“Texting turns me on”

Hi all…MrsMD here…sorry I do not get to post as much as I would like…but MrMD does such a great job of describing our lovin’ you are still getting all the facts and more.  Thanks baby for sharing my morning adventure for me…you know even though you were not here with me…you WERE here with me…you always are.  I felt you watching and enjoying it all. And that little bit of tit sucking as you left for work got me so horny…you work such magic on me. I am the luckiest girl to have your wonderful love showered (in more ways than one) upon me on a regular basis.

With all this technology now a days-and having teens we have had to learn the whole text message thing. I still consider myself a little text challenged and my messages tend to be a little shorter and not too wordy but they do get the message across to my hot sexy hubby all the way on the other side of town that I WANT HIM. Just because we are separated by distance…we can still “reach out and touch each other” all day long. Texting has added a whole new aspect to our staying connected while I am at work.

TH and I sometimes share some sexually charged text messages thru out the day. I do not get the opportunity to text much as I work in an extremely busy office but here are some of our pussy warming exchanges we had this week when the bosses were out of the office. Thought I would share them before I delete them off my phone. What would the children think if they read some of those messages? This hot momma has to have some secrets you know.


MrsMD: I love to suck your cock u r hot baby

MrMD: Well I love to suck your titties my sexy slut

MrsMD: I love the way u love me

MrMD: I love the way you ride me and the way you taste

MrsMD: Oh when u eat me whoa baby

MrMD: I love it when you hump my face baby

MrsMD: I cant even explain how great it feels to have your lips on me

MrMD: You don’t have to explain it, I can hear it in your voice as it quivers when you come I can taste it on my lips when your pussy gushes on my face

MrsMD: Do it again later, please and yes I will beg u

MrMD: No need to beg you just need to show me that hot, juicy pussy of yours

MrsMD: Will do so until ltr my love

MrMD: Later my love


MrsMD: Did I tell you I love you today? Well I do!

MrMD: Well that’s good because I love you too my horny cock sucking slut

MrsMD: Who me?

MrMD: Yes my naughty little slut you must be punished. I think a heavy duty ass reddening is in order

MrsMD: Hey my pussy is wet with anticipation

MrMD: I bet it is. You’re such a dirty slut. I LOVE IT!! And I LOVE YOU!
MrsMD: Thanks Baby

And Later in the Day:

MrsMD: Hi Hot stuff r u hard for me

MrMD: I could be, all I have to do is think about you on your knees in the locker room and I’m growing

MrsMD: Love It!

MrMD: Thankfully I wore loose pants 2day

I am guessing my little fantasy this morning turned you on almost as much if not more than me today.  My pussy is still wet with anticipation…Lucky me to be the one to get you out of those pants at night baby…I am so looking forward to your loving tonite.  Love you baby…cannot wait to show you how much.

5 thoughts on ““Texting turns me on”

  1. Thanks for all your comments…TH and I appreciate them.

    Yes Fusion…sometimes when I see the text is from TH I have to make sure and open it off on my own.

    It is a great form of foreplay eveninglily and can keep a girl wet with anticipation all day.

    merlin17… I work in a small office…have yet to do that as the ladies and men’s room are one and the same and in very close quarters to our working space…but…like we have said…never say never.

    Oh Alfie, I check and double check before I hit send. My fear would be that it would accidentally be sent to my kids (the ones who text me the most) or my bosses…sure would not want to send anything like that to either of them-that is a side of me they do not know about. 🙂

  2. Nimue and I love to do this–especially when I command her to go to the ladies’ room and attend to her own pleasure. She always does, mirabile dictu.

  3. There is something deliciously arousing about a naughty texting session. It takes foreplay to a whole new level.

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