Net Foto Phun

Yeah, I’ve just about run that F=PH=F shit into the ground now haven’t I?

Anyway, here’s some pics I found on the net. Just daydreaming away today. Is it 5:00 yet?

Have a good weekend everyone. We’re on a road trip this weekend. Unfortunately LP and FB will be coming along, so TW won’t be able to show her wonderful titties to any truck drivers this trip.

Sigh, will we ever be truly alone again?

Stay safe and party on people!

6 thoughts on “Net Foto Phun

  1. Have a good road trip. Maybe you can do like we did on our last visit to our son and send drop the kids off to the movies while we run back to the hotel for some “adult fun”.

    P.S. We want to be the people at the bar.

  2. Hey, Hold it. Is that you on the beach?? And where did the ever gorgeous TW go??
    Have a good weekend. Since TW won’t be able to flash the truckers, maybe you will get lucky when you get back home.

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