Make Me Late For Work Baby

TW and I were both late for work. Not that we cared all that much, after all, it’s just work. No, we decided to have a nice oral and spoon session this morning. TW’s period is due soon and we wanted to get in another session before we have to resort to shower sex (Yes, I know we can fuck when she’s on her period, we just don’t particularly like bloodying up the towels) It’s all good though, shower sex is, after all, still sex!

As I was getting ready to get into the shower, I noticed TW spread out naked on the bed. I immediately dove between her thighs and went to work. LP was off to school and our oldest was off at work, so we had the house to ourselves. No screaming into pillows, no having to keep it down so we don’t freak out the kids, just pure, unadulterated, noisy, wet sex. YES!

TW began to grind her hips against my face as I worked her pussy and clit with my tongue. She was quite vocal as she came and it was music to my ears. After a while, TW wanted some cock so we switched to spoon position. I pummeled my honey from behind as she moaned and twisted about on the bed. I played with her nipples, pinching and pulling on them until TW wanted to ride CG style.

I quickly lay on my back while TW mounted up. I suckled and nipped at her nipples while she rode me to several strong orgasms. She arched her back as she came, her breasts thrust forward. I cupped her tits with my hands as she rode me to another strong orgasm. She finally fell off me but begged me to take her spoon style again. I quickly got behind her and fucked her hard and strong until I was ready to come.

TW got down between my thighs and took my cock into her mouth. I think I lasted all of five seconds before I filled her mouth with a double shot of my come. TW moaned as I came in her mouth, fighting to swallow the large double load. She managed to suck it all down without spilling a drop. I just love when she fucks me with her mouth. It’s so hot and tight and when she runs her tongue along the underside of my cock, I’m done.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t just cuddle up and get some more sleep, duty called. Hopefully her period will hold off another night and we can get another session in.

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