night. By the time I got home, TW and I had about an hour to play. I was originally gonna give her the overdue birthday spanking she deserves, but then decided that some pussy play would be much better.

I moved into a modified 69 position with my face between her legs. I didn’t give her my cock right away as I wanted to really feast on her pussy. I laid gentle kisses on her pussy lips and slowly worked my tongue into her cunt. TW spread her legs to allow me better access and began to fondle my quickly hardening cock. As my lips and tongue worked their magic, TW began to suckle on my cock and tongue my balls. The feeling of her tongue as it grazed my balls was exquisite! It sent a tingle up my body to my brain and made me work her pussy even harder.

TW worked more and more of my cock into her ever loving mouth as I feverishly worked her clit. She soon turned me over on to my back and proceeded to grind her cunt against my face. Oh the fun I had licking and sucking and nibbling on her clit, while driving my tongue deep into her slippery pussy. I worked her clit with my usual expertise, making TW moan around my cock as she came. Eventually, I worked my right thumb into her cunt, resting it against her G-spot and applying pressure. TW’s pussy gushed around my thumb and I was treated with a beard drenching spurt of pussy juice.    H E A V E N! It happened more than once as I worked TW’s clit and G-spot with pinpoint precision.

We continued to orally pleasure one another for a bit more before TW mounted up CG style and rode her way to a very strong orgasm or two. I got to suck on her tits and lightly spank her sexy ass as she rode me. I still owe her birthday spanking but that will have to wait for another day. We finished up the session with me pounding TW from behind before we drifted off for a quick nap. A nice start to our night I dare say.

Thank you for all the suggestions on our last post. We’ll keep them in mind, although we’ve done most of them. TW and I share my come from time to time, although having someone else come in her mouth and then sharing it would be interesting. It’s not like I haven’t sucked a cock before either. Anyway, keep them coming, we appreciate the input.

5 thoughts on “You’re One Hot Momma!

  1. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa… back up a little.
    Where did I miss the cock sucking??
    I remember Mr creepey with TW.. but I don’t remember this.
    remind me. Or invite my wife and I over and you can explain it all in person

  2. Nice….very nice. Admitting you’ve suck off a guy, wow, not many guys would admit to that MD, I’m impressed. That’s something I’m going to do soon myself, if I can ever get back to Idaho that is!
    Glad you two had a chance to play!

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