Back To You, FUCKERS!

Since TW and I have some downtime, and there’s nothing really for me to post, I thought I’d post my entry from today from my other blog. It says a lot about what I’m going through right now….

“Got an e-mail from Classmates dot Com informing me of another signature in my guestbook. I have a total of 6 in the 6 years I’ve been on there, so, you can see when a new one comes in, I’m eager to see which former friend/acquaintance is checking things out. Surprise of all surprises, it’s one of my former best friends from high school. In fact, he was one of TW’s and my first group sex partners. Okay, we only did oral but it was still great.

Anyway, he signed on the check things out. FUCKER! He lives within 15 mins. of my house, he has my phone number, he knows my address, just come over or call mother fucker, it’s pretty damn simple. Now, I simply hate again. I hate all my former friends for abandoning me, hate people in general really. Sad but true. I’m working on becoming that bitter old man we all hear about. Fuckers! To hell with them!”

5 thoughts on “Back To You, FUCKERS!

  1. MrandMrsB: The person I was speaking of is a former high school friend of mine (Mr M-D) He was a very good friend as a matter of fact. He’s just one example of what happened to TW and I in regards to friendships. We do NOT engage people on social networking sites for friendships, especially if we were friends in the past.

    Like we said, FUCK ‘EM!

  2. It has been years for us, unfortunately. TW and I don’t know what we did, but no matter how many times we invited people over, they always begged off. Hell, I even invited this asshole to fuck TW. He always told me it was intriguing but he never showed. Other former friends just either never came or just dumped us. It’s frustrating.

  3. There’s nothing like finding out that an old friend simply has no excuse for not being in closer contact. When you find out that all he had to do was dial his friggin’ phone (something he does multiple times a day) it’s quite deflating.

    I would say, however, that we all go through times (not years, mind you) where we simply aren’t very good about staying in touch and the disappointment is only mitigated by the embarassment that we’re willing to go through to re-establish contact.

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