When The Cat Is Away….

I’ve always encouraged TW to pleasure herself whenever she felt like it. I have no problem with her fucking herself silly with her fingers, dildos, vibrators or even a lover or two (come on honey, PLEASE!) I’ve told her we have to get our pleasures where we can, when we can. So if I’m not there to give her what she needs, she’s free to take matters into her own hands. This morning, she did just that (no lover though, DAMN!)

I got two dick stiffening phone calls from TW this morning on my way to work. The first detailed TW’s masturbation fantasy this morning. She wanted to sleep in a bit more today so I reset the alarm for her and left the house. She called me on my drive in to fill me in on the “get back to sleep” session she had.

In her fantasy, we were in a locker room. TW thinks it was a health club locker room since all the participants were men, not college or high school guys. The guys were all naked and standing in a row, waiting for TW to suck them off. She can’t remember if she got through all the guys, she said there were at least 10, but she knows she was a very busy slut, sucking one cock after another. It had to look something like this, don’t you think?

Yeah, I bet that’s pretty damn close to what she was imagining it was like. What a horny slut!

As she fantasized, she let her fingers do the walking on her clit. She had several strong, crashing orgasms as she imagined herself sucking one cock after another. She thinks that as she started to fall asleep again, there was some penetration but by then, she was in dreamland again, so she wasn’t sure.

She called again a few minutes later to fill me in on more details. She said I was in the locker room with her, encouraging her to suck each and every cock to completion. She also said that I was dirty talking to her, telling her how proud I was of my slut for sucking so much cock. She said I called her a dirty slut, a whore and other things she couldn’t quite remember but it definitely made her hot. TW then told me that I also told her she was a bad girl and was in need of a spanking. She agrees wholeheartedly, so, we need to schedule a discipline session for her in the near future. Maybe tonight.

On a side note, a quick shout out to AlwaysArousedGirl for her link from Fleshbot. TW and I are always thankful that someone thinks our blog is worthy enough for a mention there. Thank you!

Keep on fucking everyone!

P.S. On another side note, Detroit Red Wings fans, you’re doing it wrong!
This is how it’s done! Those wacky Europeans, they’re way ahead of us in entertainment value.

P.S.S. In my eagerness to inform you of my hot slut’s lusty libido, I neglected to fill you in on the nice, hot session we had last night as well. It featured only spoon, but I really pounded TW from behind and she came quite frequently and quite forcefully. It was a great way to finish off our night.

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